The Advent of Dark Elementals

What you need to know about Dark Tier Elemental Troops

Dark Elemental troops have come to EOS, and although they are slightly different, still pack a punch for both attacking and defending your Citadel. In today’s Guide we will discuss;

  • The Research necessary for Dark Elemental Troops
  •  The Tiers and Types of Dark Elemental Troops
  •  The Benefits of Elemental Wells
  •  Training Dark Elemental Troops

Before you can do anything, you must..of the Research


There are currently five levels of Elemental Troops; Tier 1 through Tier 5. These must be researched in the Dark Elemental Tree. There are two different types of research here, one to unlock the troop types and another to strengthen your Elemental Troops. They require different tomes.

Dark Elemental

An interesting addition to the strengths of the Dark Elemental troops was released in the Research for Elemental 7. It brings the concept of Synergy, which ties your Elemental and Mercenary troops together, strengthening your Mercs. Mercs receive a boost based on how many Dark Elemental Troops of a specific type are present. This research is at the bottom of the Dark Elemental Research Tree (of course), but provides the following;

  • Dark Earth Synergy: 1.5m% Guardian
  • Dark Fire Synergy: 7.5m% Juggernaught/Airship
  • Dark Lightning Synergy: 7.5m% Mech
  • Dark Ice Synergy: 1.5m% Mech

Types and Tiers of Elemental Troops

There are currently Tiers 1 – 7. Unlike old world Elementals, they are not segregated into troop type. For example, there are no Mage, Warrior or Cavalry Elemental Troops.

They are sectioned into the following types;

  • Dark Fire Troop
    • Very strong against Dark Ice
    • Weak against Dark Lightning
    • Deals 2x damage against Dark Ice, and an extra 10x damage when attacking an Empire
  • Dark Ice Troop
    • Very strong against Dark Earth
    • Weak against Dark Fire
    • Deals 2x damage against Dark Earth, and an extra 10x damage when attacking the Crystal
  • Dark Earth Troop
    • Very strong against Dark Lightning Troops
    • Weak versus Dark Ice
    • Deals 2x damage against Dark Lightning Troops, and an extra 10x damage when Defending your Empire
  • Dark Lightning Troops
    • Very strong versus Dark Fire Troops
    • Weak versus Dark Earth
    • Deals 2x damage against Dark Fire Troops, and an extra 10x damage when Holding the Crystal

Elemental Wells

Unlike the “old” way, each Well produces only one type of RSS from Level 31-40 produces Dark Elemental RSS (for Elemental T1 and T2), and Dark Imbued Essence from 41+ (for Elemental T3-T7). This is used to train all four types of Elemental Troops. Leveling your Wells requires Dark Empire Expansion Blueprints up until Level 40, and then requires Dark Corruption Expansion Blueprints.

Ravus has nodes in his Mastery Tree for both Dark Empire Expansion Speed Ups and Dark Empire Expansion Blueprint costs.

The Wells still have boosts intrinsic to the building type;

  • Fire Well
    • Troop Attack
    • Dark Fire Troop Attack
    • Dark Elemental HP
    • March Size
    • Dark Elemental Attack
  • Earth Well
    • Dark Earth Troop Attack
    • March Size
    • Dark Elemental HP
    • Troop HP Bonus
    • Dark Elemental Attack
  • Lightning Well
    • Dark Lightning Troop Attack
    • Dark Elemental HP
    • March Size
    • Armor Piercing
    • Dark Elemental Attack
  • Ice Well
    • Troop Armor Bonus
    • Dark Ice Troop Attack
    • Dark Elemental HP
    • March Size
    • Dark Elemental Attack

For an example, an Elemental Earth Well at Level 50 gives the following boosts;

  • Troop HP Bonus: 500,000%
  • Dark Earth Troop HP Bonus: 500,000%
  • Dark Earth Troop Attack: 3.9M%
  • Dark Elemental HP: 3M%
  • March Size: 170,000
  • Dark Elemental March Size: 75M
  • Dark Elemental Attack: 7M%

These Wells fill very fast, so be sure to collect from them frequently.

Training Elemental Troops

Training these troops is slightly different than before. Each of the four types requires a specific type of Dark troop to be trained. For example, making Dark Lightning requires Dark Cavalry Tier 4, and Dark Essence.  That’s all that is required for Tier 1 Elementals. Once you have Tier 1, you can promote them to Tier 2 with just Dark Essence (and the Tier 1 Elemental Troops).

Training T3 Elementals requires Tier 6 Dark Troops, along with Dark Imbued Essence. Once you have trained T3 Elemental Troops, you can upgrade them with only Dark Imbued Essence (not further regular Dark Troops are needed).


Dark Elemental Troops are necessary in your Empire for both Attacking and Defending. Be sure to accumulate a generous amount of these, and utilize them as a primary source of attack/defense power.

Do you have any comments or questions about Dark Elemental Troops? Please let us know in the comments below.

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