October Recap With AlyKat

Happy November EOS dwellers! It’s time for another installment of Recap with AlyKat. October brought us several significant releases and many events. Let’s drill them down!


Cindy 150 and Aurum Master Wrench

Power up Cindy and increase her ummm assets, with Cindy Level 150. Mastery skills include trap transportation and additional combat boosts. Learn more here.

Obtain Cindy’s Aurum Master Wrench and power up with a maximum of 2,500% troop attack bonus, 1,600% trap attack and 1,600% trap HP.

Garrisons and Expansions 20

Does your realm have those pesky expansion building thieves? Never fear, the Garrison is here to protect your production. The Garrison boasts the following benefits:

  • 10,000,000 Max Troop Capacity
  • 5,000% Garrison Troop Attack Bonus
  • 5,000% Garrison Troop HP Bonus

Additionally, elemental wells can now be upgraded to Level 20. Maxed wells boost your empire by providing;

  • 1 million Essence Generated Per Day
  • Additional Combat Bonuses
  • Additional March Size Bonuses

More on the Garrison can be found here.

Monster Upgrading

Just in time for Halloween, the monsters in your farm can now be upgraded for more ferocious boosts. To learn more about upgrading your monsters look here. Additionally, the monsters around the realm were redesigned to include monster food, eggs and hatching stones for various monsters.

Warren Knight Gear

Decimate the monsters in the Guild Adventurer Hall with the new Warren Knight Gear. Gear chests can be purchased or won through the Blitz Raid events.

Undying Guardians

A boon to all players, a new Defensive troop has arrived! The Undying Guardians are stronger than previous Guardian Mercenaries, and are here to protect your citadel.

New Adventurer Research

Prizes from the Dire Quetzalcoatl event contained Guild Adventurer Hall shards to complete three new researches at the bottom of the Adventurer Tree. These researches benefit elementals, everyone’s new favorite toy.

Hundlegs and the Necromanteion Gear Set

A super creepy Hundlegs realm boss slithered into EOS, dropping materials for the Necromanteion Gear Set. This set has the following boosts;

  • Troop Armor
  • Troop Attack
  • Drain Enemy Attack into Troop HP
  • Drain Enemy Attack into Troop HP Limit
  • Full Legendary Set Bonus: City Assault Armor Bonus +20,000%


Griffon Towers

Griffon Tower returned this month, dropping feathers to be used for upgrading hero medals in the Magitek Converter.

Spooky Skeletons

These skeletons came in with a realm boss clatter of bones, dropping tons of oracle blessing materials, including those to create new blessings;

  • +8,000 March Size
  • +5,000,000 Troop Capacity
  • +2,000% City Defense Troop HP Bonus

Multirealm RvR

Massive battles were waged in this RvR that pitted 4-5 realms against each other. There wasn’t much left standing in the end!

Halloween Blitz Tournament

All realms battled it out for a free building unlock and the title of top realm in their server. With four battles over a week, the top realms were;

  • Server 1: R35
  • Server 2: R979
  • Server 3:
  • Server 4:
  • Server 5:
  • Server 6:
  • Server 7: R2015

Bloodbath Kill Event

We can say one thing about this event, it certainly lived up to it’s name! Players tested their might against each other with huge march size increases. The Tier 3 prize was easily attainable, and Luna gave free ports, making this a well attended bloody battle.

Blitz Raid Boss Alpha Karbalos

A one level dungeon, this Blitz event lasts for one hour each. How many times can your guild run it in an hour? Drops included gear materials and Level 1-2 defensive gems

Blitz Raid Boss Dire Quetzalcoatl

Players were shocked when they discovered the tenacity and high HP of the Dire Quetzalcoatl. Round one, was difficult and many did not manage to smite the beast in an hour. But there was hope! Prizes from the Alpha Karbalos and Dire Quetzalcoatl Event contained warren gear chests, which allowed players to compete more efficiently by the second round. Drops included gear materials and Level 1-2 defensive gems

Candycorn Flan

They’re backkk…and better than ever with a full 14 day span of Candycorn goodness. Players in EOS again lost many nights of sleep hitting the pesky blobs, while upgrading heroes, Elemental Hall, gear, expansions and more!

Realm Boss Giglamesh

Also returning as the Giglamesh realm boss, dropping power up gear chests and gear set chests.

Wraith Realm Bosses

The Arcanauem came to the forefront with this event. The wraiths dropped materials for research and crafting enchantments. For more on the Arcanauem click here.

That’s a wrap for October! Make sure and join us next month for the November Recap with AlyKat.



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