How to Get the Necromanteion Gear Set

Necromateion Gear, Drain Attack and HP Explained!

For one night only, players were tricked and treated to something truly special – the Hundredleg Realm Boss! This cento-ped was the first and only creature of its kind to drop gold, platinum, and among other things, crafting materials for the Necromanteion Gear Set.

How to get the Necromanteion Gear Set

Thus far, the only we know how to get pieces of the Necromanteion set are by attacking the Hundredleg Realm Boss. The best way to get materials used to craft Necromanteion gear is by getting the Hundredleg loot multipliers, and even then, you will still need to go through at least 100,000 MP to obtain enough crafting materials to make a legendary piece from this set.

We’re confident that Necromanteion crafting materials will become available either through the proving grounds or available to purchase chests using loyalty in the guild store at some point, but for now, this set is only accessible through the Hundredleg Realm Boss.

Necromanteion Gear Set Stats

Let’s take a look at the Necromanteion gear set, piece by piece.

Troop ArmorAttack to HPAttack to HP LimitApprox Enemy Attack for HP LimitTroop AttackCity Assault Armor
Necromanteion Helm2795%10.26%5455%53000%00
Necromanteion Faulk2953%10.06%6403%64000%00
Necromanteion Greaves2421%8.82%5632%64000%00
Necromanteion Soul Stealer6689%12.21%5988%49000%6689%0
Necromanteion Talisman1949%3.22%2174%67000%00
Mythic Forge Bonus0000020000%
Full Set Equipped20705%51%30,000%66,666%6689%20000%


As we can see from this table, the Necromanteion set is primarily defensive, with the entire set giving large amounts of troop armor, boosts in HP based on your opponent’s troop attack, and a whopping +20,000% City Assault Armor with the Mythic Forge’s Legendary Set bonus. The weapon in this set is the exception, offering a generous +6689% Troop Attack at legendary quality, however, the stats you see in the table are the best this gear set has to offer – Necromanteion gear cannot be powered-up.

How Necromanteion’s “Drain Attack to HP” Works

The addition of the “Drain Attack into HP” stat confused a lot of people initially, so we will explain it in more detail here. Simply put, this takes a fraction of your enemies troop attack and adds it to your troop HP. The amount of attack it drains from your enemy is based on your their total troop attack.

On the table above, you’ll notice that we added in the “Enemy Attack Required for Max HP Limit” stat that is not listed on each piece of gear. This will give you a better idea of how you can maximize the usefulness of your Necromanteion gear and hitting the upper maximum for drain attack into HP.

Let’s say, for example, someone has +40,000% troop attack and +20,000% warrior, mage and cavalry attack, bringing their total attack to +100,000% when attacking with a march of just warrior, cavalry and mage. With a full set of Necromanteion gear, the defender steals approximately +51,000% of the attacker’s troop attack and converts it into +25,500% troop HP for the defender. They are then hit with the +49,000% troop attack that was not drained from the attacker.

In-game calculations are much more complex than this and take into consideration a variety of factors, but this is an over-simplified example to help us better understand frain attack on HP. By looking at your opponent’s gear and citadel level, you can estimate their Troop Attack and thereby determine how much of their HP you will be able to drain when they attack you.

By draining the enemies Troop Attack and adding it to you own Troop HP, you essentially lower the enemies attack and increase your own defense. This is a brilliant tactic for anyone holding a Crystal or defending their empire, however, a majority of the gear set is defensive. While the Necromanteion Soul Stealer weapon is currently the strongest available weapon at Legendary, it doesn’t account for the various stronger weapons after they have been powered up with Troop Attack well over +10,000%.

Conclusion: Is Necromateion the best gear set?

The short answer is no, it’s not the best gear set. Not when you consider the fact that you can level up the Hydraean weapon to nearly +20,000% troop attack and guardian gear to +30,000% troop armor. If you’re looking for a gear set to defend your empire or the crystal or if you do not yet have a weapon upgraded above +6,000% troop attack then this gear set is perfect for you.

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