Add Some Sparkle and Strength to Your Gear with Gems!

A Comprehensive Gem Overview

Gems play an important part in strategy in Final Fantasy. Whether you’re in a newer realm with the basic gems, or an old realm with a plethora of gems to choose from, embedding your gear with gems is crucial for success.

Combining Gems

Within the Forge, you can combine your gems. A mistake many players make is to combine everything to the maximum level. This can be a strategic error. For example, often four Level 4 gems when embedded give a higher boost than one Level 5. Combine your gems strategically, don’t hit “Combine All” (which this writer did by mistake towards the end of writing this article…).

Using Gems

Using gems is simple. Merely go the gear piece that you wish to add a gem to and hit “Embed”. Removing gems requires a Gem Saver, so be strategic in the early realms on which gems you embed. Once you hit VIP 30 removing gems is free.

Types of Gems

Depending on your server, there will be gems from the basic Tier-Based Attack/Defense/HP to the more complex Flux and Karbalos Defense Gems. Gems range from Level 1 to Level 15 based on your server.

Standard Gems

These gems go into the first three slots in your gear.

Garnet GemWarrior Attack1%2%3.5%10%23%48%97%192%376%736%1,440%2,820%5,520%10,805%21,151%
Topaz GemCavalry Attack1%2%3.5%10%23%48%97%192%376%736%1,440%2,820%5,520%10,805%21,151%
Sapphire GemMage Attack1%2%3.5%10%23%48%97%192%376%736%1,440%2,820%5,520%10,805%21,151%
Emerald GemTroop HP.5%1%2%4%10%22%47%98%183%342%669%1,309%2,562%5,014%9,812%
Rose GemMarch Speed1%2%3.5%5.5%8%11%4%17%20%24%27%30%32%34%35%
Amethyst GemTroop Armor2.5%5%8%19%41%81%157%294%605%1,245%2,436%4,767%9,329%18,257%35,729%
Citrine GemTrap Attack1%2%3.5%10%23%48%97%192%376%736%1,440%2,820%5,520%10,805%21,151%
Opal GemSiege Attack1%2%3.5%10%23%48%97%192%376%736%1,440%2,820%5,520%10,805%21,151%
Monster GemMonster Speed/Crit Hit2%/.3%4%/.6%6%/.9%9%/1.2%12%/1.5%15%/1.8%18%/2%21%/2.2%24%/2.4%27%/2.4%n/an/an/an/an/a
Spite GemHero Attack1%3%8%20%44%87%157%246%353%507%n/an/an/an/an/a
Gruesome GemHero Crit Hit.5%1%1.5%2%2.5%3%3.5%4%4.5%5%n/an/an/an/an/a
Haunted GemMax MP1030802004358551515241534654972n/an/an/an/an/a
Assault GemCity Assault Attack1%2%3.5%10%23%48%97%192%376%736%1,440%2,820%5,520%10,805%21,151%
Piercing GemArmor Piercing1%3%8%20%45%85%150%240%345%496%971%1,900%3,718%7,276%14,239%
Intimidation GemEmpire Intimidation1%2%3.5%5.5%8%11%14%17%20%24%27%30%32%34%35%
Rainbow GemWar/Inf/Cav Attack10%40%160%640%2,560%10,240%pendingpendingpendingpendingpendingpendingpendingpendingpending
Bulwark GemMerc Armor Bonus1%2%3.5%10%23%48%97%192%376%736%1,440%2,820%5,520%10,805%21,151%
Unstoppable GemJuggernaut Attack1%2%3.5%10%23%48%97%192%376%736%1,440%2,820%5,520%10,805%21,151%
Plunderer's GemMerc Raider HP1%2%3.5%10%23%48%97%192%376%736%1,440%2,820%5,520%10,805%21,151%
Karbalos Defense GemCity Defense HP1,000%1,900%3,610%6,859%pendingpendingpendingpendingpendingpendingpendingpendingpendingpendingpending
Flux GemCity Def with Astral4,700%9,200%18,000%35,300%69,100%135,200%264,600%517,850%1,013,487%pendingpendingpendingpendingpendingpending
Aeon GemAstral Attack26%50%98%191%374%731%1,431%2,800%pendingpendingpendingpendingpendingpendingpending
Dungeoneer's AttackPhysical Damage100%255%650%1,658%4,228%10,782%pendingpendingpendingpendingpendingpendingpendingpendingpending
Dungeroneer's HealthDungeon Health100%220%484%1,065%2,343%5,155%pendingpendingpendingpendingpendingpendingpendingpendingpending

Paragon Gems

Paragon Gems are unlocked through Crafting Research. They occupy the fourth spot in your gear and are in the shape of a triangle.

Paragon Garnet GemWarrior Attack/HP.5%1.5%3%6%12%25%51%100%196%384%751%1,470%2,877%5,630%10,018%
Paragon Topaz GemCavalry Attack/HP.5%1.5%3%6%12%25%51%100%196%384%751%1,470%2,877%5,630%10,018%
Paragon Sapphire GemMage Attack/HP.5%1.5%3%6%12%25%51%100%196%384%751%1,470%2,877%5,630%10,018%
Paragon Emerald GemTroop HP1.3%2.5%5%10%25%55%118%245%458%856%1,675%3,278%6,415%12,554%24,568%
Paragon Rose GemMarch Speed1.5%3%5.5%8.3%12%16,5%21%25.5%30%35%40%44%47%49%50%
Paragon Amethyst GemTroop Armor6.3%12.5%20%48%103%203%393%735%1,513%3,115%6,096%11,930%23,347%45,690%89,415%
Paragon Citrine GemTrap Att/HP.5%1.5%3%6%12%25%51%100%196%384%751%1,470%2,877%5,630%10,018%
ParagonOpal GemSiege Attack/HP.5%1.5%3%6%12%25%51%100%196%384%751%1,470%2,877%5,630%10,018%
Paragon NightmareMP Regen1%3%8%19%42%83%147%234%336%482%n/an/an/an/an/a

Using Gems

Match your gems to your needs. If you are gemming Defensive Gear, use gems such as Troop Armor, Health or Flux. Attack Gear uses gems such as Armor Piercing, Aeon or Troop Specific. It all depends on your needs, as there are many different gear combinations. What not to do? Don’t add Monster Gems to your attack set for example.

Gems can take your stats from ordinary to extraordinary. Take advantage of events that provide them, especially the Realm Bosses and Raid Bosses.

Do you have any Gem tips? Let us know below!

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