Gilgamesh Supreme Gear Set

Gilgamesh Supreme Gear set tuned for Crystal fighting.

In Final Fantasy XV, the Humanoid Blademaster returns as a competitor to fight in the Trails of Gilgamesh in episode Gladiolus. Cor Leonis attempts to overthrow him but was unsuccessful. He did manage to take his arm. Thirty years later, during Noctis’s party, Gladiolus wanting to prove his worth to Noctis, leaves and joins Cor Leonis to face Gilgamesh once again. Gladiolus was easily defeated.

Nevertheless, Gilgamesh sees his potential and spares him. He permits Gladiolus to participate in the trails. So the voices of souls lead him into Gilgamesh’s lair into Tempering Grounds. 

As Gladiolus wounds Gilgamesh, he admits his fear of not being worthy of protecting the King. Gilgamesh takes note of his actions and deems him worthy of doing so. Gilgamesh refers to Noctis as the last King of Lucis, suggesting that he knows Noctis’ fate as the True King.

As Cor Lenois says, “You are only as good as your last battle.”

Crystal fighters, Gilgamesh does not let his assailants go unnoticed and release Gilgamesh Supreme Gear Set into Eos. Continue to show him your strength, and he will continue to bestow you with unspeakable powers. 

Even though the Gear states that it is tuned for Combat, Gilgamesh Supreme Gear is respectively equipped for the Crystal. Read below to learn more about the individual pieces and how they benefit you when you are battling your enemies at the Crystal. 

Gear Set Pieces

Each of the Pieces comes with some related bonuses; however, they do have their distinct benefits. Let’s point them out here right now, so that when we get into the individual gear pieces, we can concentrate on what makes them stand out from the others. 

*stats below maxed at Legendary level (not Powered Up) PER piece

  • 1B% Dark Troop, Elemental, and Mercenary Attack
  • 1B% Dark Troop, Elemental, in addition to Mercenary HP
  • 3B% Dark Troop, Elemental, as well as Mercenary Armor 
  • 17% Dark Troop Attack, Armor, and HP Multiplier
  • 6% Dark Enemy Attack Resistance, Cripple HP, and Armor Piercing Multiplier

Next, read below to check out how the Gilgamesh Supreme Gear Set pieces offer to your Crystal fighting. Also, as you level the gear pieces, they require their own component to create the piece itself, or you can purchase them as level one through the Gold Store.  

*bolded bonuses are what contributes to your Crystal fighting and stats below are maxed at Legendary level

Gilgamesh’s Mask of Resolve

The mask focuses mainly on Armor specializing in Crown Assault: Dark Crystal Assault Armor. 

Mask of Resolve stats:

  • 6B% Armor Piercing 
  • 300B% Crown Assault: Dark Crystal Assault Armor 

Gilgamesh’s Regal Faulds

This Armor plate centers itself around HP, concentrating mainly on Crown Assault: Dark Crystal Assault Health. 

Regal Faulds stats:

  • 2B% Dark Cripple HP
  • 100B% Crown Assault: Dark Crystal Assault Health

Gilgamesh’s Greaves of Glory

The Greaves of Glory boots provide attacking abilities to your Crystal with Crown Assault: Dark Crystal Attack.

Greaves of Glory stats:

  • 75B% Crown Assault: Dark Crystal Assault Attack


Gilgamesh’s Honed Genji Blade

Gilgamesh WeaponThe glorious weapon furnishes tremendous bonuses to the overall attack, which will tie well into your Gilgamesh Hero along with the King of Lucis.


Honed Genji Blade stats:

  • 30B% Dark Troop Attack with Gilgamesh 
  • 30B% King of Lucis: Dark Troop Attack Bonus

Gilgamesh’s Dark Talisman

Gilgamesh Dark TalimanThe Gilgamesh’s Dark Talisman accessory provides compelling advantages to Dark City bonuses. 

Dark Talisman stats:

  • 1B% Dark City Assault and Defense Attack


Gear Set Bonus

When you have each of the pieces in the set, you will automatically receive a Gear Set bonus. It will be limited by the lowest Gear Piece you possess. Keep in mind that the bonus is passive, so you do not have to wear the set to trigger this bonus. 

Gilgamesh Gear Set Bonus

As you can see above, you can earn 6B% Dark Troop Attack with Hero bonus for having this Gear set at legendary, but an additional 6B% for using Gilgamesh as your Hero. While 12B% may not seem like such a high number at this point in the game, keep in mind that the higher the stats, the more useful your multipliers will support you. 

Mythic Forge

This remarkable building allows you to enhance every aspect of your Gear overall.


The Gilgamesh’s Supreme Power Up Material is used to Power Up the Gilgamesh Supreme Gear pieces after they have reached the required level. In this case, this set maxes at the Legendary level.



The Gilgamesh’s Supreme Sigil of Quality is used to upgrade the quality of the Gear itself individually. Such as from Uncommon to Common, Common to Rare, and so on all the way up to Legendary.



The Gilgamesh’s Supreme Set Upgrade Material is used to level the Gilgamesh Supreme Gear Set Level in the Gear Set Leveling section. This set has a maxed gear level at 100. 


How does it compare?

Indeed, it comes down to the fact, how does it compare to the others? Is it even any better than the last set? Let’s compare it to the Dragon Knight’s Gear Set and the supplementary pieces that were released shortly afterward. 

When it comes to the multipliers of the Gilgamesh Supreme and the Dragon Knights Gear set, they all contain the same amount.

*stats are at Legendary level NOT Powered Up, per Gear piece

  • 17% Dark Troop Attack, HP, and Armor Multiplier
  • 6% Dark Enemy Attack Resistance, Cripple HP, Armor Piercing Multiplier

Nevertheless, the other stats per piece between the Dragon Knights gear as well as the Gilgamesh set does make a difference itself before we get into the bases of it. 

Dragon Knights:

  • 252M% Dark Troop Attack
  • 280M% Dark Troop HP
  • 315M% Dark Troop Armor
  • 420M% Dark Mercenary and Elemental Attack
  • 210M% Dark Mercenary plus Elemental HP
  • 630% Dark Mercenary as well as Elemental Armor

Dragon Knights Helmets and Accessories 

(November 19th release)

  • 560M% Dark Troop Attack
  • 280M% Dark Troop HP
  • 840M% Dark Troop Armor
  • 700M% Dark Mercenary and Elemental Attack
  • 350M% Dark Mercenary in addition to Elemental HP
  • 1.05B% Dark Mercenary as well as Elemental Armor

Gilgamesh Supreme:

  • 1B% Dark Troop, Elemental, plus Mercenary Attack
  • 1B% Dark Troop, Elemental, along with Mercenary HP
  • 3B% Dark Troop, Elemental, and Mercenary Armor

As we can see when it comes to the overall Dark Troop, Elemental, and Mercenary stats, the Gilgamesh Supreme Gear set overcomes the others. However, because this set focuses explicitly more on the Crystal, the other pieces have more discrete stats in terms of defense and attack. It is whether you are going to be okay with the differences in the more shallow stuff vs. the in-depth stats.

If you are more of a farmer, then this set is not for you since Reductions and MP would be your primary focus. 

Helm of Triumph vs. Helm of Conquest vs. Dark Talisman

The Dragon Knight’s Helm of Triumph and Helm of Conquest along with Gilgamesh’s Dark Talisman all contain City Assault bonuses, but is the latest release better?

Helm of Triumph stats:

  • 420M% Dark City Assault
  • 630M% Dark Juggernaut and Fire Troop Attack

Helm of Conquest stats:

  • 1.26B% Dark Cripple HP
  • 3.75B% Armor Piercing
  • 1.12B% Dark Mercenary Cripple HP
  • 840M% Dark City Assault Attack

Dark Talisman stats:

  • 1B% Dark City Assault and Defense Attack

Even though the Gilgamesh set focuses more on the Crystal than anything else, the Gilgamesh Helmet does contain 6B% Armor Piercing. 

Amulet of Kings vs. Ring of Clashing vs. Gilgamesh Gear

When concentrating on the Crystal, you want to sharpen up your stats as much as you possibly can. The Dragon Knights Gear and the later release only covers two items that directly target the Crystal. 

The Amulet of Kings is geared towards Crystal Holding.

Amulet of King’s stats:

  • 630M% Crystal Holding Attack

The Ring of Clashing aims for the Troops that are meant to aid you in the Crystal. 

Ring of Clashing stats:

  • 630M% Dark Mech, Lightening, and Ice Troop Attack

So with that in mind, if you are looking for a Gear Set to use for your Crystal battles, then Gilgamesh is the top contender.


Is this Gear worth looking into? That literally depends on your play style, while it has some adequate boosts outside the Crystal stats, the multipliers are the same as the Dragon Knight’s Gear. 

So it is a matter of if you want to cut the losses in the other areas of stats to increase the ones that will be useful for you if you are not a Crystal type of player. There are not any Astral, Mount, or any kind of Neutral City boosts to it, so keep that in mind when looking into it.  

If you are a Crystal player, then definitely worth making a note of, as this has over 475B% worth of just Crystal stats alone to help you have the edge over your competition. 

Last but not least, how do you plan to use the Gilgamesh Supreme Gear Set? Comment below to tell us all about it or join us on Social Media, aka Line or Discord and let us know!

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