The Deep Dark World Stats

Where are they hidden? Allow me to shed some light on the situation! world of EOS as we knew it has been turned on its head and sent to the Dark Side. What does this mean for us? What stats matter? In this dark new world, players need to focus on Dark Stats.

Some areas are easy to see, such as in the new Research Trees. Other are hidden in older gems or gear. Keep in mind that the stats are now small. You’re not looking at the millions upon millions of stats anymore. Let’s take a look at where to find stats in the Dark World.


There are ten research trees currently in which Dark Stats can be found;

Dark Multipliers

These use different types of Tomes; Infused Dark Multiplier Tomes, Dark Multiplier Research Tomes and Dark Loyalty Reward Points. They effectively multiply the stat (for example Dark Warrior Attack) by a set amount, making them applicable even as the stats change in the game.

Dark Elemental

This tree is necessary both to unlock Dark Elementals and to strengthen them.

Mirror Hero

This is where you unlock Mirror Heroes, research their specific attributes, and research additional Mirrors to include in both solo and rally marches

Dark Enchantments

This tree must be researched to use the new Dark Enchantments

Dark Mercenaries

Research this tree to both unlock the Dark Mercenary Troop types and to strengthen them. There is also regular combat stats in this tree such as Dark Troop Attack and Health

Dark Advanced Combat

This tree has standard combat boosts, as well as solo and rally march size increases.

Dark Combat

This tree consists mainly of unlocks for the different Troop types and combat skills. There are some nodes for Training Speed, March Speed, and Upkeep Reduction. The troop type unlocks require Unlock Dark World Troop Tomes, but the other researches only require Dark RSS. The researches in this tree are sped with Dark World Speed Ups.

Research Rewards

The Research Rewards tree operates similarly to the Adventurer Tree. The different types of researches require different Tomes, which can be obtained in the Moogle Market. These use different speedups (just like the Adventurer Tree).

Dark Economics

This tree primarily has research for economics, but it also has some combat stats. The researches require Dark World Speed Ups and Dark RSS.


At the bottom of the Astral Tree, there is Dark World research that is fairly cheap. However, it requires a good chunk of the Astral Tree to be completed first. That shouldn’t be much of an issue with the current packs, in fact, I was able to complete them all with diamonds and move through it relatively quickly to get to that section.

Monster Troops

At the very bottom of this tree is research for Dark Troop Attack and HP.


There are currently four Heroes specific only for the Dark World; King Noctis, Ardyn, King Regis and Gentiana. Also Iris, Aranea and Cindy over level 300 are used for Dark Stats.

King Noctis

King Noctis

He has both a normal skill tree and a Mastery Tree. His skill trees include both Combat and Economic Skills, along with skills to both hit the new Dark Monsters (and hit them harder).


Ardyn is the second Hero released for the Dark World. He has some fairly strong offensive boosts, as well as some production boosts. For more on Ardyn follow the link above.

King Regis

King Regis has several Limit Breaks in his Master Tree, along with general Combat stats. His regular tree focuses mainly on Monster attack.



Gentiana is the newest of the Dark World Heroes. Learn more about her here.


Iris received some new life, with Hero levels up to 350. Her Dark World skill start at Level 300, with a focus on Defense and Crystal battles. For the first time she has a regular Hero tree, which is designated for Monster hitting skills, including an ability to hit Dark World Monsters at Level 317.


Neglected for so long, Aranea is getting her moment to shine. She focuses on Dark Mercenary skills at level 300+ on both her Mastery and Regular Trees.


Another long neglected Hero, Cindy is the first of the Heroes that takes advantage of the “early 350” that was sold at the end of June. Her maximum level is 400. All sorts of Dark World Combat stats are in her Hero and  Mastery Trees, along with Dungeon and Monster hitting skills.

Additionally, all the older Heroes have one node in their Mastery Skills for Dark World Stats.

  • Noctis: Dark Troop Attack, Health, and Armor
  • Iris: Dark City Defense Health and Armor
  • Cindy: Dark Crystal Holding Attack
  • Ravus: Dark Crystal Assault Attack
  • Gladio: Dark Warrior Attack, Health, and Armor
  • Aranea: Dark Cavalry Attack, Health, and Armor
  • Ignis: Dark City Assault Attack, Health, and Armor
  • Luna: Dark Mage Attack, Health, and Armor
  • Prompto: Dark Rally Attack and Health

Power of the Kings

There is a new skill tree on some of the Heroes. These have additional Dark World combat stats, as well as focus on the new Vaults, with skilling for those. The current Heroes with Power of the Kings skills are Noctis, King Noctis, Gladio, Prompto and Ignis.


Current available Dark Astrals are Titan , Bahamut and Ramuh. They have skills for Dark Combat, as well as normal troop combat and march size.


There are currently multiple Gear sets specifically for the Dark World (although some are broken into multiple sets like Ramuh), as well as some older sets that have some small stat bonuses. Dark Gear can also be Set Gear Leveled, which is different than just Powering Up.

Crimson Bahamut Gear Set

Dark World Bahamut Set

This set is specifically made for the Dark World. Just like Ramuh, there are different classes of the set. It can be leveled up and has set bonus increases.

  • Balanced Bahamut: Dark Troop Attack, Health, and Armor
  • Defender Bahamut: Dark Troop Attack, Health, and Armor, plus Dark Warrior, Mage and Cavalry Armor
  • Commanding BahamutDark Troop Attack, Health, and Armor, plus Dark Solo March Size and Dark Rally Size
  • Ravaging Bahamut: Dark Troop Attack, Health, and Armor, plus Dark Warrior Attack, Health and Armor
  • Mystical BahamutDark Troop Attack, Health, and Armor, plus Dark Mage Attack, Health, and Armor
  • Charging BahamutDark Troop Attack, Health, and Armor, plus Dark Cavalry Attack, Health and Armor
  • Crystal Bahamut: Dark Troop Crystal Attack, Holding Attack, Health, and Holding Health

Ultimate Grandmaster Archaean Gear Set

  • Full Balanced Archaean: Dark Troop Attack, Health, and Armor
  • Full Invasion Archaean: Dark Troop Attack, HP, Armor, Cripple HP and Armor Piercing
  • Full Attacker Archaean: Dark Troop Attack, Health, and Armor
  • Full Defender Archaean: Dark Troop Attack, Health, Armor and Enemy Attack Resistance
  • Full Crystal Archaean: Dark Troop Crystal Assault Rally Attack, Holding Attack,  Assault Rally HP, and Defense HP
  • Full Commanding Archaean: Dark Troop Attack, Health, and Armor, plus Dark Solo March Size and Dark Rally Size

Champion Infernian’s Set

This set isn’t broken out into multiple options like the others, but rather just three grades.

Second Anniversary Gear

This gear set claims to remain effective as stats climb in the Dark World. It is the most recent set, and as with Infernian, doesn’t have multiple options but does have multiple grades. It can be powered up to Level 20.

Additionally, Ramuh has very small amounts of Dark Troop stats (but not much).

Avatar Sets

Gamers who played GOW will recognize this concept. Collecting Avatar sets give Dark World boosts. For example, collecting all of the Independent Gentleman Avatars will give;

  • 40M% Dark Lightning Attack
  • 10M% Dark Lightning Health
  • 30M% Dark Lighting Defense



VIP levels 131 plus now have Dark Stats, adding Dark Troop Combat Stats, March and Rally Size and King Noctis Presets. New VIP levels require Dark VIP. The current maximum VIP level is 200.


There are entirely new gems for the Dark World; however, the old Aeon Gems do have Dark stats (you’ll see them in packs currently). You can also purchase these in the Moogle Market and win them in events. The new gems have “Dark World” in front of the name. See the new gems and stats  here!


Starting at level 91, there are stat boosts in some of the buildings, just as before;

  • Bank: Level 100 Maximum 1% Dark Troop Armor Bonus
  • Ward: Level 100 Maximum 1% Dark Troop HP Bonus
  • Barracks: Level 100 Maximum 1% Dark Troop Attack Bonus

The Auxillary Buildings now can be upgraded for larger Dark Combat Stats using Dark Auxillary Building Blueprints. The current maximum Citadel Level is 150.


There are all new Cores for the Dark World. Just as with Gems, they can be purchased, obtained in the Moogle Market, or won in events. They have “Dark World” in the name and Dark stats. You can see these Core and their stats in the Crystal Nexus, and they are combinable in the Armory.


There are new Oracle boosts for both Combat and Economics. These require Dark Oracle Dust.

Dark Monsters

There are several Monsters specifically for the Dark World with more to come.

Dark Havoc Fang

He boosts maximum stats at Level 100:

  • Dark Crystal Holding Attack: 200%
  • Troop Attack Bonus: 300,000,000% (*Note: This stat applies to OLD troops. This isn’t a Dark World stat, as old troops should still have some degree of consequence in battle.)
  • Dark Troop HP: 200%
  • Dark Cavalry Attack: 150%
  • Dark Warrior Attack: 150%
  • Dark Rally Attack: 200%
  • Dark Troop Attack: 150%

Chaos Havoc Fang

At Level 100 it boasts the following stats:

  • Troop Attack Bonus: 1,500,000%
  • Dark Troop HP: 200%
  • Dark City Defense HP: 150%
  • Dark City Defense Attack: 75%

Umbral Tonberry King

At Level 100 it boasts the following stats:

  • Dark Mercenary Attack: 10,000%
  • Dark Mercenary HP: 4,500%
  • Dark Mercenary Armor: 13,500%
  • Dark Enemy Attack Resistance: 12,000%
  • Dark Cripple HP: 12,000%
  • Dark Armor Piercing: 12,000%
  • Dark Troop Attack: 20,000%
  • Dark Troop Defense: 18,000%
  • Dark Troop HP: 6,000%

Stormfeather Griffon

Level 100 gives:

  • Dark Mercenary Attack Resistance: 750,000%
  • Dark Enemy Attack Resistance: 1,000,000%
  • Dark Mercenary HP: 250,000%
  • Dark City Defense Attack: 15M%
  • Dark Mercenary Armor: 750,000%
  • Dark City Defense Armor: 3M%
  • Dark Mercenary Attack: 7M%

Nightwing Wyvern

At Level 100:

  • Dark Mercenary Attack: 7M%
  • Dark Mercenary Cripple HP: 100,000%
  • Dark Mercenary HP: 250,000%
  • Dark Elemental Armor: 450,000%
  • Dark Mercenary Armor: 750,000%
  • Dark Elemental HP: 150,000%
  • Dark Mercenary Armor Piercing: 300,000%

Ignis’ Diner

The Diner boasts new Meals and Ingredients specifically for Dark World stats. They are denoted by 3* and 4*.

Dark Orders

There are new Orders that pertain only to the Dark World.

Dark Elementals

The new Dark Elementals only come in 2 levels, and 4 varieties. There is no longer a separate Elemental for Mage, Cav, etc. Level 1 Elemental Troops and Level 2 Elemental Troops are designated as Dark Lightning, Dark Earth, Dark Ice or Dark Fire Elementals.

Dark Mercenaries

Dark Mercs are slightly different currently then the old Mercenaries. There are six levels (Tier 1-Tier 6), but only four types of Mercenaries;

  • Dark Guardian: Strong against Dark Troops and Dark Juggs. Weak against Airships.
  • Dark Juggernaut: Strong against Dark Troops and Dark Airships. Weak against Dark Guards.
  • Dark Airship: Strong against Dark Guards and weak against Dark Juggs.
  • Dark Mech: Strong in Crystal Combat, weak outside of the Crystal.

Stats in the new Dark World look much different than before, which makes even small gains important. Be sure to find all the ways to boost your Stats, and take advantage of the events that are running, as they give decent rewards to be used to build up your account. Do you have any questions or comments about the Dark World stats? Let us know in the comments below!

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  1. Delirius1 says

    How do I start training dark world troops? It just says ” Dark World Troops Unlock 0/333000″

    1. DncingRetsuko
      DncingRetsuko says

      Hi Delirius! You need to unlock the troops in your dark combat tree before you can start training them.

      Check out the Dark World beginning research guide here:

  2. MrsRx says

    You missed defence ministry at level 11

  3. ChiTownXRing
    ChiTownXRing says

    The mistake pack now allows you to unlock T4 Dark Troops but what else does one need to train them material wise? Or anything else to train then?:

  4. Kelly_Wells
    Kelly_Wells says

    Is there any way for the non-paying player to weather this dark world switch? We estimate it requires a $400 min investment to open all the troops and get your cit level where you need to be. Now there is a new hero…already!! We have barely digested the other new stuff. Any advice for the non- to medium-spender?

    1. Naztyboyz says

      99.99 to unlock all t4 dark troop

  5. mike says

    it mean that you need invest more money for this game,

  6. GL_Pe
    GL_Pe says

    exactly what is going to happen to our kingdoms when the switch happens? it has taken me 17 months to get to the lv i am now and a lot of real money besides hundreds of hours of game play, there are a lot of different stories about the switch to the deep dark world some of them saying that everything we have now will be worthless and we have to start all over at lv 1 and the only hero that will work for this new world will be hero king noctis. Im just trying to figure out exactly what is going on , to see if the game will be worth playing after the switch over,

    1. PrincessKat
      PrincessKat says

      No worries! Although King Noctis will be specific to Dark World, all heroes will have Dark World bonus’ in their mastery skill tree. Your Destiny and Ramuh gear will have dark world stats on them, and the transition will be pretty smooth. The game will take a new challenging turn!

      1. GL_Pe
        GL_Pe says

        Thank you kat, everybody that plays the game on the same sever as me is just worried , there are so many rumors going around, and there are also some private blogs going around telling players that everything thing we have done for the past year or more means nothing at all. for the entire weekend the RC was a blaze talking about the new world all doom and gloom

    2. PrincessKat
      PrincessKat says

      Also, your previous research trees such as Astral research and monster troops will also have dark world components in them. The monster ranch troops improve the quality of your hits, as well as your stronger troops, thanks to a recent update. As the older realms are discovering issues, the development team seems to be countering any major issues that are popping up to help with the transition into the dark world.

      1. Kitty_Galore
        Kitty_Galore says

        What is happening with elemental troops t7/8
        And regular t8/9/10 are they any good in dark world hun

    3. mike says

      it mean that you need invest more money in this game,

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