Massacre Eos with Dragon Knight’s Gear!

Conquer all of Eos with the Dragon Knight's Gear Set!

Across Eos FFXV: A New Empire players rejoice as the new Dragon Knight’s Gear Set comes out! It looks like Randwulf (the fabulous Blacksmith) has been working tirelessly constructing this glorious aimed for fighting. As he is making sure each of the pieces has a distinct type of combat, while at the same time is very strong as a whole.

“Ours is a trade born o’ blood and brine. Fer as long as pirates have sailed the Rhotano, smitties have forged their weapons and fitted out their ships from keel to cannon.”


The Dragon Knight’s Gear Set is focused mainly on overall combat, while it gives substantial Multipliers, as well as Massacre bonuses, will aid you in any Combat situations you may face. The beautiful thing about this set is that you do not have to worry about tuning your pieces. To counteract the enemy Empires as you are planning your attacks. 

The only downfall to this set is there is no MP boost or recovery. So keep that in mind if you prefer to have that for Monster hitting. 

As of right now, you are only able to purchase the set as level one. Then, in the Events, there will be opportunities to obtain the upgrade materials to build it up. 

Read below to learn about the Set bonuses, what each piece benefits you for, as well as the Set Leveling benefits are.

Mythic Forge

Mythic Forge

The Mythic Forge becomes serviceable again! After the Set Bonuses have not been open to us since the Champion Infernian set was released. So not only can we obtain this, but we now can get this along with Set Gear Leveling, in addition to Power Up bonuses. How exciting is it that we gain each aspect of the Mythic Forge again?!

Set Gear Bonus/Upgrade Gear Quality

As you use the Dragon Knight’s Sigil of Quality to develop your pieces from Uncommon to Legendary, you will notice that your perks for having the whole set will improve per piece. 

Once you have completed a full Legendary Set, here are the bonuses you can acquire on top of the rewards you already get!

(Boosts are at maxed level)

  • 18% Dark Enemy Attack Resistance, Cripple HP, as well as Armor Piercing Multiplier
  • 30% Dark Extreme Attack, HP, and Armor Massacre
  • 20% Extreme Dark Astral Attack Massacre
  • 30% Extreme Dark Astral Armor Massacre

While those percentages seem small, it is pretty beneficial as Multipliers multiply based on stats. 


You have 100M Dark Cripple HP

This Gear Set bonus provides 18% Dark Cripple HP Multiplier

You have gained an additional 18M Dark Cripple HP

Set Gear Leveling

Set Gear leveling gifts you bonuses by leveling them up with unique experience points, in this case, it would be the Dragon Knight’s Gear Set Level. This feature is similar as you were leveling your Hero but for your Gear instead. 

Set Gear Leveling bonus requires a minimum Legendary Gear from each equipment type for you to be able to level up the gear itself, such as the Helmet, Footwear, Body Armor, Weapon, and ONE Accessory. You do not need all three accessories for the Set Gear Leveling bonus to be active. 

Make sure you wear the Gear to earn Set Gear XP when you use your Hero to attack or hit monsters to level it up!

The Set Gear Levels for this set boosts your overall Combat stats. Such as Astrals, Mounts, in addition to all Troop types (Dark Troops, Elementals, Mercenaries)

Gear Set Bonuses Level 100

Gear Set Bonuses 

*stats are maxed at level 100

  • 112.5M% Dark Astral and Mount Attack Bonus
  • 75M% Dark Troop Attack with Hero (your Hero must be sent in for this boost to count)
  • 90M% Dark Troop Attack
  • 37.5M% Dark Troop HP
  • 112.5M% Dark Troop Armor
  • 150M% Dark Mercenary and Elemental Attack
  • 75M% Dark Mercenary along with Elemental HP
  • 225M% Dark Mercenary as well as Elemental Armor

As you can see at level 100, the bonuses get pretty hefty. Now imagine if this was paired with your Set Bonus as well as your overall gear benefits at Legendary?

Gear Set Bonuses Level 200

(December 17th, 2019)

As the Blacksmiths continue to work hard to perfect the Dragon Knight’s Gear pieces, they have “forged” 100 more levels! Check out the new stats and how they help your Empire.

Gear set bonuses:

*stats are maxed at level 200

  • 8B% Dark Troop and Elemental Attack 
  • 8B% Dark Troop Armor
  • 2.7B% Dark Troop HP
  • 4B% Dark Troop Attack with Hero
    • Your Hero must be present for this boost to be effective 
  • 9B% Dark Mercenary Attack 
  • 2.7B% Dark Mercenary as well as Elemental HP
  • 8.2B% Dark Mercenary in addition to Elemental Armor
  • 1B% Dark Astral and Mercenary Attack Resistance
  • 3.5B% Dark Enemy Attack Resistance 
  • 2.7B% Dark Elemental Attack Resistance
  • 2.2B% Dark Crystal Holding Attack
  • 5.7B% Dark Astral Attack Bonus
  • 7.5B% Mount Attack Bonus
  • 3.2B% Dark City Defense Armor

When leveling up your Dragon Knights Gear from level 101-200 keep in mind that it requires Esteemed Dragon Knight’s Set Upgrade Material. 

Power Up

You can then as well Power Up the Dragon Knight Set to level ten to earn even more benefits. It requires the Dragon Knight’s Power Up Material. Powering up this gear will give your Ifrit a slight edge over your other Astrals. Be sure to utilize him, assuming you have him at a high level, as it goes rather nicely. 

Here are the collective bonuses you can gain

(maxed at level ten)

  • 60M% Dark Troop Attack with Hero
  • 504M% Dark Troop Attack
  • 210M% Dark Troop HP
  • 630M% Dark Troop Armor
  • 840M% Dark Mercenary and Elemental Attack
  • 420M% Dark Mercenary as well as Elemental HP
  • 1.26B% Dark Mercenary Armor
  • 180M% Dark Elemental Armor
  • 180M% Dark Fire, Lightning, Earth in addition to Ice Troop Attack
  • 180M% Dark Juggernaut, Airship, Guardian, along with Mech Attack
  • 300M% Dark Enemy Attack Resistance
  • 240M% Dark Cripple HP
  • 600M% Dark Armor Piercing 
  • 120M% Dark City Assault plus Defense Attack
  • 90M% Dark Astral and Mount Attack Bonus
  • 120M% Dark Ifrit Attack

Dragon Knight Gear Pieces

The gear pieces all have overall Dark Troop, Mercenary, along with Elemental Attack, HP, Armor stats along with their Multipliers, and so on. Still, they each have a modest advantage over the other. When all pieced together, it sure is a force to be reckoned!

Dragon Knights’ Gear Set boosts

*stats are maxed at Legendary  (not Powered Up) per item

  • 17% Dark Troop Attack, HP, and Armor Multiplier
  • 6% Dark Enemy Attack Resistance, Cripple HP, Armor Piercing Multiplier
  • 252M% Dark Troop Attack
  • 280M% Dark Troop HP
  • 315M% Dark Troop Armor
  • 420M% Dark Mercenary and Elemental Attack
  • 210M% Dark Mercenary in addition to Elemental HP
  • 630% Dark Mercenary as well as Elemental Armor

Helm of Triumph 

The Helmet provides pretty stealthy bonuses, especially when attacking your enemy empires. This specializes in Dark City Assault, Juggernaut, as well as Fire Troop Attack. 

Dragon Knight’s Helm of Triumph

*stats are maxed at legendary and powered up to ten

  • 420M% Dark City Assault
  • 630M% Dark Juggernaut and Fire Troop Attack
Helm of Triumph

In this case, Ifrit would be a perfect match as he boosts Dark City Assault and your Fire Troops. Along with getting the Power Up bonuses. I recommend pairing this with your Mirror Hero Veteran Ignis to grant additional Dark Fire Troop Attack, HP, and Armor. If you would like to keep it more rounded since you may not know what your enemy may have. Then Mirror Hero Veteran Gladiolus would be a more suitable option as he provides Dark Elemental Debuffs against your enemies. 


Other Mirror Heroes that can aid you: 

  • Mirror Hero Gentiana (Dark Astrals/Dark Elementals)
  • Mirror Hero Ignis (Ifrit)

Defensive Aegis

Defensive Aegis

This Armor leans a little more on the defensive side as it has Dark City Defense, Guardians, in addition to Dark Earth Troop Attack.

Once again, Mirror Hero Veteran Gladiolus would triumph as the better choice to pair along with this particular piece as he not only provides Dark Elemental Debuffs, but he as well aids Earth Troops. 

Crushing Sabatons

Crushing Sabatons


Weaken your enemies while stomping on them with these Sabaton Boots. These boots significantly provide you with an abundance amount of Dark Cripple HP, Armor Piercing, in addition to, Enemy Attack Resistance.



Venerable Cleaver

Dragon Knight's Weapon
Venerable Cleaver

This Dragon Knight’s Weapon provides a powerful asset for Attacking and Defending as it contains additional Mount and Astral Attack Bonuses. 

Dragon Knight’s Venerable Cleaver

*stats are maxed at legendary and powered up to ten

  • 315M% Dark Astral in addition to Mount Attack

Mirror Hero Veteran Prompto, as well as Mirror Hero Ignis, would be an influential duo along with this piece as Veteran Prompto boost your Mounts while Veteran Ignis will debuff the enemies.

From an attacker’s standpoint, the Sinistercorn can assist you even further if you are looking to continue to debuff the enemies Mount even further as he has Enemy Chocobo Attack, Strength, along with Cripple Resistance.

Ring of Clashing

Dragon Knight's Ring
Ring of Crashing

Want to wear something shiny while battling the Crystal? This ring would not only show you off but add an extensive amount of Dark Mech, Lightning, along with Ice Troop Attack. 

Dark Knight’s Ring of Clashing

*stats are maxed at legendary and powered up to ten

  • 630M% Dark Mech, Lightning, and Ice Troop Attack

Make sure to add Mirror Hero Ravus for additional Crystal boosts along with Mirror Hero Cindy to gain even more benefits for your Mechs! Do not forget about Leviathan either as she roams the waves to support you in your Crystal battles. 

Ring of Marauder

Dragon Knight's Ring
Ring of Marauder

The Ring of Marauder benefits you the most when you employ it to attack your enemy empires by giving Ifrit, Elite Troops, as well as your Airships a notable volume of attack stats. 

Dragon Knight’s Ring of the Marauder

*stats are maxed at legendary and powered up to ten

  • 630M% Dark Airship Attack
  • 420M% Dark Ifrit Attack

Amulet of Protection

Dragon Knight's Ring
Amulet of Protection

Protect your Empire by wearing this amulet to supply your Guardians additional HP, Dark Troop Attack with your Mount present, as well as Shiva Attack. 

Dragon Knight’s Amulet of Protection

*stats are maxed at legendary and powered up to ten

  • 315M% Dark Guardian HP
  • 420M% Dark Shiva Attack

Since this ring gravitates more towards the defense side, luckily, if you have Multi-Astral Defense, you do not have to do anything in this case since it will already be advantageous right out the gate. Join this with your Ebony Chocobo to support your Mercenaries, primarily your Guardians. Make sure to skill your Ebony Chocobo: Dark Mercenary Attack, HP, along with Armor Multiplier, to further multiply your Mercenary boosts. 

Dragon Knight’s Helmets and Accessories

(November 19th, 2019)

As the Blacksmiths proceed to strive hard to design more pieces for the Dragon Knight’s Gear Set, six pieces of Helmets along with Accessories collectively are produced.

The new Dragon Knight’s Gear pieces are:

  • Helm of Conquest
  • Helm of Protection
  • Quartermaster Ring
  • Core Amulet
  • Stablemaster Ring
  • Amulet of Kings

These pieces, just like the Dragon Knight’s Gear pieces mentioned above, contain Cripple HP, Armor Piercing, as well as Mercenary Cripple HP. While the multiplier numbers may look low and maxes at between 6-17%, it still gives a slight edge when you have prominent stat numbers. With this in mind, they also offer overall Dark Core, Elemental, and Mercenary buffs like the others do.

In terms of the Dragon Knight’s Power Up Material (Power Up) and Dragon Knight’s Set Upgrading Materials (Gear Set Leveling) will be the same materials. Although upgrading each of the six newer pieces from Basic to Legendary will need Dragon Knight’s Sigil of Superior Quality instead of the standard Dragon Knight’s Sigil of Quality materials, the ones specified earlier uses.

Dragon Knight’s Helm and Accessories boosts

*stats are maxed at Legendary and Powered Up at level 10, per item

  • 17% Dark Troop Attack, HP, and Armor Multiplier
  • 6% Dark Enemy Attack Resistance, Cripple HP, Armor Piercing Multiplier
  • 560M% Dark Troop Attack
  • 280M% Dark Troop HP
  • 840M% Dark Troop Armor
  • 700M% Dark Mercenary and Elemental Attack
  • 350M% Dark Mercenary in addition to Elemental HP
  • 1.05B% Dark Mercenary as well as Elemental Armor

Next, read below to find out which pieces will help you with which situations and if it will be beneficial to your gameplay!

Helm of Conquest 

Helm of Conquest
Helm of Conquest

The Helm of Conquest aids you in Combat more towards the offense side as it carries a more considerable amount of Dark City Assault Attack. 

If you are rigorously more of an attacker rather than being a defense or balanced player, then pair this up with the other Dragon Knight’s pieces that are more leaned towards the offense side. Such as Crushing Sabatons and the Ring of Marauder. You could also include the Astral and Mount based pieces to assist you even further on the battlefield.

Dragon Knight’s Helm of Conquest

*stats are maxed at legendary and powered up to ten

  • 1.26B% Dark Cripple HP
  • 3.75B% Armor Piercing
  • 1.12B% Dark Mercenary Cripple HP
  • 840M% Dark City Assault Attack

Helm of Protection

This Helm is crafted to help you defend your Empire, protecting you from oncoming marches. With Dark

Helm of Protection
Helm of Protection

City Defense Attack and HP, Dark Guardian HP, in addition to Dark Enemy Attack Resistance. 

Dragon Knight’s Helm of Protection

*stats are maxed at legendary and powered up to ten

  • 700M% Dark City Defense Attack in addition to HP
  • 500M% Dark Guardian HP
  • 1.26B% Dark Enemy Attack Resistance 

If you are strictly a defensive player and want to take advantage of every aspect of security feasible to be more of a tank, then pair this up with the Defensive Aegis to provide additional Dark City Defense, Guardians, and Dark Earth Elemental bonuses. The Amulet of Protection also boosts your Guardians. 

Quartermaster Ring

Quartermaster Ring
Quartermaster Ring

If you have the new Command Center and utilize that to your advantage in your Combat style, then this accessory may be for you! This ring provides additional support with Troops Supples Attack and Defense Potency along with Core Supplies Attack and Defense Potency. 

Make sure you check out the Commander Center’s Article to gain some more in-depth knowledge about how fabulous Troop Supplies can be for your Empire!


Dragon Knight’s Quartermaster Ring

*stats are maxed at legendary and powered up to ten

  • 16.6K% Troop Supplies Attack as well as Defense Potency
  • 22.4K% Core Supplies Attack and Defense Potency

Core Amulet

Even though all the Dragon Knight’s Gear pieces contain Dark Troop boosts, this Amulet pushes that

Core Amulet
Core Amulet

further, its limits by rendering even more Dark Troop benefits. Dark Warrior, Mage, in addition to Cavalry Attack along with Dark Troop Attack with Hero. 

Dragon Knight’s Core Amulet

 *stats are maxed at legendary and powered up to ten

  • 1.05B% Dark Warrior, Mage, as well as Cavalry Attack 
  • 280M% Dark Troop Attack with Hero

Your Hero must be presented in order for the ‘Dark Troop Attack with Hero’ boost to count!  

Stablemaster Ring

The Stablemaster Ring can be useful in both offense and defense. Without Multi-

Stablemaster Ring
Stablemaster Ring

Mount Defense being a thing (ahem!), it is just about serviceable on both ends either way. War-Trained Chocobo, Ebony Chocobo, Sinistercorn Attack Bonus. Even better if you are more of an attacker, then keep in mind that it includes Dark Troop Attack with Mount.

Your Mount must be presented in order for the ‘Dark Troop Attack with Mount’ boost to count!  


Dragon Knight’s Stablemaster Ring

*stats are maxed at legendary and powered up to ten

  • 1.12B% War-Trained Chocobo, Ebony Chocobo, as well as Sinistercorn Attack
  • 420M% Dark Troop Attack with Mount

If you are looking to provide more influential Mount bonuses, then pair this up with the Venerable Cleaver!

Amulet of Kings

The Amulet of Kings serves multiple purposes when it comes to Combat styles. It will help you when you are Rallying or battling the Crystal by providing Dark Rally Attack along with Dark Crystal Holding

Amulet of Kings
Amulet of Kings

Attack. The Ring of Clashing would be a phenomenal match with this accessory for this purpose. 

Dragon Knight’s Amulet of Kings

*stats are maxed at legendary and powered up to ten

  • 630M% Dark Rally together with Crystal Holding Attack
  • 700M% Disputed Realm Dark Troop as well as Vault Dark Troop Attack

Not much of a hitter? All good, this Amulet helps with Neutral events as well, such as Forts and Vaults! It helps by providing Disputed Realm Dark Troop Attack as well as Vault Dark Troop Attack. In terms of Vaults, this item will serve benefits towards the Supreme Vaults along with the Mini Vault Shrines. 


As you can see, each piece of the Dragon Knight’s Gear Set has its advantages, but when combined, it can be rather strong! With the new Halloween Gems out as well as the Crystal Cores, it would be interesting to see how they will pair together. With that in mind, is there some strategic advice you would like to share with us? Comment below or join us on Social Media, aka Line and Discord and let us know!

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