What To Look For In Packs

There are many different in-app purchase packs in Final Fantasy XV: ANE. All packs provide tons of rss and speed-ups scaled to your power and Citadel level; these are often the biggest benefit to the packs since they help you complete research and buildings more rapidly. Individual packs also contain special items that range from permanent boosts to consumable items like temporary building timer reductions.

Because of frequent new offers, it can be difficult to decide which one you want, and things change over time. This article was written with that in mind to help you make the best choices no matter what is currently available and make the most out of your pack purchases.  We will also clue you in on a tip to save money on packs.


Very Important Tips

There are some very important tips we need to share before getting into details about specific packs.


Don’t Open Resources Til You Need Them

After you buy a pack, wait to crack open your resources in the Items screen until you are going to buy something with them. As long as they are in item form, they can’t be stolen from you during a successful attack on your empire.


Activate Permanent Boost IMMEDIATELY


You can see the permanent boost in the pack, in this case a 2nd building upgrade slot. Purchase the pack to receive the boost to your inventory.

Now go into Items -> Special, and click on the boost, which will look something like the one pictured below:


It is very important to click USE on the boost. Otherwise you can go a long time thinking you have something like a production doubler or 50% off rss costs boost active when you don’t.

Seriously, myself and several others I know wasted a huge amount of rss because we didn’t know you had to manually activate the boosts. We want you to avoid the same.


Buy Packs Early to Save in The Long Run

The sooner you buy the “essential packs” we discuss below, the cheaper it will be for you to reach T3, or just level up your empire and research. This is because you’ll save on resource costs early which will pay off in the long run.


Pack RSS Scales With Power

The exact algorithm behind pack rss isn’t known, and it varies from hour to hour and pack to pack, but it is certain that the rss in packs goes up (slowly!) as you complete more buildings, research and Citadel levels. For that reason, if you want to maximize pack rss then focus on permanent structures or research rather than on too many troops to start with.


Pack RSS Differs Between Packs

If you are primarily buying packs for the rss and speed-ups, stop and look at the number of speed-ups and rss items in the packs before you hit “Buy”. Different packs offered at any given time have varying amounts of rss and speed-ups. And some packs will have bigger numbers of smaller denominations of rss. Always look at the actual amount of what you are being offered.

If you aren’t buying for the boost, compare the different rss and speed-ups between the packs before you purchase.  Gear chest packs in particular tend to have low rss and speed-ups compared to other packs.


Buy Discounted Packs

If you are buying packs, you can get them for up to 25% off by buying them in the correct way. We have a guide to cheap gold packs that you should read of to maximize the impact of the money you spend on packs.


Prioritize Permanent Boosts

A pack with a permanent boost effect of some kind is almost always better than a pack with a consumable or temporary special. Permanent boosts help you out over the long haul, so no matter what is currently rotating through your pack selection, when in doubt go for the permanent.

The 50% rss cost reduction boosts in particular are absolutely required to keep progressing in the game. Let’s take a look at those and then discuss what other packs you will want afterwards.


Packs That Decrease Resource Cost

This one. You want this one.

If you are going to buy packs at all, the ones you should purchase before anything else are the 50% off tier 1 building prices, followed by the 50% off the tier 1 research costs. You will want these as soon as you can get your hands on them. They will maximize the efficiency of rss from future packs.

Later, when the tier 2 resource versions become available, purchase those as soon as you can.

The reason for this is because the resource costs in this game rapidly climb to astronomical amounts required to continue leveling buildings or research. It’s  unrealistic to get past mast resource challenges in the game without these boosts.

Pro-Tip: Are you stuck staring at the granite requirement for Citadel 20? Don’t purchase another pack until the 50% off t2 rss for buildings pack shows up. It will save you more than 2 million granite. Likewise, don’t start unlocking the final t3 troops skills until you have the 50% off t1 AND t2 rss research cost packs.


Packs That Permanently Save Time

This is another one of those boost types that saves you on pack resources. Packs include a large amount of speed-ups, but the time costs for later building levels spiral into the days and weeks

For that reason, the 50% off building times boost is another one of those boosts that is necessary if you want to minimize money spent on packs. It doubles the effect of any speed-up applied to a building project, and is another one of the boosts that you want to get as soon as possible.

The double-building boost also falls into this category. You can have one large building project running in the background while completing smaller ones, choosing to spend your timers on only one building project. This boost is also very helpful when you are looking to level a bunch of low-level rss buildings that complete within a few hours. The flexibility here will save you time.


Packs That Maximize Gathering Speed

Gathering is deceptively good in Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire. The returns seem relatively low at first given the danger, but you can bring in a HUGE amount of rss if you can park yourself close enough to the Crystal Scar to get the good tiles and keep the tile-hitters at bay.

This is especially true if you combine the Gathering Speed doubler pack boost with the Troop Load and Gathering Speed research in the Economics research tree. This combination turns your siege engines into giant mobile rss vacuums that can rapidly drain rss tiles.

And given how unsafe gathering can be, these boosts minimize the amount of time that you have to spend watching for tile-rustlers.

WARNING: The Tier 2 rss version of this boost is completely useless until you get to University 30 for Advanced Gathering.


Packs That Increase Resources, Loyalty, and Production

These would include boosts that raise production caps, the double loyalty boost, and resource production boost packs.

The loyalty doubler is a solid choice. Loyalty is extremely limited in the game given that you can only get it from quests, monsters, and helps. Loyalty is the only way to purchase some items in the game, or reliably acquire outside of packs and random drops. And if your hero ever gets banished after you hit level 20 Citadel, rescue stones to bring them back cost 260,000 loyalty in the Guild Store, or else in a pack that is only rarely available. Being able to purchase one of these more easily without spending on the pack is helpful.

The double rss production boosts and the rss cap doublers can be situationally helpful, but they aren’t key. The rss requirements get so high later in the game that the production doubler and production cap boosts are still not enough for your needs.

The do have their uses though. One use is for hyperfarming food or wheat on your main account to cover food upkeep, although if you are buying packs you will usually end up with a huge amount of unopened food and wheat items in your inventory. You could also use them to more effectively hyperfarm another high-need rss, stone or energy for example, to trade for other rss you need. If you are hyperfarming stone with the double production and cap boost, it will help you past a lot of early-game building costs.

These boosts also become useful for managing multiple resource tiers above Citadel 20. This is because if you have multiple rss buildings that all make different tiers of a resource, the production caps stack. What that means is, if you have ten level 17 quarries producing granite and one level 17 quarry producing stone, your stone production cap will be the same as if you had eleven quarries all producing stone. Likewise for the granite. This is very helpful later on as you can set a small number of rss buildings to produce lower tier rss (which has a high production rate) and the rest to produce a higher-tier rss (which has a low production rate) to maximize output.

Of course you can do that without these boosts as well, it is just less effective. As it stands, I would prioritize these lower than the other permanent boosts available, unless you are building an exceptionally expensive farm account.

Pro-Tip: Packs that give more than one permanent boost are VERY good, and will very likely become more common as the game goes on. Prioritize those as well.


This will get you off to a solid start on resources.


Consumable packs

Consumable packs are the ones that offer consumables like advanced teleports, shields and other one-use items. These are resources that are gone once used, so you should generally prioritize the permanent boosts unless you have a specific need. There are some exceptions though.

The teleport packs are hands down the best all-around consumable packs. Especially the Teleport Packs that pop up during Kill Events. The ability to port when you need to is a huge advantage both offensively and defensively, and it is worth having a handful or more stashed in your back pocket. And the Kill Event teleport packs tend to have both more ports and additional consumables that boost your army’s stats.

The skill-reset packs, particularly ones that have 2 resets, are very useful if you are running out of speed-ups at higher levels.  When you get to the point that a building or research takes 60 days base time to upgrade, you need everything you can get your hands on to decrease that time. Dumping as many Hero Skill Points as possible into the building and research time reduction is a really powerful way to help with this when combined with time reductions from gear and the Econ tree. You can read more about Hero Skills in the Hero Skill Guide.

The problem with putting skill points in growth categories instead of combat categories is that  you’re end up being less effective in combat. So you will want some way to switch back if required. If you buy a skill reset pack for the growth skills, wait until you see a pack that has 2 resets. One to skill to combat for a KE, and one to skill back for growth.

The other consumables are situationally useful, but not must-haves. Only purchase them if you have all of the permanent boosts that you want or you are in desperate need of pack rss. And be aware that many of the consumable packs give you more consumables when you are at a higher Citadel level. If you don’t need the consumable yet, don’t buy it.


Gear Packs

The gear packs give you the usual ton of resources, speed-ups and gold in addition to crafting ingredients that can result in extremely powerful gear. You can read more about Gear and the particular Gear Sets in the Gear And Gems Guide.

The materials you get from gear packs are random, and some ingredients are very rare. Additionally, the number of gear chests offered in a pack goes up as you level up and increase your power and Citadel level.

The rare materials are not common in the chests, particularly the meteorites and the chrome bits and garula fur you need for the Arbiter and Sentinel set. One pack is not going to be enough for a full purple or yellow gear piece. And the other materials you receive from the chests can also be sourced consistently from Monster Lairs using Gathering.

You should only be buying gear packs when you have all the permanent boosts you need and are looking to complete gear or supplement material gathering. Also, you get more gear chests in the pack as you go up in Citadel level, so hold off until you are farther along.

Hunter gear is relatively easy to obtain without the packs by gathering at Monster Lairs, Sentinel gear and Arbiter gear less so because of the rare drops required. This also means they take more chests. Take this into account when buying gear packs. You can also refer to the Gear Pack Calculator to see an average of drops received by other players.


Pack Purchase Checklist:


  • Prioritize permanent boosts
  • Prioritize rss and time-cutting boosts and get them as soon as possible
  • T1 gathering speed is very good for getting around rss production caps
  • Teleports are the most valuable of the consumables
  • Skill resets are useful later in the game
  • Gear packs should wait until you have most of the ingredients necessary and just need more rares
  • Gear chest packs contain more chests to pack as you go up in Citadel level
  • Take advantage of the cheap gold pack discount


Packs are hands down the best way to speed you forward in the game, but you have to buy the right ones in the right order to get the max benefit. Focus on things that cut costs and rss, and the rss and speed-ups in any pack you buy after will be more effective.

The resource from packs can and should be matched up with proper resource management inside the game though. We go in-depth on that topic in our next guide in the series: Resource Guide.

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  1. Master Odd says

    You guys talk and act like everyone in the world has hundreds and hundreds of dollars to spend on this APP!
    Sure you have like 200 whales who spend money like crazy just to bully the little guys.

    You said these two stack with the other two….ah…that’s $400.00….that’s my car payment..

    somebody should be more concerned about lowering the prices of the packs to where everyone can afford them, not just the rich people..
    $19.99 for packs is reasonable and your everyday player can afford to buy the pack, like 1 pack a week..
    at $100.00 per pack 3/4 of the player base don’t buy packs..

  2. Frank says

    I am aware of the 50% T2 RSS on building and also the 50% T2 RSS on Research.
    Q1. Possible there are both in a pack? If yes, usual pack or during special promotion?
    Q2. T2 buildings, is partially T2 RSS being needed inclusive or only buildings use all T2 RSS only?


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