Glacian’s Gear Set

It seems like every day this week, we have received a new piece of content from MZ, most of which have been very defense-oriented. However, high-level players who emphasize attack received a pleasant surprise today with the release of  Glacian's Gear Set. This article will review the benefits of this new equipment to help you better determine if it is for you, then we will tell you exactly how to obtain an all gold Glacian's gear set.


Glacian's Gear Set Overview


The Glacian gear set is another winter-themed release, offering players the chance to harness the power of Shiva. This is the first time we’ve seen a Final Fantasy summon appear in the game, and there is a good chance that many more are soon to follow.

There are 5 items in the Glacian Gear set:

Glacian’s Guise (Headgear)

+154% Troop Attack Bonus

+251% Mage Armor

+50% Mage Training Time


Glacian’s Plate (Body)

+118 Troop Attack Bonus

+410% Mage Armor

+30% Attack Resistance


Glacian’s Ice Climbers (Footwear)

+162% Troop Attack Bonus

+201% Mage Armor

+47% Attack March Speed


Glacian’s Seraphim Rod (Weapon)

+469 Troop Attack Bonus


Glacian’s Necklace (Accessory)

+80% Troop Attack Bonus

+80% Mage Attack

+16% Royal Research


Additionally, when you craft every piece of Glacian gear with legendary quality, those who have the Mythic Forge will earn these bonuses:


+700% Mage Armor

+400% Mage Attack

+225% Mage HP

To put that in perspective, a hero wearing a full set of legendary Glacian’s gear with the Mythic Forge gear set bonus unlocked would have:

+1143% Troop Attack Bonus

+650% Mage Attack

+1,892% Mage Armor

+225% Mage HP

+47% Attack March Speed

+50% Mage Training Time

+48% Royal Research Speed

Once you factor in the additional buffs from gems, hero skills, research, and attack items, your hero will be able to cause some serious damage!


Who is Glacian Gear Set Good For?


This equipment is substantially better than any of the current attack gear in the game. It’s also the equipment with the highest level requirement thus far. Considering the abundance of new content directed at defensive players, Glacian gear will become the new standard for players with offensive playing styles, while those without quality Glacian’s will be left in the dust.

That’s not to say that you can’t always overpower enemies by simply having more power than them. With enough persistence, T5 troops will always win against a T4 empire, regardless of equipment. Similarly, an empire with 4 million T3 troops is likely to capture a hero wearing a full set of legendary Glacian’s gear in single combat.

But if you have access to T4 or T5 troops or if you are a rally leader, you stand to benefit greatly from investing in a few pieces of Glacian’s gear set.

Because Glacian’s gear significantly increases the power of mage type troops, players using a high-level Luna will have an even bigger advantage when allocating Luna’s skills down the right side – in Mage HP, Mage Armor, and Mage Attack. If you haven’t unlocked Luna, but already have a high level Prompto, Glacian’s gear will be just as effective.

The advent of Glacian’s gear puts a huge emphasis on the strengths and weaknesses of individual troop types. While Grim Reaper’s gear set provides ample warrior attack, and Aranea's gear set bolsters calvary attack, Glacian’s gear is the only set that provides huge amounts of both attack and armor for mage type troops.

Lastly, It’s also worth pointing out the +16% Royal Research Speed on the legendary Glacian’s Necklace which, aside from the Zephyr Cape or having a full set of Chief Inquisitor’s gear along with the Mythic Forge, is one of the only items in the game capable of decreasing royal research speed.


How to Craft a Piece of Legendary Glacian’s Gear


We put in the time, energy, and money to find out exactly what it takes craft a piece of legendary Glacian’s gear. This strategy guide involves obtaining as many Glacian’s Chests as possible, and although it worked for us, it may not necessarily work for everyone and mileage may vary. Here is how we did it:

First, always be on the lookout for Glacian Chests offered as rewards in ongoing events. Aside from event rewards, the only other way to obtain materials to craft Glacian’s gear is through the Proving Grounds and a ton of Elixir.

Right now, the best way to get as many Glacian’s crafting materials as possible is by completing the all 3 tiers of Shiva’s Challenge Dungeon in the Proving Grounds. Doing so will win you 400 Glacian’s chest.

Look for the gold packs that say Glacian’s gear and contain 20 of the 5,000 Elixirs. The packs we bought also contained 20 Glacian’s Chests each, giving us a total of 80 Glacian’s Chests and 400,000 Elixir, which is exactly enough – down to the very last one – to beat the final boss in Shiva’s Challenge Dungeon exactly 3 times. There are 3 bosses in addition to a final boss. After defeating each boss, you will obtain one level 4 crafting material. All of the three chests you get to choose from contain the exact same item.




Glacian’s gear set certain comes as a game changer. It is by far the strongest attack equipment thus far and will allow players to take on ever stronger opponents. Right now, the price tag for owning a piece of legendary Glacian’s gear is about 4 packs, although your mileage may vary considering you never know what is going to come out of a Glacian’s Chest.

Hopefully, we will soon see a new monster that drops Glacian’s gear crafting materials, however, if it is anything like Grim Reapers or Aranea's gear sets, we will likely have to unlock more new levels of the proving grounds for a chance to get these materials.


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