Archaean Gear Set

How to Get the Best Attack Gear in the Game So Far

When Glacian gear came along, the realm rejoiced at the advent of the strongest attack gear in all of Eos. But in order to get the most out of Glacian gear, you must use Mage troops. What about Warrior, Calvary, and Mercenaries Troops?

Enter Archaean gear, the very best offensive equipment in the game. In this article, we will discuss the benefits of Archaean gear, how you can get it, and how it compares to other offensive equipment.

Archaean Gear Stats

Here are the stats for the Archaean gear set, all in Legendary quality. All pieces can be equipped at level 1.

Archaean Boots (footwear)

  • +378% Troop Attack
  • +182% Trap Attack
  • +151% Trap HP
  • +53% Attack March Speed

Archaean Casque (Helmet)

  • +384% Troop Attack
  • +207% Trap Attack
  • +166% Trap HP
  • +50% Attack Resistance

Archaean’s Cuirass (body armor)

  • +184% Troop Attack
  • +103% Troop HP
  • +51 Trap Attack
  • +544% Trap HP
  • +50% Attack Resistance

Archaean’s Crusher (weapon)

  • +727% Troop Attack
  • +1,170% Trap Attack

Archaean’s Gift (accessory)

  • +217% Troop Attack
  • +261% Trap Attack
  • +50% Basic Construction Speed
  • +25% Royal Construction Speed

Mytic Forge Bonus (full Legendary set)

  • +1,000% Trap Attack
  • +1,000% Trap HP
  • +500% Troop Attack
  • +500% Troop HP

In entirety, the full Legendary Archaean gear set with three accessories give us +2,824% Troop Attack, +2,893% Trap Attack, +1,861% Trap HP, +603% Troop HP, +100% Attack Resistance.

Compared to the +1,143% Troop Attack that a full set of Legendary Glacian gear gives us, Archaean is the new standard in offensive equipment, and those who miss out on it will be left in the dust.

How to get Archaean Gear

In order to obtain the materials used to craft pieces of the Archaean gear set, you must first have the Guild Adventure Hall unlocked. You can get a Guild Adventure Hall gift to give to a friend by completing the Forgotten Archives level within the Adventure Hall.

When the Archaean dungeon appears in the Guild Adventure Hall and in your Events, you can access this special dungeon to win Archaean crafting materials. You will need to work together with your guild to defeat monsters as you progress deeper and deeper into the Archaean dungeon. Each new level brings a harder monster — and more crafting materials for beating it. The Archaean dungeons are by far harder than any of the regular ones that are always available at the Guild Adventure Hall.

Having Epic or Legendary pieces of the Lightforge gear set is essential to completing the Guild Adventure Hall and obtaining as many Archaean crafting materials as possible. You can find the best strategies for the Guild Adventure Hall in our article here.


Although the full set of Archaean gear has not been released at the time this article was published, it is shaping up to be the best equipment in the game – both for offensive players and for trap players.

Is Archaean gear worth unlocking the Guild Adventure Hall, getting enough materials to craft some quality Lightforge gear, and then running through the even more difficult Archaean dungeon? This equipment is obviously a huge investment in time, but as long as you have the Guild Adventure Hall unlocked and a handful of Archaean Contracts handy, you will be able to make yourself the strongest gear in the game.

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