Dreadmist Gear Guide

Look out, Monsters of Eos, there is new monster hunting equipment in town – the Dreadmist Gear Set! But what do you need to craft it? And how does Dreadmist stack up against the Beastmaster and Hunter gear sets?

This article will review the stats of the new Dreadmist Gear Set, show you where to find crafting materials, and compare the Dreadmist set with other monster hunting gear.

Dreadmist Gear Stats

Here are the boosts we get from a full set of Legendary Dreadmist gear.

Dreadmist Plunderers (weapon)

  • +100% Hero Attack
  • +5 Streak per Attack
  • +2,200 MP

Dreadmist Cowl (helmet)

  • +48% Hero Attack
  • +6% Critical Hit
  • +2,450 MP

Dreadmist Vestment (armor)

  • +32% Hero Attack
  • +20% MP Recovery
  • +1960 MP

Dreadmist Sprinters (footwear)

  • +75% Hero Monster March Speed
  • +40% Hero Attack
  • +3,120 MP

Dreadmist Armband (accessory)

  • +60% Hero Attack
  • +30% MP Recovery

Additionally, Dreadmist gives the following Mythic Forge bonus when crafting every piece of the set in Legendary quality.

  • +100% Troop Attack
  • +100% Troop HP
  • +100% Hero Attack


Dreadmist vs Beastmaster vs Hunter

Here is a table comparing the three sets of monster hunting gear in the game: Dreadmist vs Beastmaster vs Hunter.

Dreadmist Beastmaster Hunter
Hero Attack +400% +100% +10%
Critical Hit +6% 5% +3.6%
Max MP +9,730 +7,340 +6,970
MP Recovery +110% +85% 0
Monster March Speed +75% +50% +35%
Attacks per Streak +5 +4 +2
Troop Armor 0 0 +164%
Loot Tile Gather Speed 0 0 +15%
Troop HP 0 0 +11%
Mythic Forge Bonus +100% Troop Attack
+100% Troop HP
+100% Hero Attack
+32% Troop Attack
+32 Hero Attack
+32 Troop HP
+20% Monster March Speed
+1,500 MP


As we can see, Dreadmist gear is significantly better than both Beastmaster and Hunter gear. It has four times more Hero Attack than Beastmaster, 25% more MP Recovery, and the all-important +1 Attacks per Streak, allowing you to build up your streaks even quicker than ever.

Don’t forget the benefits of Crafting Research that apply to each of these stats. When mastered, all of these stats get an extra +40% boost for equipment level 1-30.

How to Craft the Dreadmist Gear Set

There are brand new crafting materials you’ll need to collect in order to craft pieces of the Dreadmist gear set.

Although Dreadmist gear requires some crafting materials you probably already have, such as Royal Fabric, you will also need to acquire one new and rare crafting material that is unique to each piece of equipment.

The new crafting materials include Star Fragment, Midnight Fabric, Black Salt, Poison Mushroom, and Truesilver Metal. These crafting materials can only be obtained through one of three ways:

  1. By attacking Malbodoom monsters
  2. By gathering on Malbodoom lair tiles
  3. In Dreadmist gear chests

It’s pretty obvious that, in order to craft high-quality Dreadmist gear, we need to slay as many Malbodoom monsters as possible.

This can quickly become a frustrating endeavor for several reasons. First, Dreadmist crafting materials do not have a great drop rate. If you only need one more material to craft your desired level of Dreadmist, you will often find that Malbodooms are dropping every material except the one you want. The Lucky Strike ability under Hero Research may help, but requires Exalted Hero Tomes.

Malbodooms require way more MP to attack than regular monsters. This makes it difficult to get enough hits in to actually kill one or receive as many drops from each hit. Make sure you have your MP Cost Reduction in Hero and Adventure Research as high as possible to help you save valuable MP.

Additionally, high level Marlodooms do not always drop high level crafting materials. Check out this report from a level 7 Malbodoom.

This is a numbers game, so in order to collect as many crafting materials as possible, you need to hit as many Malbodooms as possible. Try hitting level 1-4 monsters to save yourself some MP and get more hits in.


Dreadmist gear is a cut above the rest when it comes to monster slaying. In fact, we would even be willing to say that it makes Beastmaster gear completely irrelevant, unless your goal is to get the set bonus. Despite crafting materials having a very low drop rate, your best bet to get this gear is to attack as many Malbodooms as possible.

This equipment will certainly help deal more damage to Realm Bosses and take down even stronger monsters to come!


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