Infernian Gear Guide

What is it, how do you get it, and how does it compare to other equipment?

The Infernian gear set is equipment that was originally made available only to participants in the first Realm of Champions. We have since seen made available to anyone while the corresponding event is active. Like how the Glacian Gear set prioritized Mage attack and defense, the Infernian Gear set emphasizes Warrior attack and Warrior Armor, however, that’s where the similarities end.

This article will explain what Infernian Gear is, how you can get it, what is required to upgrade it and breakdown each piece of Infernian Gear to determine the best use for this new equipment.

Infernian Gear Set Stats

Before we go any further, it’s important that you know whether or not the Infernian gear set is for you. Here are the stats on each piece of equipment at Legendary quality.

Infernian’s Hellfire Blade (Weapon)

  • +1,520% Troop Attack

Infernian’s Blazing Crown (Helmet)

  • +317% Troop Attack
  • +368% Warrior Attack
  • +283% Warrior Armor

Infernian’s Legacy (Body)

  • +309 Troop Attack
  • +1040% Warrior Armor

Infernian’s Flamewalkers (Feet)

  • +334% Troop Attack
  • +288% Warrior Attack
  • +328% Warrior Armor
  • +63% March Speed

Infernian’s Vambraces (Accessory)

  • +321% Troop Attack
  • +189% Warrior Attack
  • +125% Warrior Armor
  • +52% Loot Tile Gather Speed

Mythis Forge Bonus:

  • +500% Warrior HP
  • +1000% Warrior Attack
  • +1500% Warrior Armor

Wearing a full Legendary set of Infernian gear gives these boosts:

  • +3,443% Troop Attack
  • +2,223% Warrior Attack
  • +3,526% Warrior Armor
  • +156% Loot Tile Gather Speed
  • +63% March Speed

This is considerably more armor for Warriors than Glacian gives for Mages, giving your Warriors ample protection in addition to devastating Troop Attack and Warrior Attack. If you’re used to attacking with a Top 3 Mix of troops, don’t overlook Infernian simply because it specifically benefits Warrior Troops. The Infernian Hellfire Blade, for example, currently provides more Troop Attack than any other weapon. So, whether you get all pieces of the Infernian gear set or just one, here are some specific uses for this equipment:

  • One of the best uses for Infernian Gear is when you’ve just unlocked T6 or T7 Warrior and haven’t quite made it to Mage yet, because everyone always needs more research tomes..
  • Infernian gear becomes truly powerful with a level 100+ Gladius and Warrior Mastery, turning Gladius from a hero that is usually reserved for empire defense into the ultimate Warrior offensive hero.
  • When facing an opponent who is Cavalry-heavy, both in the Crystal or in an Empire, particularly when Aranea is involved.

How to Get Infernian Gear

If you were confused to find that the Mythic Forge would not allow you to see the stats of and craft pieces of the Infernian Gear set, you are not alone. Infernian Gear cannot be crafted at all. Instead, it uses the same process as the Magebane Gear set, where you must acquire a Basic quality piece of gear, then proceed to upgrade it one level at a time. This process can be a bit time-consuming, expensive and frustrating, but you’ll end up with amazing equipment that makes all equipment before it pale in comparison.

If you went to the first Realm of Champions, then you were able to obtain Infernian gear through a special, event-only dungeon in the Proving Grounds called Ifrit’s Challenge. Since then, we have seen this dungeon appear in the Proving Grounds throughout all realms, but only during the Ifrit’s Challenge event. Now, players from any realm have the opportunity to obtain Infernian Gear and Infernian upgrade materials, even if they did not participate in the original Realm of Champions event.

In the Ifrit’s Challenge dungeon, you must make your way through endless waves of monsters using Hi-Elixir (600 per hit). After defeating each boss, you get to choose one of three chests. In one of those chests is a piece of Basic Infernian gear; the other two contain Infernial Horns, which are used to upgrade pieces of Infernian Gear.

Additionally, the recent Killer Bee Realm Boss event allowed players to attack the Realm Boss for Killer Bee Tokens, which could then be used at the special event Moogle Market in exchange for Basic Infernian gear and Infernian Chests containing all of the materials necessary to upgrade the equipment. So, bee on the lookout (get it?) for Infernian making another appearance in the Moogle Market sometime soon.

How to Upgrade Infernian Gear

As mentioned previously, upgrading Infernian gear is very different from the traditional method used to upgrade most gear in the game. Instead of collecting gold crafting materials, you will only need three items (in increasing amounts) in order to upgrade any piece of gear: Infernal Horns, Fire Essence, and Refined Iron Scraps.

Every set of equipment has a rare item that is a pain to get, and for Infernian, that rare item is Infernal Horns, of which it takes 2,000 Infernal Horns total to upgrade one pieces of Basic Infernian to Legendary. Every time you upgrade a piece of Infernian equipment, the amount of materials required to level up each quality of equipment drastically increases. All of these materials can be obtained in the Infernian Proving Grounds dungeon or in Infernian Chests from the Moogle Market.

Basic > Common

  • 3,000 Fire Essence
  • 20 Infernal Horns
  • 1,000 Refined Iron Scraps

Common > Uncommon

  • 4,500 Fire Essence
  • 80 Infernal Horns
  • 1,500 Refined Iron Scraps

Uncommon > Rare

  • 7,500 Fire Essence
  • 300 Infernal Horns
  • 2,500 Refined Iron Scraps

Rare > Epic

  • 11,250 Fire Essence
  • 600 Infernal Horns
  • 3,750 Refined Iron Scraps

Epic > Legendary

  • 15,000 Fire Essence
  • 1,000 Infernal Horns
  • 5,000 Refined Iron Scraps


All of the new gear sets recently introduced to the game have exponentially higher stats than the previous ones. As the game continues to scale upward with each new release, that is a trend which will only continue with even stronger gear, amongst other things. While gear sets like Winged Assasins and Arbiter no longer have any use other than their Mythic Forge set bonus, it won’t be long now before we start to see Glacian and other equipment become overshadowed as much more powerful equipment becomes commonplace. When this happens, players who haven’t got the next best gear set, like Infernian, will become fodder for those who do.

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