Gear Guide: Hero Ultimate Weapons

Ever wondered what happened to that enormous sword that Gladio is holding on the game’s title screen? Or what that strange device is, with all of those gadgets on it that Noctis is always holding? And what exactly does Luna’s staff do? Well, now you can own all of those heroes’ Ultimate Weapons. This guide will tell you how to craft the Ultimate Weapons for each hero, and the fastest way to get materials for each weapon.

What are the Hero Ultimate Weapons?

Hero Ultimate Weapons are the newest special weapons. They have amazing boosts and abilities that only work for one type of hero. Other heroes can equip these weapons, but the special boosts only apply to one hero.The special ability increases a certain amount based on that hero’s current level. Prompto’s Executioner Pistol and Noctis’ Engine Blade are both examples of Hero Ultimate Weapons.

How to Obtain Hero Ultimate Weapons

There are several ways to obtain an Ultimate Weapon for the hero of your choice.

1. Complete Hero Trials Dungeons

The route that most players take is completing the Hero Trials special event Guild Adventure Hall dungeons. Each of these is specific to each hero. In addition to gaining EXP, MP, Hero Medals and AP points for the dungeon’s designated hero, you will acquire crafting materials used to create each Hero Ultimate Weapon. These are among the fiercest, most difficult Adventure Hall dungeons yet, and bringing a party of 10 or more players is highly recommended. Completing these dungeons will net the top players (i.e. players who dealt the most damage) Hero EXP chests, MP chests, and special chests that include rare crafting materials used to make Hero Ultimate Weapons. These materials can all be used to craft the Hero Ultimate Weapon in the Armory.

Be aware that, although you can obtain Hero Ultimate Weapons for free by collecting crafting materials in the Hero Trials dungeons, doing this alone will take a considerably longer amount of time craft a Legendary weapon. For more Guild Adventure Hall tips & tricks, see our detailed strategy guide here.

2. Chests in Packs

The second way to obtain a Hero Ultimate Weapon is to purchase the packs that contain crafting material chests. These will also give you Adventure Contracts and other helpful items to complete the Hero Trials dungeons, like Stamina and Health Potions.

3. Guaranteed Legendary Unlock Chests

The last known method to obtain a Hero Ultimate Weapon is a bit of a long-shot, but it works nonetheless. When you open a Guaranteed Legendary Unlock Chest using a corresponding key, you have a chance to randomly obtain any piece of equipment in the game. This includes all Hero Ultimate Weapons! Although the chances of actually getting one of these weapons is very slim, we’ve seen other players actually get Legendary-quality weapons this way.

The quickest way to obtain enough materials to craft a Legendary Hero Ultimate Weapon is to get 3-4 packs containing the Ultimate Weapon chests for the hero of your choice, then use the Adventure Contracts from those packs to complete the Hero Trials dungeon 10-12 times. Of course, we can’t guarantee you’ll get enough of the materials you need in your chests, but this method has worked for others.

The only exception to these three methods is Noctis’ Engine Blade, which can be obtained by completing the third tier in the Noctis Hero Trials dungeon and is sometimes available for sale in the Moogle Market.

Legendary Hero Ultimate Weapons

Noctis’ Engine Blade

  • +487% Troop Attack
  • +3% Warrior, Cavalry & Mage Attack per Noctis Level
  • +150% Hero Monster Attack
  • +2,500 Max MP

Prompto’s Executioner Pistols

  • +15% Armor Shredding
  • +13% City Assault Attack per Prompto Level
  • +66% Attack March Speed

Luna’s Trident of the Oracle

  • +692% City Defense HP
  • +18% Mage Attack per Luna Level

Ignis’ Vigilantes

  • +759% Troop Attack
  • +1,830% Trap Attack
  • +17% Siege Attack per Ignis Level
  • +11% Airship Attack per Ignis Level
  • +11% Mech Attack per Ignis Level

Aranea’s Stoss Spear

  • +1,760% Cavalry HP
  • +200% Cripple HP
  • +19% Mercenary Attack per Aranea Level
  • +20,000 Mercenary Training Queue

Gladio’s Hyperion Blade

  • +487% Troop Attack
  • +6% Warrior Attack per Gladio Level
  • +50% Warrior Training Speed

Ravus’ Alba Leonis Saber

  • +1,337% Troop Attack
  • +20% Imperial Fortress Attack per Ravus Level
  • +2,619% Magitek Armor

There is currently no known Ultimate Weapon for Cindy at the time this guide was published.


If the prospect of wielding the actual weapons your hero’s use in their photos doesn’t excite you, then all of the amazing boosts that they offer certainly should. Follow the strategies outlined in this guide to quickly and efficiently obtain one or all of the Hero Ultimate Weapons!

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