Noctis 300 and Level 8 Monsters

Noctis learns some new skills as he reaches level 300

Noctis Lucis Caelum, the main protagonist of the game we play has the most varied of abilities. You will still see this as the levels all the way up to 300 with new and improved skills. You can see both his hero skills and mastery skill trees have more to unlock. This article will cover his new abilities and how you can use them for your benefit. Noctis is probably the most versatile hero that we have. It’s no wonder why everyone starts out with Noctis. When we unlocked levels 101+, we were introduced to hero mastery skills. These skills are useful with any hero active. Unfortunately, there were no new hero skills. With 201+ we get new skills on both trees.

Hero Skills Tree

When you first started leveling up Noctis as a noob FFXV:ANE player, you had lots of skills to choose from. There was the left side of the tree with his attack and defense abilities. Then there was the right side of the tree with empire production abilities. In the middle of that is his research and build skills. This made Noctis a core player in your empire with the variety that he has to offer you. You might even have used a hero skill reset to change up your values when empire production wasn’t as useful to you. At the bottom, you saw the skills that you thought you would never be able to reach. These include his march and rally size as well as increased troop stats and higher level build and research. The most coveted skill you saw was the Exalted Army with its extra march slot. 

I remember the struggle of trying to level up my only precious hero. Now we get to relive this, but it seems that the skills unlock a little earlier than they used to. So now it is easier than ever to increase your stats by leveling up your hero. Noctis has quite a few updated and new skills that you will discover while increasing his level.

New Skills

Maximum MP: Unlocks at Noctis level 201. This skill increases the maximum MP for Noctis up to 200%. With gear, research, titles, etc. you can get a pretty hefty MP bar to work with. This will come in handy when attacking the level 8 monsters that he will unlock later.

Core Troop Armor II: Unlocks at Noctis level 205. This skill increases the armor of your warrior, mage, and cavalry troops up to a max of 1,500,000%. Be sure to use this with anti armor shredding to prevent your enemy from stripping all your troop’s precious armor with the ever increasing armor shredding.

Warrior Attack II: Unlocks at Noctis level 207. This skill increases the attack of your warrior troops up to a max of 940,000%. Just the beginning of Noctis’ troop enhancing skills.

Mage Attack II: Unlocks at Noctis level 207. This skill increases the attack of your (you guessed it) mage troops up to a max of 940,000%. Can you guess which skill is next?

Cavalry Attack II: Unlocks at Noctis level 207. This skill increases the attack of your cavalry troops up to a max of 940,000%. I see a pattern here…

Core Troop Attack II: Unlocks at Noctis level 217. This skill increases the attack of your warrior, mage and cavalry troops up to a max of 600,000%. This seems to be for only your basic troops and not elemental troops. I could be wrong, please let me know if testing proves otherwise.

Remember that these skills only apply while Noctis is active. His new skills aren’t as varied as his previous skill set. But, by now most players have more than Noctis as a hero to utilize for the various tasks at hand. Other heroes have their own special perks that you would prefer them for. Don’t worry, since you will see that his hero mastery skills more than makeup for what he lacks in his hero tree.

Hero Mastery Skills Tree

You will find these skills are where we get to the meat of Noctis’ abilities. It was Noctis that introduced us to permanent mastery skills. With these skills, we were able to get an increased monster attack, as well as the march and rally size increases. Since we had elemental troops at that time, his basic hero skills were lacking and his mastery skills picked up where they left off. It was with the mastery that you got boosts for the game changing elemental troops. Core troops still get a boost with another skill set, so you don’t have to worry that your basic warrior, mage, and cavalry will be a liability. You have to have these skills at a higher level to unlock his 201+ abilities, so that makes his first new mastery skill impossible to achieve until Noctis level 220.

New Skills:

Monster Tactics Level 8: Requires Limit Break 1, All Elemental Troop Attack and HP level 33, Core Troop Attack and HP level 33. Unlocks the ability to attack level 8 monsters while any hero is active. This is probably the best skill that Noctis brings us. You will find a unique advantage over the other players that don’t have this ability. We’ve already seen a few of the different level 8 monsters. You’ve probably already seen the value of unlocking this skill. 

Limit Break: Armiger Unleashed. Unlocks at Noctis level 232. This skill unlocks the Armiger Unleashed enchantment in the Arcanaeum which provides increased attack for warriors, mage, and cavalry troops of up to 1,750,000%. You can use this enchantment while any hero is active. You only need to select the weapon that your current hero is using in the Arcanaeum. These boosts will only last for the duration of the enchantment. You can get the materials needed for this enchantment by attacking monsters with Noctis.

Updated Noctis level 300 Mastery Skills
  • 900,000% elemental troop attack and health
  • 600,000% core troop attack and health
  • March size increase up to 350,000
  • Rally capacity increase up to 2,500,000

Noctis, Noctis, He’s Our Man!

Noctis is a beneficial asset to your everyday gameplay. You will find it beneficial to level him up for the sole purpose of increasing his MP bar as high as you can. Level 8 monsters cost a lot more MP than the lower level monsters that we are used to. The cost is worth it, however, since the drops are more valuable. We got the first glimpse of a level 8 monster with the Fabled Mind Slayer. Along with the level 1 Mind Slayer, they dropped Mind Slayer trophies that you could use to buy items in the Moogle Market. Level 8 also dropped FABLED Mind Slayer trophies that you could use to buy premium items in the market. Items such as Crimson (Primal) Destiny’s gear, Level 2 Leviathan sigils, and more! There are also realm bosses that have a level 8 counterpart that you can attack for better or different drops. You won’t find the special loot from the ordinary level 1 monster.

You will need a new type of medal to bring Noctis up over 200. At 201 he uses Regal Noctis medals. As of the date of this article, there are no Regal Noctis medal reductions available.


You can find some freebie Regal Noctis medals, as well as precious metals for other heroes in the Level Up Your Hero event. Check that out every few hours.

Level up Noctis’ basic hero skill for hero attack to make completing monster kill events easier.

Regenerate your high MP heroes overnight for best results. Regenerate your smaller MP heroes during the day.

Use an MP enhancing boost with a realm boss to level up Noctis multiple levels to take advantage of his sizeable MP bar.

You will need 40,600 Regal Noctis medals to unlock Monster 8. You might need to get a Hero Mastery Skill Reset if you have too many skills points allotted to the wrong skills.

Tylianna’s Review:

I would have preferred to see more of a variety of skills in his hero tree since he started off as the jack of all trades hero that we needed at the beginning. It seems that an increased MP bar is a trend since as of the date of this article, we have four heroes over 200. Iris, Luna, and Prompto also have an increase in the basic MP bar. I wonder if this means we will see more and more monsters with an increased MP cost. I hope you have your MP cost reduction research completed in the Adventurers research tab! His limit break is pretty significant as well, and anyone who is able to unlock and max it quickly will have a nice advantage over everyone else.


As you can see, Noctis is a great asset to have. He has a pretty hefty MP bar and offers quite a few mastery skills that you can still use when he is not your active hero. He is well worth it to level up for the level 8 monster ability alone.

What do you think of Noctis’ new abilities? Do you use Noctis for attack or defense? If so, please share your results with us on Discord or Line.

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