Legendary Expert Builder’s Gear

A Gear Set specifically tuned for your Construction needs!

In Final Fantasy: A New Empire, one of the biggest things we focus on, no matter our game style, is our Empire itself. Without the Empire, we have nothing, so we build it to make ourselves stronger to attack our enemies or to defend our Empires. Some of us prefer to do nothing but level, and that’s alright, no shame, it’s your game after all. However, we still build our Empires. But what is the one thing (unless you have a bazillion of dollars) we always get stuck on? Either Blueprints, Resources, or Speedups. So we wait on a decent pack, do Events, and hit the Realm Bosses in hopes that we can continue to build up our castles. 

The Dark Delegator Gear has been good to us, allowing us to reduce our Construction Speed by giving us efficiency stats in the later stages in the Dark World, but it still didn’t quite do the trick for us. Now with the new Legendary Expert Builder’s Gear Set, we can further reduce our costs by not just shredding off the timer itself but also Blueprint and Resources costs! Now, remember they provide Efficiency boosts NOT Reduction stats, as the community tends to ask the ultimate question, “What is the difference between Reduction and Efficiency?” 

With that being said in this guide, we will cover:

  • Reduction vs. Efficiency
  • Legendary Expert Builder’s Gear and its stats
  • Compare Expert Builders to Dark Delegator and when should you use which

Firstly, let’s break down Reduction and Efficiency.

Reduction vs. Efficiency

Keep in mind that Efficiency is NOT a Reduction! If it says 100% Efficiency, it does not mean 100% Reduction. 

The formula for Efficiency: Original cost/(1+efficiency) = Efficiency Cost 

So when looking into packs making comparisons, it is vital to be on the lookout for those bonuses while 100% Efficiency vs. 70% Reduction, In contrast, the 100% Efficiency may look more appealing when 70% reduction is much better. 

But because we cannot see our exact RSS or Timers requirements sometimes due to the fact the number is so vast, we should round it up to give ourselves a more secure estimate. It is better to over guess slightly than underestimate and end up just hurting ourselves. Let’s provide an example below of Reduction vs. Efficiency to understand better how it works. 

Let’s say we have a 50% reduction in medals. Well, that’s easy, right? Since reduction literally divides in half.

1M Noctis Medals required/50% Reduction = 500k Noctis Medals required

Next, let’s say we have a 100% efficiency on T3 Dark RSS, and we need 1M Dark T3 apples for a Gil Bank we are about to build. (I know you’re laughing and you’re like okay Rose really 1M T3 Apples?! I wish, more like 10KT Dark apples, missy! But we are keeping numbers simple to show comparison, so humor me for a second.)

1M T3 Dark Apples/(1+.1) = 500K T3 Dark apples

When applying the efficiency percentage into the formula, make sure to convert to decimal form. 

Now that we have the true meaning behind Efficiency out the way, let’s get into the Expert Builder’s Gear Set!

Legendary Expert Builder’s Gear Pieces

The Legendary Expert Builder’s Gear Set helps you reduce your Construction costs along with the time required. This can be somewhat serviceable and help us stretch our Resources and Speedups to get the most of it so that we can use it towards other things like Research or Troops. This set is specifically tuned to target Citadel 190-220. However, it can help us with a lot of different buildings that require T2/T3 RSS and use Speed ups too, like your Auxiliary Buildings!

Let’s quickly review the Citadel 190-220 Building Blueprints so we can remind ourselves as we go over the stats for each of the gear pieces next.

Valorous Building Blueprints: Citadel 190 – 200

Triumphant Building Blueprints: Citadel 201 – 210

Extravagant Building Blueprints: Citadel 211 – 220

Next, let’s crackdown the Gear stats and discuss how this is useful for your Empire.

Expert Builder’s boosts PER gear piece

  • 700% Infused Dark Construction Speed
  • 2,900% Dark Construction Speed
  • 300% Dark RSS (T3) Cost Efficiency – Construction
  • 700% Dark RSS (T2) Cost Efficiency – Construction
  • 100% Triumphant Blueprint Requirements Cost Efficiency
  • 100% Valorous Blueprint Requirements Cost Efficiency

Expert Builder's BootsExpert Builder's Body Armor

Expert Builder's HelmetExpert Builder's Accessory






Expert Builder’s Gear Set Bonus

  • 2,000% Resplendent Construction Speed
  • 2,000% Dark RSS (T3) Cost Efficiency – Construction Bonus
  • 50% Extravagant Blueprint Requirements Cost Efficiency

So even though the majority of the community wished this set was released a couple of months ago, do not get me wrong, I agree, it would have been advantageous then. However, we must look on the bright side of things, and it does have a 300% Dark T3 RSS Cost Efficiency bonus per gear piece we wear. That itself will be useful when we’re building, especially for the instant builders out there! 

Now, if you are stuck in the 190s, not a high spender, and rely on the Realm Bosses to build, then this set will be AMAZING for you, you lucky duck! 

Another thing, let’s all be honest here unless we have purchased instant Citadel packs we all can openly admit we don’t precisely build every single building inside our Empires up to max. For example, our resource buildings would be one. We tend to put our main focus into the others, which is cool and all, but at least we can say this set will help us with those buildings we secretly ignore.

However, at the end of the day, the Resplendent Speedups, Dark RSS Efficiency, and even the mere 5% Extravagant Cost Efficiency are going to make our supplies we have stretched even further. 

Grand Total

From another perspective, let’s add up all the stats that it provides at a maxed level, including the Gear Set bonus, so we can see what we are getting out of it.

Expert Gear Set bonus:

*boosts are at maxed stats with Gear Set benefits

  • 2,000% Resplendent Construction Speed
  • 4,900% Infused Dark Construction Speed
  • 20,300% Dark Construction Speed
  • 4,100% Dark RSS (T3) Cost Efficiency – Construction
  • 4,900% Dark RSS (T2) Cost Efficiency – Construction
  • 700% Valorous and Triumphant Blueprint Requirements Cost Efficiency
  • 50% Extravagant Blueprint Requirements Cost Efficiency

Expert Builder vs. Dark Delegator

Is the Expert Builder set better than Dark Delegator? Given that the Dark Delegator set has been out for quite some time, we can easily take notice that it is more useful without a doubt. Though it really depends on what level your Empire stands in-game. Let’s compare the sets below to see.

Each of the Expert Builder’s gear pieces contains

  • 700% Infused Dark Construction Speed
  • 2,900% Dark Construction Speed
  • 300% Dark RSS (T3) Cost Efficiency – Construction
  • 700% Dark RSS (T2) Cost Efficiency – Construction
  • 100% Triumphant Blueprint Requirements Cost Efficiency
  • 100% Valorous Blueprint Requirements Cost Efficiency 

Each of the Dark Delegator gear pieces contains

  • 50% Dark RSS Cost Efficiency – Construction
  • 50% Dark Construction Speed
  • 1,075% Infused Dark Construction Speed
  • 1,075% Resplendent Construction Speed
  • 350% Grandiose Resources Cose Efficiency – Construction and Construction Speed

While each of the Expert Builder’s gear pieces may not contain Resplendent Construction speed, it does appear in the Gear Set bonus at 2,000%. 

When to use Dark Delegator?

This set will start helping you when you are around Citadel 70 and still helps you in the 200s (but only by Construction speed).

Even though Dark Delegator gives you 1,075%, Resplendent Construction Speed and Expert Builder’s does not. If you are low on Speedups and need help in that area, using Dark Delegator along with the Expert Builder’s Gear Set bonus can provide you up to 9,525% Resplendent Construction Speed!

When to use Expert Builder?

Even though Expert Builder can help you with some of the early stages when you get into the 190s, that is when it will benefit you the most. Resources are a common area where we want to save, so with that in mind, this set, including the set bonus, can give you up to 4,100% Dark RSS T3 Cost Efficiency. While also helping you with your Blueprints costs from 190-220.


Is the set worth it? If you are stuck in the 190s and you are a lower spender, it is very well worth it as it will get you so much benefit and stretch your Resources, Speedups, and even your Blueprints when you collect them through events and hit the Realm Boss. 

Plus side is that the gear set came out as a whole as it was dropped release night to be purchasable in packs. Typically the pieces are sold individually in clusters, but with this set, you can get it all in one pack.

If you are already in the higher 200s, sure it won’t give you as much as it would have if you had been in the 190s, but it would still help regardless, and even when Auxiliary Buildings come out, they do require Resources and Speedups too! It comes down to the fact, the more you save with the reductions of your Resources and Speedups, the more you can use it to strengthen other areas in your Empire as needed, like Research or Troops.

Do you plan to obtain this Gear set and use it to your advantage? Please comment below or join us on Social Media, aka Line or Discord and let us know how it helped you and whether you were a lower Citadel or a higher Citadel so we can see how this has benefited you! Not in our Hub Line room and want to be?! Add me by ID: peacefulwarrior414, and I will get you added!

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