Chief Inquisitor’s Gear Set

This week we saw a new set of gear added to FFXV: ANE: the Chief Inquisitor's gear, a unique 5-piece equipment set that is unlike any other equipment in the game in that it only affects one stat – research speed.

In this article, we’ll cover what the new equipment does, including the powerful boost for higher-level players when a full legendary set activates the Mythic Forge bonus.


Inquisitor’s Boosts Research Speed


As you can tell from the gear stats, the sole purpose of Inquisitor’s Set is to speed up your research.

Until now, the only piece of equipment that affected research speed was the Zephyr’s Cape, which at Legendary quality only reduces research time by 15% (both basic and royal research).

Each item in Chief Inquisitor's gear set takes a huge chunk of time out of your research and is great for players who don’t buy a lot of gold packs or have very few speedups on hand. For players just starting out or are still working on their university level 20, investing in Chief Inquisitor’s gear will help you speed through some of the hideously long research timers (looking at you, Monster Tactics IV).

A piece or two would also be of help to players navigating the climb to t4, when the speedups can get particularly scarce.

Players who have ascended and are now on Royal Time will find something useful in Chief Inquisitor’s gear set as well, but only by completing the entire Legendary set. After crafting every piece of gear in this set to Legendary quality, players who have the Mythic Forge unlocked will be able to enjoy a powerful 150% off of all Royal Research timers.  


How To Get Inquisitor’s Gear


To craft Chiefs Inquisitor's equipment, you’ll need to get your hand on the 4 new crafting materials: archanium ore, crystalline essence, galvanade ash, and divine thread. Additionally, you will need common crafting materials such as royal fabric, blueshard stone, hardened hide, etc. that can be found in the usual places like monster lairs, heroic quests and chests.
There are several ways to obtain the 4 new special materials required to craft Chief Inquisitor’s gear: by attacking behemoths in the special Chief Inquisitor’s dungeon in the Proving Grounds, which costs 300 Elixir per hit, attacking the special Holiday Chickatrice currently roaming the realm, gathering from a fallen Holiday Chickatrice monster lair, or finding the materials in a Chief Inquisitor Chest. Unless you’re willing to pay 500,000 loyalty points for 500 Elixir from the Guild Store,  your best bet to score some Chief Inquisitor’s crafting materials is by attacking a high level Holiday Chickatrice. Additionally, both Elixir and Chief Inquisitor Chests can be found randomly by unlocking the Frozen Cryonade Boost Chest which drop randomly from Cryonades.

The Elixir is also available in packs, particularly in several Thank-You packs or special dedicated Inquisitor packs that also include the chests. At the moment this is the only way to get more than a piece or so of the gear, realistically.

Chief Inquisitor Chests also drop randomly from events, and thus, it may be possible to craft a full set without ever spending a dime.


Introducing Chief Inquisitor’s gear set makes perfect sense at this stage in the game, but is it worth buying a pack just for a chance to craft a piece of Chief Inquisitor’s gear? The massive research time reduction will accelerate the growth of mid-to-low level players without the need to spend a fortune on speedups, however, keep in mind that this equipment is economical and not practical for battle.

If you’re trying to decide between Chief Inquisitor’s gear and another one of the recent packs, such as the new Monster Farm and Cryonade or the Mercenary Fighting Pits and Winter Troops, first consider your own needs. For players level 30 and up, it would require a large investment to make this gear worth your while and you would be much better off investing in upgrading your the Monster Farm. However, if you let out an audible groan or sigh every time you start new research, the Chief Inquisitor’s gear set is definitely worth considering.

Also, one must take into account the way the Chief Inquisitor's Gear Set might contribute to additional attack power when equipped on IgnisBeing that one of Ignis's skills takes a portion of research power and converts it into an attack boost, the Chief Inquisitor's Gear Set might actually become quite useful in some ways.

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