Comprehensive Beginner’s Guide to Buildings

Final Fantasy offers a plethora of buildings, each with their own use. Some are upgraded organically with RSS and Prints, which others need to be unlocked. This article serves as a high level overview of the different buildings in your Citadel, and their features.

Interior Buildings


Your Citadel offers several functions. First of all, it’s what represents you in the game and is the first thing people see when they look at your account. Secondly, for each level increased, it enhances March Size and Troop Capacity.


This is where you do the brunt of the Research. Available categories are:

  • Advanced Combat
  • Adventurer
  • Economics
  • Combat
  • Defense
  • Hero
  • Crafting


The Hospital provides space for number of limited troops, and improves your Healing Speed when enhanced.

Hospital Ward

Multiple Hospital Wards can be built in your City. Each Ward increases the number of beds for your troops, as well as offering Defender Troop HP.

Training Grounds

This is where you train your troops. Unavailable troop types will show as locked. Upgrading this building increases Training Queue as well as Training Speed.


Just like the Wards, multiple Barracks can be built. In addition to increasing the Training Queue, these buildings have a Troop Attack Bonus that increases with each level up.


Multiple Banks can be built, and generate Gil, Coin or Silver pieces. Additionally, each bank provides a Troop Armor Bonus, increasing with each level-up.


Craft gear, combine Gems and Materials, and manage your inventory in this building.

Hero Monument

The Hero Monument gives an XP Bonus if you choose to hire a new hero, as opposed to resurrecting it after banishment. Additionally, all your Heroes are listed here, and it is another way to swap between desired active Heroes.

Trading Post

Help your teammates with RSS! Entering the Trading Post gives an alphabetical listing of Guildmates to trade with. Each building level increases the amount of RSS that can be sent in one march.

Guild Hall

A Guild Hall is necessary to set a rally on another player. Each level increases Rally Capacity. You can also view ongoing War Rallies and War Defense in this building.


The Watchtower warns you of scouts, solos and rallies coming for your gates (or the Crystal if you are Emperor). Additionally, it will inform you of trades and reinforcements. Every 5 levels (to Level 45) gives additional information about the incoming march.

  • Level 1: Warns of incoming marches
  • Level 5: Tells the type of march (attack, trade, etc)
  • Level 10: Tells the name of the player marching at you and their coordinates.
  • Level 15: Gives the arrival time of the march.
  • Level 20: Tells the guild of the player marching.
  • Level 25: Gives an estimate of total troops.
  • Level 30: Tells the troop type of an incoming attack.
  • Level 35: Gives an estimate of each troop type and specific troop names. It also detects if a Hero is in the March.
  • Level 40: Tells the exact number of troops incoming and the Hero level.
  • Level 45: Gives the attacker’s Combat research and levels.


This building houses reinforcements from your Guildmates.


Deposit gold here and collect with interest at the end of the timer.


Herein are imprisoned the Heroes you capture in battle. Increasing the level of this building decreases the detention time before a prisoner can be Banished.

Banishment Portal

When a prisoner is Banished, it activates the Bonuses within the Portal; Troop Attack, Troop HP and March speed. The higher the Portal, the higher the Bonus.


Build traps here, and each level provides a City Defense Attack Bonus.


Try your luck and spin at the Casino. The game offers one free spin a day, and additional spins can be purchased in packs.

Proving Grounds

Inside the Proving Grounds, battle with Monsters to obtain Gear materials, RSS, iron scraps, Hero XP and much more. There are nine levels to the Proving Ground, and each additional level unlocks more dungeons.

Guild Adventurers Hall

A fan favorite, the Guild Adventurers Hall requires teamwork! Battle with your guild to slay monsters and obtain rewards. The Halls require Adventurers Contracts, which are given out by Luna or are in Events. For an in-depth look at the Guild Adventurers Hall, click here.

Artificer’s Shop

In the market for a new Avatar or Badge? Look to the Artificer’s Shop to customize your look.

Magitek Converter

The Magitek Converter allows you to convert items you have into items you find more usable for your Empire. You can also craft Gear and Crystal Cores. Convert RSS and Blueprints/Tomes to a higher level. Craft base level rare gear here, and then upgrade them in the Mythic Forge.

Mythic Forge

Within the Mythic Forge, there are four tabs. First, Set Gear bonuses show the bonus activated for each full gear set. Secondly, you can upgrade your current gear with the Upgrade Gear Quality tab. Power Up your Legendary gear! More on the Mythic Forge can be found here, and more on Powering Up can be found here. Lastly, Set Gear Leveling allows you to increase the set bonus for your gear.

Order of Heroes

The Order of Heroes allows you to dedicate your existing Heroes to an Order (or multiple Orders). Each Order has its own benefits and must be unlocked using Order Tributes.

  • Order of Dawn: Attack March Speed, Rally March Speed, War March Speed.
  • Order of Might: Warrior HP, Attack and Armor
  • Order of Magic: Mage HP, Attack and Armor
  • Order of Valor: Cavalry HP, Attack and Armor
  • Order of Thieves: Loot Tile Gather Speed, Loot Tile Gather Luck, War Spoils
  • Order of War: Rally Attack Bonus, Rally Capacity
  • Order of the Hunt: Hero Critical Damage, Hero Monster March Speed, Hero Attack
  • Order of Destruction: City Assault Attack
  • Order of Assassins: Armor Piercing, Troop Attack
  • Order of Protection: City Defense Armor
  • Order of Champions: Mercenary Troop Armor, Attack and HP
  • Order of Fear: Empire Intimidation, Cripple Enemy HP
  • Order of Flames: Trap Attack, Fire Elemental Troop Attack Bonus, Siege Engine Attack
  • Order of Shattering: City Defense Armor Bonus, Ice Elemental Troop Attack Bonus
  • Order of the Grove: City Defense HP Bonus, Earth Elemental Troop Attack Bonus
  • Order of Fulmination: Attack March Speed, Lightning Elemental Troop Attack Bonus

Dark Orders

  • Dark Order of Might: War Spoils, Dark Warrior Attack/Armor/HP
  • Dark Order of Magic: City Defense HP, Dark Mage Attack/Armor/HP
  • Dark Order of Valor: City Assault Attack Bonus, Dark Cavalry Attack/Armor/HP
  • Dark Order of War: Upkeep Efficiency, Dark Rallying March Speed, Dark Crystal Holding Attack, Dark Rally Attack
  • Dark Order of Destruction: Troop Load, Dark City Defense Armor/HP Attack
  • Dark Order of Kings: Merc Magitek Attack Bonus, Dark March Size, Dark Rally Capacity
  • Dark Order of the Hunt: Physical Damage/Stamina/HP
  • Dark Order of Dawn: Dark Mage/Warrior/Cav training speed
  • Dark Order of Thieves: Trap Attack, Dark Troop Attack/HP/Armor with Hero
  • Dark Order of Assassins: Upkeep Efficiency, Dark Armor Piercing. Dark Cripple HP, Dark Enemy Attack Resistance

Elemancy Hall

The Elemancy Hall is where you train your Elemental Troops. Additionally, this Hall provides a Troop HP Bonus. For more on the Elemancy Hall, click here.

Commander’s Hall

Manage and promote your Commanders in this building. Additionally, leveling up the Commander’s Hall gives an increase in Mercenary Troop capacity and March Size! Read more here.

Crystal Nexus

The Crystal Nexus allows you to use timed Cores in battle. Learn how to utilize this building here:


Enchant your gear and obtain additional research benefits for your Elemental troops in the Arcanaeum. For an indepth look click here:

Astral Shrine

The Astral Shrine contains all your Astrals. They cannot die, but once their HP is exhausted, you must either use a heal or wait for it to revive. Astrals have their own special skillset and march with your army if desired.

Ignis’ Diner

Cook up a feast with these timed meals! They add additional Stats for a limited period of time. Learn how to cook them up for both the pre-Dark World, and the Dark World.

Defense Ministry

The Defense Ministry gives passive boosts to your account for Troop Capacity, Troop HP, Troop Armor and Training Queue. After Level 10, it begins to give additional Dark World boosts in Dark Rally Capacity, Dark March Size, Dark Attack/HP/Armor with Hero and Troop Attack Bonus (on old troops).

Dark Strategy Hall

This building gives passive boosts as well for the Dark World. It increases;

  • Dark Troop Capacity
  • Dark March Size
  • Dark Rally Capacity
  • Dark City Assault Attack
  • Dark Troop Attack
  • Dark Troop HP
  • Dark Troop Armor
  • Dark City Defense Attack
  • Dark Crystal Holding Attack
  • Dark Crystal Assault Attack

It also has the feature to “mortally wound enemy troops”. This ensures a portion of your enemies troops die in battle and do not make it to the hospital.

Rural Buildings

Monster Pen

Hatch and send your Monsters into battle using the Monster Pen! Each level activates a different level of Monster, with Level 10 allowing two monsters to be sent at once. Learn more about your Monsters here.

Monster Ranch

This is where you can see the hourly income for your Monster troops (different from the Monsters above). Monster troops march with your army in vast numbers, and there are four different types to choose from.

Moogle Market

The Moogle Market is a one-stop shop for you Empire’s needs. Pick up items needed here for Moogle Market credits. During special events, such as the Tonberry, the Market contents will be filled with many many items such as Hero EXP, Hero Medals,  Prints for the various buildings, and Power Up Gear Chests.


Produces Stone, Granite or Marble.

Resource Vault

Prevents a portion of your RSS from being stolen during an attack.

Energy Extractor

Produces Energy, Essence, Spirit, Mana or Spark.


Produces Food, Wheat or Corn.


Produces Metal, Lead, Copper or Iron


Here lie the bodies of Banished Heroes, both your own and your enemies that have fallen within your Banishment Portal.


Expansions are built outside your Citadel on the map. The amount you can build is limited by your Citadel level, although additional Expansion plots can be purchased. Ravus Mastery skills also allows for one additional plot. They each produce a different item, and have a base boost that increases as the Expansion level is raised. For more on Expansions, see here.

  • Commander Academy: Produces Troop Commanders and has Troop Attack with Commander bonus.
  • Blacksmith: Produces crafting chests, and provides a Rally Attack Bonus.
  • Fire Well: Produces Fire Essence and provides Troop Attack Bonus.
  • Ice Well: Produces Ice Essence and provides Troop Armor Bonus.
  • Lightning Well: Produces Lightning Essence and provides Armor Piercing Bonus.
  • Earth Well: Produces Earth Essence and provides Guardian Armor Bonus.
  • District: Produces Blueprints, Scrolls and Tomes. Provides a Gathering Speed Bonus.
  • Military Command Post: Produces Tier 7 RSS.
  • Moogle Village: Produces Moogle Market Credits.
  • Jewel Mine: Produces Gem chests.
  • Wonder of Conquest: Massive army size Bonus, up to 300,000 March Size, 1,000,000 Rally Capacity and 2,000,000 Mercenary Troop Capacity.

As you can see, there are so many buildings to construct and deploy, with multiple benefits to your Empire. Some require strategy in deciding what and when to upgrade. Take advantage of their benefits and dominate Eos!

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    What about the mercenary fighting pit? I’d like to see something about that.

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    What gems does the Jewel Mine chest give out? Is it just the troop ones or does it also give the others? What about Paragon?

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