The Mythic Forge: Unlocked!

Since the launch of Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire, players have been wondering about the purpose of the Advanced Armory building. With the release of the Mythic Forge Unlock, this mysterious building’s purpose has finally been revealed. In this article, we will cover how the Forge is unlocked and what exactly it does. We’ll start by explaining how the Mythic Forge works and what it does, followed by how to unlock it.


Update 10/27: This article has been edited with information about the newly released gear upgrade aspect of the forge.

How the Mythic Forge Works

The Mythic Forge grants set bonuses when you have one or more complete sets of yellow-quality gear. Each gear set, including the recent ones such as Aranea’s set and the Undertaker as well as the original gear sets all have set bonuses. The set bonuses are detailed in the blog post:


Gear Set Bonuses

As stated above, you need a complete set of legendary gear to activate a set bonus. Every piece has to be legendary quality, and if the set has different types of accessories you need one of each. If the set has only one accessory type (like the Hunter’s set), you need three of the accessory to activate the set bonus.

Once you have a full legendary gear set and the Mythic Forge unlocked, the set’s bonus will be active even when you are not wearing the gear. You just need the Mythic forge unlocked and the full yellow gear set. Note: despite the confusing wording on the original announcement post on the in-game blog, you do not need Prompto to get a gear set bonus.

UPDATE: By leveling the forge using mythic forge blueprints, you can now upgrade pieces of non-legendary gear. The level of the forge determines the level of upgrade possible (so for a legendary piece, you need a level 6 forge). To upgrade gear, you will need any additional mats that would have been required for the level of gear you want (EXAMPLE: if you want to upgrade a piece of blue gear to purple, you will need to provide three more of each crafting mat in blue, which would have made a purple). So this doesn’t make legendaries any easier to obtain, but it means that you can use gear at lower levels without “wasting” mats.

Upgrading gear also requires scrap iron, which is found in packs as detailed below.


How to Unlock the Mythic Forge

The only known way to unlock the Mythic Forge at present time is by purchasing the unlock in a pack, although the blog hints that the unlock may be an event prize or a presumably-rare drop in the future.

Mythic Forge Pack

Whether or not the Forge is worth purchasing for you depends on how close you are to having one or more yellow gear sets. Hunters Set is currently the only gear realistically available in legendary without dropping a ton on packs, and the bonus for Hunters is not fantastic.

Update: The forge is now upgradable to level six, which is done with forge blueprints from packs. Likewise, gear upgrades require scrap iron, which are also available in packs.



While potentially very powerful, the potential buffs from the Forge are of limited usefulness for most players due to the difficulty of obtaining yellow gear. The ability to upgrade gear later is potentially usefu, but since it takes packs to level the Forge and get scrap iron this feature will be of the most benefit to people who settled for blues or purples and not have the additional mats to get yellow gear (or are willing to spend on packs for them). It is less useful for casual use given the cost.

Ultimately, the usefulness of the Mythic Forge is going to depend entirely on whether you are purchasing packs for legendary gear mats, or if you already have legendary sets. For those with the means, the Forge is a solid upgrade. For those without, focusing your packs on obtaining a higher tier or a higher-level Prompto is going to serve you better.

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  1. ShinobiFF says

    To upgrade to Level 6, 500 total Blueprints are required as follows:

    Level 2 – 20 blueprints
    Level 3 – 40 blueprints
    Level 4 – 60 blueprints
    Level 5 – 80 blueprints
    Level 6 – 300 blueprints = (

    Also, as a point of reference, to upgrade some blue Sentinel Gear to purple, it requires 6,250 metal scraps. To upgrade my blue Glacian Rod to purple, it requires 12,500 metal scraps along with the necessary mats of course.

  2. Blip says

    I could not agree more! While I appreciate the effort you guys have put into creating content, to be honest, there is not much here that couldn’t be gleaned from the rather vague in-game blog post announcing the forge. These articles would be much more helpful if they were rewritten as additional details become available. As previously mentioned, things like the number of blueprints required to upgrade to level 6 would be extremely helpful. It would also be nice to know how much scrap iron is required to perform an upgrade, and if there is an alternative source other than packs.

  3. Guest says

    how many blueprints are required to reach lv6?

  4. DC says

    Why are these posts always so vague on details? It’s been a month since someone asked about the blue print cost and yet there’s no answer here.

  5. guest says

    i don’t like the machine zone that they hide all these numbers from the customers. Customers have the right to know how much it will cost to receive certain benefits. The mythic forge is one great example.

  6. koman says

    How much of mythic forge blueprints it’s cost to upgrade to level 6

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