Bahamut the Bladekeeper

Bahamut aids us with the power of Light

As we descend even further into the Dark World, we received a new ally in our fight. The Astral Bahamut with the power of Light has arrived!

The Bladekeeper

Bahamut, God of War is the first Astral available to us in the new Dark World. Because of that, he will boost all your Dark Troops with more stats than ever before! You will discover that his strength increases with the strength of your Dark Troops. Also, he even increases normal Troops March Size and Troop Attack! 

Additionally, Bahamut offers more bonuses that help to make your normal Troop types more relevant. Bahamut’s Health and HP Regeneration improves with every level and when he’s maxed you will see his regeneration from empty to full in as little as an hour!

In order to unlock Bahamut, you’ll need to unlock the Astral Shrine to Level 6, which requires a special unlock (Level 6 Astral Shrine Unlock) and Bahamut Empowerment Sigils.

Be cautious, as the amount of sigils needed to level Bahamut is much more than what was required with the previous Astrals. But, this accounts for the amount of power he provides to your Empire.

Bahamut’s Skills

Just like other Astrals, you will unlock the different skills as Bahamut levels up. The first two rows are unlocked as soon as you unlock Bahamut. The third row unlocks at Level 5, the fourth row is unlocked at Level 15, the fifth row is unlocked at Level 30, and the last row is unlocked at Level 40. Each skill also has lock points within them, so you will have to level up Bahamut to max out any particular ability.

Out of the 15 skills, 14 of them directly add to Dark Troop stats. The extra skill is an attack bonus for (up to 4,000%!!). From what I can see, there are fewer skill points unlocked with each level and each ability looks to be maxed out at 20.

With Bahamut levels 101+ released the previous stats are increased by thousands of a percent. It’s vital to have the best skills in your Astral Skills Tree to be able to defeat your opponent. He now includes defense oriented boosts that will give your empire the strength it needs to hold firm against incoming attacks.

Here is an overview of Bahamut’s Skills Tree:

Bahamut Astral skill tree
Bahamut Skills

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Bahamut Level 1-4

Mega Flare: Unleash Bahamut’s light energy at your opponents. This will increase your Bahamut’s attack bonus up to 4,000%. Use this in offense or defense to stun your opponents. Use Aeon gems to increase his power!
Draconian Armor: Plating of the Draconian will protect all of your Dark Troops. Increases the Dark Troop armor of your Warriors, Mages, and Cavalry up to a max of 200%.
Void Weaponry: Possess the weapons of your army with Bahamut. Increases Dark Troop attack for your Warriors, Mages, and Cavalry up to a max of 200%.
Commanding March: March for justice with more troops in your arsenal. Increases your Dark Troop march size by up to 200,000 and your normal Troop march size by up to 100,000,000. Be careful not to zero your regular troops in just a few marches with this!

Bahamut Level 5-14

Lightwell: Bahamut brings Light into the Dark. Increases Dark Troop HP by up to a max of 100%.
Unlimited Arsenal: Bahamut provides any weapon of your choice. Increases Troop attack bonus for normal troops up to a max of 300,000,000%. Will this help make normal troops relevant again?
Gift of Courage: True bravery to fight off even the toughest of foes. Increases Dark Rally capacity up to a max of 400,000 and non-Dark Rally capacity up to a max of 300,000,000. 

Bahamut Level 15-29

Bladebreaker: Break your enemy’s offense with Bahamut’s mighty shielding. Increases Dark Troop armor bonus up to a max of 200%.
Ultima Sword: Bring forth Bahamut’s mythical weapon for your troops. Increases Dark Troop attack bonus up to a max of 200%.
Radiant Presence: Boost the vitality of your troops with Bahamut’s presence. Increases Dark Troop health up to a max of 100%.

Bahamut Level 30-39

Enfeeble Defenses: Plunge through any power with the Draconian. Increases your Dark Armor Piercing up to a max of 1000%.  A lot of people don’t even HAVE 1,000% Troop Armor yet!
Tail Whip: Beat your enemies with an offensive attack. Increases Dark city assault attack bonus up to a max of 100%. Only works in offensive marches against an enemy citadel as long as Bahamut is present.
Sunder Spirit: Blast through your enemies while they face their ultimate judgment. Increases Dark Troop Cripple HP up to a max of 500%. This takes away your enemy’s HP, reducing it by an exact number (eg 800%-500%=300%). Not to be confused with an HP “shredding” ability. 500% is NOT a small amount. The average empire hasn’t even reached this level.

Bahamut Level 40+

Strength of the Lucii: The bond between Bahamut and the Lucii runs deep. Increases Dark Crystal holding attack up to a max of 200%. Only applies while holding the Crystal and not while sending out an offensive march to the Crystal. Also, Bahamut must be present in the Crystal.
Flurry of Blades: Unleash a whirlwind of blades upon your enemy. Increases Dark Rally attack up to a max of 200%. Only applies during a rally with Bahamut present. Be sure to have your guildmates add their Bahamut astrals to your rally along with their Dark Troops!

Level 101+

Bahamut Skills Tree
Bahamut 250 Skills

Blademaster: Bahamut’s skill with the blade is unmatched. Increases Bahamut attack bonus up to a max of 300M%, Tier 6 Dark Troop cost reduction up to a max of 25%, and Tier 6 Dark Troop training speed reduction up to a max of 25%.

Battlefield Valor: War lets the valorous reign supreme. Increases Dark Warrior HP up to a max of 50M%, Dark Mage HP up to a max of 50M%, and Dark Cavalry HP up to a max of 50M%.

Serrated Slash: The right weapon can turn the tide of battle. Increases Dark Warrior attack up to a max of 75M%, Dark Mage attack up to a max of 75M%, and Dark Cavalry attack up to a max of 75M%.

Repel: Bahamut stands waiting on the borders of your empire. Increases enemy Dark Troop Attack Resistance up to a max of 150M% and Dark Trap attack up to a max of 75M%. Could this make your traps worth having again?

Level 105+

Righteous Defender: Bahamut blesses those who stay behind to defend. Increases Dark City Defense attack up to a max of 75M%, Dark City Defense HP up to a max of 50M%, and Dark Troop Hospital Capacity up to a max of 200M.

Cosmic Focus: The heavens open to reveal true power. Increases Dark Troop attack up to a max of 60M%, Dark Troop HP up to a max of 25M%, and Dark Troop armor up to a max of 75M%.

Bonds of the Hexatheon: The Astrals share the bonds of divinity. Increases Dark Astral attack up to a max of 60M%. This boost applies to all Astrals that are present in battle!

As you can see, 14 out of his 15 skills boost Dark Troops’ stats. With the other one increasing his own attack. Commanding March, Unlimited Arsenal, and Gift of Courage also have normal troop boosts. Maybe this is the comeback we needed for our previous troops? Because of this, I’m debating on whether I actually want to destroy all my essence wells for Moogle Villages.


Additional Tips:

  • Bahamut slows down your march, so if you don’t need him to defeat your enemies or demolish a neutral empire, forget about him.
  • The higher your Bahamut is in level, the faster he regenerates HP.
  • Some people have noticed that his troop march size increase ability doesn’t work at times. Others have said that you need to have Luna’s Multi-Astral Defense Mastery Skill kicks Bahamut’s march size ability into gear. Hopefully, this gets fixed with an update. Then, I can edit this little tidbit out 🙂
  • The Bahamut unlock doesn’t use Astral Shrine Blueprints, but a “Level 6 Astral Shrine Unlock”. So, you won’t be able to use your saved up Astral Shrine Blueprints. But, that means if you haven’t unlocked any of the previous levels, your packs will have everything you need to level up to 6!
  • Bahamut needs a bit more empowerment sigils than any of our previous Astrals. As a result, one level uses more than we needed to max out any of the others.
  • The newest update to Bahamut has some incredible stats boosts. Including a boost that increases the attack of ALL Astrals present in combat.

Mirror Heroes

The King Regis Mirror Hero also increases your Bahamut stats for attack, armor, and HP. Make sure you have one present in your march when sending out your Bahamut Astral on a journey. This also applies in defense as long as Bahamut and the King Regis Mirror Hero troop is present during an attack. Hopefully with a King Regis update, we will see more stats increases in his Hero Mastery Skills similar to Cindy’s Ramuh skills.


The God of War

Astral Bahamut
God of War

You can reset Bahamut’s skills at any time for free with the reset skills button at the top of the skills tree screen. Also, we can see a “Spend X Ability Points” button to set skills. Perhaps future levels of VIP will allow us to allot skills similar to Hero Skills with VIP 141. With this, resetting your Astral skills will be so much easier.

So far, Bahamut is the only Dark Astral that we have available to us. So, he will be useful in both offense and defense. 

The more Dark Troops that you have present with Bahamut the more it will increase his strength. I have seen some impressive attacks with a high-level Bahamut, so make sure you get the highest tier Dark Troops that you can. Get rid of the extra low-level troops you have to prevent your empire from burning. I’ve even seen someone with Tier 3 Dark Troops burn. 

Level 250 Bahamut Update

You need level 2 and 3 Bahamut Empowerment Sigils to max Bahamut for the best skills available. He provides a lot of defense boosts, including Dark Trap attack, so it will make it harder for you to be unprepared for an attack. 

  • Using a free skills reset, you can get all your points back and only allot the amount you need to get to the newer skills. This comes in handy if you haven’t leveled Bahamut all the way, and you don’t have enough Skill Points at the moment.
  • You can increase your Dark Troop hospital capacity with his skills, so make use of that. Dark Troops are expensive and easily lost with some hard hits. Protect your investment of Guardians and other Mercenaries.

King Noctis and Ardyn

King Noctis vs. Ardyn

Let’s compare our new heroes in the Dark World with the use of Bahamut. If you don’t already have both heroes unlocked, you might be wondering what the best way to unlock the new Astral would be. Most packs will unlock both heroes but that could change in the future, and you never know what is included from day to day.

Of course, Ardyn, as the new hero, is the best choice in regards to stats bonuses. However, King Noctis along with Bahamut isn’t too shabby. Our new Astral has great skills that boost your troops and the difference between King Noctis and Ardyn aren’t too vast when comparing their skills.

That’s A Wrap, Folks

Considering all this, a high-level Bahamut along with a high-level Dark Hero will help you conquer your enemies. Since he increases Dark Troop march size and gets stronger with the more Dark Troops included with him, there’s no way you can go wrong. Also, remember that his HP regeneration is faster the more you level him up. The Bladekeeper can refill his health in as little as an hour according to the blog. I can’t wait to see what features our next Dark Astral will bring to us. I’m thinking a more defense and Crystal oriented Astral.

What are some of your favorite features of our new Dark World Astral, Bahamut? Are you excited to include this powerhouse to conquer your enemies? Would you like to see more Astrals who help make normal troops more relevant, or are you all in on the Dark World and what it has to offer in Dark Troops? Let us know in the comments below and join our social media channels below to join in the conversation!

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