The Chickatrice and Beastmaster Set!

A new monster has been spotted wandering the realms of Eos this week: the Chickatrice! In this article, we will cover the new monster as well as the new gearset that the monster drops mats for, and compare it to Hunter gear.


The Chickatrice


The newest addition to the monster roster is the distressingly adorable Chickatrice, which has taken the place of the old Shieldshears that once roamed the Realms.


I don’t know how I feel about attacking a 6-foot-tall baby chick, to be honest.


Chickatrices cost the same MP to hit as the Flan and Garula, and drop the same amount of loyalty and experience. Level 4s and up also drop Noctis and Prompto medals, as well as blueprints and research scrolls.


The main draw of the Chicatrice is the new gear: the Beastmaster set, mats for which can be found in Chickatrice lairs. Let’s take a look at the new gear:


The Beastmaster’s Set


A quick glance at any piece of Beastmaster gear shows a heavy emphasis on monster hunting stats. That raises the question of how strong the new set is in relation to Hunter’s gear. Let’s take a look at both sets.



Hunter’s  Gaze

  • Armor+73%
  • Hero Critical +3.6%
  • Max MP +730


Beastmaster’s Eyes

  • Hero Attack Bonus +12%
  • Hero Critical +5%
  • Max MP +1630



Hunter’s Carapace

  • Armor + 91%
  • Additional Streak +2
  • Max MP +730


Beastmaster’s Torso

  • Hero Attack Bonus +8%
  • Max MP +1630
  • MP Recovery +16%



Hunter’s Tracks

  • Troop HP Bonus 11%
  • Gathering March Speed Bonus 18%
  • Hero Monster March Speed Bonus 35%


Beastmaster’s Legs

  • Hero Monster March Speed Bonus 50%
  • Hero Attack Bonus +10%
  • Max MP +2040



Hunter’s Shears

  • Loot Tile Gather Speed +15%
  • Hero Attack Bonus 10%
  • Max MP 1160


Beastmaster’s Claws

  • Hero Attack Bonus 25%
  • Additional Streak 4
  • Max MP 2040



Hunter’s Insignia

  • Max MP +1450


Beastmaster’s Spirit

  • Hero Attack Bonus 15%
  • MP Recovery 23%


Total Hunter Bonuses:

  • Armor +164%
  • Troop HP +11%
  • Gathering Speed +18%
  • Loot Tile Gathering Speed +15%
  • Hero Monster March Speed Bonus +35%
  • Hero Attack Bonus +10%
  • Hero Critical +3.6%
  • Additional Streak +2
  • Max MP +4070


Total Beastmaster Bonuses:

  • Hero Monster March Speed Bonus +50%
  • Hero Attack Bonus +70%
  • Hero Critical +5%
  • Additional Streak +4
  • MP Recovery +39%
  • Max MP +7340


Looking over the stats, it is clear that the Beastmaster set is superior to Hunter’s in every aspect in terms of monster hunting.


Hunter gear is balanced in all sorts of directions, including defensive stats that have nothing to do with monsters, whereas Beastmaster is entirely focused on monster killing. Additionally, Beastmaster has a large amount of the most important monster hunting boost of all: MP recovery speed. Faster MP recovery means more monster hits.


This isn’t to say that Hunter is useless, just that it has become heavily outclassed in the monster-fighting department. The Loot Gathering Speed on the Weapon is still useful, and the defensive boosts on Hunters are still much more easily attained than Sentinel at the present time.


But if you’re serious about hunting new monsters that are introduced regularly, or are a t4 looking to maximize blueprints/ scrolls/ hero medals, you should definitely be working on a Beastmaster’s set, particularly the pieces with MP Regen boost.


The +60% attack and increased crits and streak is also a big deal given the new increased monster MP costs per hit if you are looking for actual kills (although to be honest this was likely increased because they knew Beastmaster’s was coming…)


Regarding another piece of monster-hunting gear: If you have one or more gold Noxious Daggers, you may have noticed that the attack is higher than Beastmaster (+19%). If you have those, nothing is stopping you from swapping those out when hitting a monster and then switching back to take advantage of the MP regen.




The Beastmaster’s Set is an extremely solid upgrade to the old Hunter’s set. If you’re looking to maximize your monster hits, prioritizing the Torso and Acessory pieces for MP.

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  1. Zero says

    Wouldn’t it be beneficial to keep the Hunter’s Carapace on until you max your hit streak (or come close enough that the weapon will do it) and then swapping?

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