Monster Stalker’s Gear Set

A Gear Set specifically tuned for Realm Bosses and Monster hitting!

Realm Bosses and Monster hitting has become our new norm over the last year in Final Fantasy: A New Empire. It seems lately that MP is the one thing we all could never get enough of, especially when the Dark World released and increased the Realm Boss hitting about 250,000 MP per hit. Yeah, that 1M MP we have been stocking up on doesn’t particularly seem like much now, does it? Thankfully over time, we have had Gems, Cores, new Hero, and Hero levels to help us compensate for the significant increase.

However, unfortunately, we seem to always come up short with MP unless we purchase multiple packs to help us achieve events or hit a Realm Boss we want in order to get the content we need to progress as well as build our Empires. For that reason, a lot of us love MP Carryovers so we can level our Heroes to keep up to date with stats and still have it stocked up for future events. 

The newly released Monster Stalker Gear set may be of assistance with our issues. Each piece provides 70M MP PER PIECE! Between Hero Skill Trees, MP Doublers, MP Carryovers, Gems, Cores, and so on, this set makes an excellent addition. Especially the Monster Stalker’s Defensive Battleplate! Read on below to find out why!

Gear Set Pieces

Monster Stalker's Gear Set

Each of the Gear pieces not only includes Monster hitting bonuses, but they also include some Mercenary, Elemental, Mount, and Dark Troop stats. The numbers for those are minor compared to the other sets, but they are better than the other Monster Gears in case you get caught with your pants down! The beautiful thing about this set is that there is no Hero level requirement to wear it, so if a new Hero comes out, you can equip this set right out the gate!

Each of the pieces has its own “Monster Hitting” specialties and contains 70M MP per piece. Which one benefits you the most? 

Keep in mind that as you level the gear pieces, they require their own component to level up. As I make mention of the pieces below, I will elaborate on that more specifically. 

*bolded bonuses are what contributes to your Monster hitting and stats below are maxed at Legendary level

Helm of Repute

The Helm of Repute provides some Dark Troop benefits along with specializing in Hero Critical Hit. 

Helm of Repute stats:

  • 1B% Dark Troop Attack
  • 1.5B% Dark Troop Armor
  • 500M% Dark Troop HP
  • 60% Hero Critical Hit
  • 70M MP

Requires Monster Stalker’s Helm of Repute Component to level. 

Defensive Battleplate

This Body Armor assists your Elementals and provides an excellent amount of MP Recovery!

Defensive Battleplate stats:

  • 1B% Elemental Troop Attack
  • 1.5B% Elemental Troop Armor 
  • 500M% Dark Troop HP
  • 1.4M% MP Recovery (WOW!)
  • 70M MP 

Requires Monster Stalker’s Defensive Battleplate Component to level. 

If you are more after the MP Recovery to keep up with Realm Boss events, we have had lately, this is an excellent piece to equip as it will cut down your Recovery time significantly. 

Greaves of Bloodlust

The Greaves of Bloodlust contributes to your Mounts, Astrals, Hero Attack Streak, and Hero Monster March Speed Bonus. 

Greaves of Bloodlust stats:

    • 1.25B% Mount and Astral Attack
    • 4,900% Hero Monster March Speed Bonus
    • 30 Hero Attack Streak
    • 70M MP


Requires Monster Stalker’s Greaves of Bloodlust Component to level. 

Hero Attack Streak is the maxed allowed attack you can get to. The higher the Hero Attack Streak, the more damage it will inflict hitting monsters per MP hit. So if you are hitting the Behemoth Monsters or need to kill so many monsters for events, then the boots will be helpful in that situation as it will save you MP.

If you are on more the competitive side in terms of wanting to kill Realm Bosses or Monsters for events, then the Hero Monster March Speed Bonus will be useful as it gives it a nice jump. 

Revered Cutlass

This Weapon increases your Mercenary stats but also benefits you with Hero Attack Bonus.

Revered Cutlass stats:

  • 1B% Dark Mercenary Attack
  • 1.5B% Dark Mercenary Armor
  • 500M% Dark Mercenary HP
  • 735,000% Hero Attack Bonus
  • 70M MP

Requires Monster Stalker’s Revered Cutlass Component to level.

Amulet of the Hunt

The Amulet of the Hunt also assists your Mercenaries but also provides you with Additional Streak per Attack. 

Amulet of the Hunt


Amulet of the Hunt stats:

  • 250M% Dark Mercenary Armor Piercing, Cripple HP, as well as Attack Resistance
  • 42 Additional Streak per Attack
  • 70M MP

Requires Monster Stalker’s Amulet of the Hunt Component to level. 

Additional Streak per Attack is an increased attack from Hero Streak Attack you can get to per hit until you max the number out.

Gear Set Bonus

When you have each of the pieces in the Gear set, you will automatically obtain a Gear Set bonus. It will be determined by the lowest Gear Piece you have. Keep in mind that the bonus is passive, so you do not have to wear the set to receive this bonus. 

Basic (Black) 

Max MP 37.5M

MP Recovery 125,000%


Common (Grey)

Max MP 45M

MP Recovery 150,000%


Uncommon (Green)

Max MP 52.5M

MP Recovery 175,000%


Rare (Blue)

Max MP 60M

MP Recovery 200,000%


Epic (Purple)

Max MP 67.5M

MP Recovery 225,000%


Legendary (Gold)

Max MP 75M

MP Recovery 250,000%


As you can see above, even at the lowest Basic level, it still gives your Heroes an additional 37,500,000 MP. While that may not seem much, but when you use Cores, Gems, Double MP, MP Carryover and so on, this will make a nice addition to your MP collection.

Would you like a more in-depth guide about how to obtain even more MP? Then read Tyilanna’s Hero MP – Slay the Monsters Guide as she gives FABULOUS tips in addition to showing you how to maximize your MP to get the most of hitting Monsters and Realm Bosses! 

How does it compare?

Having the most MP to utilize when leveling our Heroes or hitting the Realm Boss to get the most use of it is vital to the majority of the community as we have learned just like breast milk it’s our liquid gold. Ever had that moment when you instantly level a Hero from 100 to 350. Then realize you forgot to turn on a boost or equip the proper gear and gave yourself a mini panic attack because you lost out on billions of MP and wish you could curl up in a corner and cry.

Yeah, me neither…. 

But hypothetically, let’s say that happened one time or maybe twice…who’s counting, but anywho there are bits, and pieces from different gear sets you can collaborate as well as get the most bang for your buck, well MP.

While the Monster Set gives 70M MP per piece adding up to 490M for the set not counting the set bonus, is it better than the other pieces? Let’s compare them to the most recent pieces to find out.

*Each piece is stripped down from Heroes and Gems to show you the base amount. 

Anniversary Ultimate Body Armor and Helmet

          *stats are at Mythic and Power-up at level 20

  • 57M MP
  • 47,500% MP Recovery

Dark Troop, Elemental and Mercenary Ultimate Accessory

          *stats are at Mythic and Power-up at level 20

  • 27.5M MP
  • 19,000% MP Recovery

Anniversary Ultimate Boots

          *stats are at Mythic and Power-up at level 20

  • 47.5M MP
  • 47,5000% MP Recovery

Anniversary Ultimate Engine Blade

          *stats are at Mythic and Power-up at level 20

  • 95M MP
  • 97,000% MP Recovery

As you can see above, for the most part, the Monster Stalker’s Gear Set has more MP than the other pieces. Mix and match before equipping them onto your Heroes. Remember, you do not have to wear the entire set to obtain the Gear Set Bonus that is provided for having the complete set.


In conclusion, when it comes down to the ultimate question, is this gear worth it? If you depend on Realm Bosses and you’re more of a monster hitting, events type of player, then it will be a beautiful set to add to your collection. It is important to remember that the Gear Set Bonus alone is a decent addition to your MP Bar. As I have said probably 17 times now, you do not have to wear the set to get the bonus, so take advantage of mixing your pieces to get the most MP you can possibly get out of what you have.

When you are done kicking some butt or defending and plan to log offline for several hours at a time or going to bed, consider making sure you have the Monster Stalker’s Defensive Battleplate equipped as it contains 1.41M% MP Recovery! That will significantly increase your MP overnight and quickly build up over time so that when Realm Boss events come around, they won’t be such a hassle to complete. 

Lastly, do you have any other tips or tricks you would like to share with us? Please comment below or join us on Social Media, aka Line and or Discord and let us know!

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