Guardian Gear Set

Aside from troop type, gear is arguably one of the most important considerations that determine the outcome of victor of a battle. With so many gear sets available in the game, and new equipment being added each week, how do choose the best gear to use when defending your empire, realm tile, or the Crystal?

In this article, we will tell you how to obtain crafting materials for the Guardian Gear Set in Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire. We will also compare Guardian gear to other popular defensive equipment and examine specific use cases for each.

Guardian Gear Set Stats

Every piece of the Guardian gear set is can be equipped either at level 1 or level 30, as indicated below.

Let’s start by identifying the boosts that a full set of Legendary quality Guardian gear will give you:

Guardian Crest (helmet):

  • +761% Troop Armor Bonus

Guardian Fortress (armor):

  • +602% Troop Armor Bonus
  • +185% Mercenary Guardian HP Bonus

Guardian Greaves (footwear):

  • +565% Troop Armor Bonus
  • +6,650 Training Queue

Guardian Ripper (weapon):

  • +500% Mercenary Guardian Attack Bonus
  • +123% Troop HP Bonus

Guardian Bulwark (accessory):

  • +646% Mercenary Guardian Armor Bonus
  • +40% Attack Resistance

Mythic Forge Legendary Set Bonus:

  • +150% Attack Resistance
  • +800% City Defense Armor Bonus


How to get Crafting Materials for Guardian Gear Set

When Guardian gear was first introduced, it was as a special dungeon event in the Proving Grounds that required plenty of Elixir to obtain crafting materials. Now that the Guardian special event dungeon is closed, the only way of obtaining materials used to craft the Guardian gear set is by purchasing them in packs. Keep an eye out in the Proving Grounds and in the Events, as the special Guardian dungeon may return at any moment.

Guardian vs Sentinel vs Undertaker

With the advent of the choose-your-own equipment chests, it’s important to make decision as to which gear set will work best for you, then commit to that gear set until you have a full set of Legendary quality equipment.

With so many gear sets to choose from, it can be difficult to find the one that will enhance your play style the most. When it comes to defensive gear, Guardian, Undertaker, Sentinel and Gunslinger sets are the most popular. In the following section, we added up all of the bonuses from the Guardian gear set and compare it side-by-side with Undertaker and Sentinel.

Guardian Undertaker Sentinel Gunslinger
Level Requirement 1-30 1 30 10
Troop Armor +1,928% 0 +902% +176%
Guardian Armor +1,947% 0 0 0
Troop HP +123% 0 +20% +64%
Guardian HP +185% 0 0 0
Attack Resistance +120% 0 0 0
Trap Attack 0 0 +65% 0
Guardian Attack +500% 0 0 0
Troop Load 0 0 +58% +53%
Loot Tile Gather Speed 0 0 0 +93%
Troop Attack 0 +65% 0 +156%
Empire Intimidation 0 +60% 0 0
City Defense HP 0 +648% 0 0
Banish Portal HP 0 +100% 0 0
Mythic Forge Bonus +150% Attack Resistance

+800% City Defense Armor

+25% Empire Intimidation

+300% Troop HP

+75% Trap Attack
+250% Troop Armor
+15% Troop HP
+25% Troop Attack
+50% Gather Speed
+30% Troop Armor


When we look at the bonuses from different defense gear sets, it’s not so cut and dry. There is no one “best defensive gear set”. Instead, Guardian, Undertaker, Gunslinger, and even Sentinel gear have value in different use cases.

Sentinel gear is very basic, with a modest bonus to Trap Attack and Troop Load, which is really not that helpful once you find yourself defending against a high level Prompto with Armor Shredding. Trap Attack isn’t great when it comes to defense to begin with, either, for all the reasons we discuss in this article.  Other equipment, such as Archaean gear, gives us a much higher Trap Attack bonus. The small Troop Load bonus is nice when pillaging resources, but this is not something we want to wear when getting attacked. Sentinel gear should only be used as a stand-in until better gear is crafted.

Gunslinger gear becomes available at level 10 and is a good defensive choice if you’re still working on crafting Undertaker or Guardian gear. It gives bonuses to Troop Attack, Troop Armor, and Troop HP, though nothing nearly as sizable as other equipment. Gunslinger gear is a good choice for trap players who don’t have the full Undertaker set, and with the proper setup, can withstand quite a huge amount of damage. Surprisingly, it outperforms Sentinel in quite a number of tests.

Undertaker gear is very unique. The obvious emphasis here is on increasing HP, however, the City Defense HP bonuses it gives only go into effect when your empire is getting attacked, rendering it useless in any other situations, such as attacking other empires or Crystal fights. Paired with a good amount of Adventurer Research, Undertaker can very well boost your City Defense HP to staggering levels that can help you resist and defend against most empire attacks, which is why it is still the go-to defense gear set for most trap players.

Guardian gear gives us the highest Troop Armor bonus compared to every other equipment set in the game. Some pieces (Helmet, Footwear) are versatile and can be used in any situation where Troop Armor needs to be increased, while other pieces (Weapon, Accessory) are best used in conjunction with Mercenary Guardian troops, such as Crownsguard or Frost Guardians. However, against Armor Piercing heroes, monsters, and gear, you’ll have to be a little wary and use discretion.

Reminder: While all of these defense gear sets all have their purposes, we always recommend using a weapon that boosts Troop Attack as high as possible, instead of using the weapon equipped with the gear set. For example, Glacian’s Seraphim Rod or Hyperion paired with any of these defense sets performs far better than using the defense weapon. To read why, click here.


After comparing Guardian gear to other defensive equipment, it’s clear that Guardian gear is the best defensive equipment for situations such as keeping troops alive when attacking enemy empires and defending the Crystal or realm tiles. This defensive prowess is only bolstered by adding Crownsguard or Frost Guardians to the mix.

The one area where Guardian gear falls short is when your empire is under attack. That is where Undertaker gear cannot be beaten. Things like Prompto’s Shred Armor and Armor Piercing ability can cut through a lot of the Troop Armor that Guardian equipment provides, while the Advances Combat Research and Aranea’s Hero Skill, Cripple HP, are able to dramatically reduce the HP boosts of your opponent.

There are a lot of things to consider when choosing the right gear to defend. At this stage in the game, having a Legendary Guardian gear set along with plenty of Mercenary Guardian troops is among the most challenging defensive set-ups to break.


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