Hydraean Gear Guide

What is it, how do you get it, and how does it compare to other equipment?

Participants in the second Realm of Champions were greeted with a pleasant surprise upon entering the realm that brings together all of the top players in the game: Enter the Hydraean Gear Set.

This article will explain what Hydraean gear is, how you can get it, and break down each piece of Hydraean Gear to determine the best uses for this new equipment

Hydraean Gear Set Stats

Before we go any further, it’s important to know whether or not the Hydraean gear set is for you. Here are the boosts on each piece of equipment at Legendary quality:

Hydraean’s Stormbringer (Weapon)

  • +2230% Cavalry Attack
  • +3345% Juggernaught Attack

Hydraean’s Gaze (Helmet)

  • +371% Troop Attack
  • +429% Cavalry Attack
  • +137% Troop HP

Hydraean’s Scaled Battleplate (Body)

  • +218% Troop Attack
  • +1520%  Juggernaught Attack
  • +341% Troop HP

Hydraean’s Tidewalkers (Feet)

  • +386% Troop Attack
  • +332% Cavalry Attack
  • +111% Troop HP
  • +66% Attack March Speed

Hydraean’s Tempest (Accessory)

  • +349% Troop Attack
  • +420% Cavalry Attack
  • +200% Exalted Research Speed
  • +100% Divine Research Speed

Mythis Forge Bonus:

  • +600% Cavalry HP
  • +1200% Cavalry Attack
  • +1800% Cavalry Armor

Wearing a full Legendary set of Hydraean gear gives these boosts:

  • +1992% Troop Attack
  • +4,865 Juggernaut Attack
  • +589% Troop HP
  • +5451% Cavalry Attack
  • +600%  Cavalry HP
  • +1800% Cavalry Armor

After Glacian and Infernian gear sets gave boosts for Mage and Warrior troop types respectively, it was no surprise that the next equipment to be released would benefit Cavalry troops. What does come as a surprise is the massive Juggernaut Attack bonus that this gear also boasts.

The interesting distinction between Glacian, Infernian, and Hydraean is that Hydraean does not include any Cavalry Armor, expect for the Mythic Forge set bonus. Hydraean gear is about all-out offense. Although other gear sets have higher overall Troop Attack, if you really want to mess someone up with Cavalry or Juggernauts, Hydraean Gear is your go-to.

How to Get Hydraean Gear

Hydraean gear can be obtained similarly to Infernian Gear. You must enter the Leviathan Dungeon in the Proving Grounds where you will make you way through endless waves of monsters using Hi-Elixir (600 per hit). After defeating each boss, you can choose one of three chests. In one of those chests is a piece of Basic Hydraean gear; the other two contain Tidemother’s Fin, which will be explained in the next section.

Since Infernian Gear was once a Realm of Champions exclusive equipment set but is occasionally available in packs, it seems likely that Hydraean Gear will also become available in packs in the near future.

How to Upgrade Hydraean Gear

Upgrading Hydraean gear is very different from the traditional method used to upgrade most gear in the game. Instead of collecting gold crafting materials, you will only need three items (in increasingly larger amounts) if you want to upgrade any piece of Hydraean gear: Tidemother’s Fin, Ice Essence, and Refined Iron Scraps.

To go from Basic Hydraean gear to Common, it costs 20 Tidemother’s Fin, 3,000 Ice Essence and 1,000 Refined Iron Scraps. After that, the amount of materials required to level up each each of equipment drastically increases.


Move over, Infernian, Hydraean is now the strongest equipment in the game now! …Well, technically. The truth is that Hydraean, Infernian, and even Archaean and Glacian all have very different strengths and uses. For now, if you’re looking for an equipment set with the highest attack boost, if you have a sizable amount of Mercenary Juggernauts ready to go, if you have Cavalry unlocked in your highest troop tier, and if you really, really like completely obliterating other players, then Hydraean gear is definitely worth the investment for you.

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