Beginner’s Inside Scoop to Astrals

Which Astral will you use to dominate EOS?

Astrals, also known as The Six, are summoned to help you protect EOS. These cosmic figures are known for their indication of their powers from the planet of EOS themselves. Noctis forges a pact with each of them to help complete his prophecy.

Therefore, the Astrals protected EOS in their own ways with their special abilities and because of this, they are worshipped as Gods and Goddesses. In Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire your Hero can summon the help of an Astral to dominate the forces.

As in the Hexatheon’s Blessing, the book of Cosmology saysTitan, the Archaean, steadfast as stone. Ramuh, the Fulgurian, sharp as lightning. Shiva, the Glacian, gentle as snow. Leviathan, the Hydraean, relentless as tides. Bahamut, the Draconian, unbending as iron. Ifrit, the Infernian, fickle as fire. Since time immemorial, they have watched over Eos.”

Read on below to find out where to get them, which ones to use, and some helpful tips and tricks!

Astral Shrine

Here is the one place where all your Astrals sleep! Or I suppose chill out eating some tacos while waiting on you to use them to attack or reinforce. Make sure you click on each Astral inside the Astral Shrine to check out each of their abilities.

Here are a few tips for your Astrals:

  • Your Astrals will not die. Once their HP is depleted you can either use a full health Talisman or wait for them to replenish on their own.
  • Your Astral only regenerates their HP when they are inside your Empire.
  • Remember you can reskill your Astrals for FREE anytime you wish to adjust them to your needs.
  • Astrals will slow down your March no matter what.
  • If the enemy Empire has Anti-Scout on then send a March with your Astral to obtain a Battle Report instead to see what their Empire has.
  • Unlocking Level 4 Astral Shrine will unlock the Multi-Astral Defense, meaning that ALL your Astrals that are in your home Empire and of course Reinforcing Astrals will be defending your honor.
  • Level 5 Astral Shrine will unlock an Extra March containing an Astral.
  • Aeon Level 10 Gems contain 2,289% Astral Attack.
  • Some of the Mirror Heroes strengthen your Astrals.

Here are each of the astrals with their abilities, make sure you click on the links attached below each Astral to read about them more in-depth!

Astral Shrine Building Requirments:

*Credit for the Astral Shrine Building Chart goes to our favorite chart maker DncingRetsuko!

**General Shiva, Leviathan, and Ifrit Attack, Defense and HP bonuses are effective after the Dark World release. General Troop and other general stats are not effective unless the boost itself has the word Dark prior to it.

Shiva, Goddess of Ice

The first Astral to be summoned with her chilling wrath of Glacian crushing her enemies who come across her.

Here are the boosts for Shiva by row in her skill tree:

  1. Shiva Armor, Crystal/Titan Enemy Slow, Shiva Attack, Mage Attack, Shiva HP, and Ice Elemental HP
  2. Shiva Armor, Ice Elemental Armor, Shiva Attack, Ice Elemental Troop Attack, Shiva HP, plus Shiva HP Regeneration
  3. Shiva Armor, City Defense Armor, Shiva Attack, Cripple Enemy HP, Shiva HP, as well as Bonus Production from Ice Wells
  4. Shiva Armor, Champions of Shiva Troop Armor, Shiva Attack, Champion of Shiva Troop Attack, Shiva HP along with Champions of Shiva Troop HP
  5. Anti-Attack Shredding and City Defense Attack
  6. Dark Infusion Strength as well as dark City Defense Attack Multiplier
  7. Dark City Defense HP, Dark City Defense Armor, Dark City Defense Attack, plus Dark Troop Attack
  8. Dark Mage HP, Dark Mage Armor, Dark Warrior HP, Dark Warrior Armor, Dark Cavalry HP, along with Dark Cavalry Armor

Use your Luna Mirror hero to acquire an additional Attack, HP, and Armor bonus for Shiva.

Leviathan, Goddess of Sea

This Hydraean that defends your Empire by rising out of the ocean with her beauty bringing on the force of tides.

Here are the boosts for Leviathan by row in her skill tree:

  1. Leviathan Armor, City Defense Troop HP, Leviathan Attack, Cavalry Attack, Leviathan HP, plus Mercenary Troop Capacity
  2. Leviathan Armor, Trap HP, Leviathan Attack, Cavalry Armor, Leviathan HP, as well as Leviathan’s HP Regeneration
  3. Leviathan Armor, Defender Armor, Leviathan Attack, Enemy Astral Armor Debuff with JUggernaut, Leviathan’s HP, and Troop Health while attacking Crystal
  4. Leviathan Armor, Champions of Leviathan Troop Armor, Leviathan Attack, Champions of Leviathan Troop Attack, Leviathan HP, along with Champions of Leviathan Troop HP
  5. Leviathan Attack Multiplier while attacking the Crystal plus City Defense Armor Multiplier
  6. Dark Infusion Strength also Dark Crystal Assault/Holding Attack Multiplier
  7. Dark Armor Piercing, Dark March Size, as well as Dark Cripple HP
  8. Dark Crystal Holding Attack, Dark Crystal Defense HP, Dark Rally Capacity, Dark Rally Attack, plus Dark Rally HP

Make sure you unlock your Astral Shrine with your Astral Blueprint to get to Level 2. If you wish to power up your Leviathan’s Attack, HP, and Armor to greater heights make sure you have your Iris Mirror Hero present.

Ifrit, God of Fire

The Infernian brings on the flames of destruction onto the war.

Here are the boosts for Ifrit by row in his skill tree:

  1. Ifrit Armor, Fire Elemental HP, Ifrit Attack, Warrior Attack, Ifrit’s Health, also Fire Elemental Attack Multiplier against Ice Elementals
  2. Ifrit Armor, Fire Elemental Armor, Ifrit Attack, Fire Elemental Attack, Ifrit HP, and Ifrit HP Regeneration
  3. Ifrit Armor, City Assault HP. Ifrit Attack, Critical Fire Elemental Attack, Ifrit HP along with a Bonus Production form Fire Well
  4. Nullify Enemy Troop Attack against Astrals
  5. Ifrit Armor, Champion of Ifrit Armor, Ifrit Attack, Champion of Ifrit Attack, Ifrit HP, as well as Champion of Ifrit HP
  6. HP Shredding
  7. Dark Infusion Strength and Dark City Assault Attack Multiplier
  8. Dark City Assault Armor, Dark City Assault Attack, plus Dark City Assault HP
  9. Dark Mage Attack, Dark Warrior Attack, along with Dark Cavalry Attack

Make sure you once again unlock your Astral Shrine with your Astral Blueprints to get to Level 3. Want to bolster Ifrit’s Attack, HP, and Armor up even more? Dose that beast up with some steroids! Just kidding please do not do that, Ignis Mirror Hero will do the trick.

Shiva, Leviathan, and Ifrit Sigil Requirements 1-200:

*Shiva, Leviathan, and Ifrit level 1-100 Sigil Requirments Chart credit goes to DncingRetsuko once again! Thanks, Chica!

Bahamut, God of War

(April 30th, 2019)

Behold the first Astral to release to the Dark World. The Bahamut stands guard to those who question him with his powers that intensifies his All-Around Dark Combat.

Here are the boosts for Bahamut by row in his skill tree:

  1. Bahamut Attack Bonus
  2. Dark Warrior/ Dark Mage/ Dark Cavalry Armor, Dark Warrior/Dark Mage/ Dark Cavalry Attack, as well as Dark March Size and March Size
  3. Dark Warrior/Dark Mage/ Dark Cavalry HP, Troop Attack, Dark Rally Capacity, as well as Rally Capacity
  4. Dark Troop Armor, Dark Troop Attack, plus Dark Troop HP
  5. Dark Armor Piercing, Dark City Assault Attack, along with Dark Cripple HP
  6. Dark Crystal Holding Attack plus Dark Rally Attack

In order for you to unlock the Draconian, you must use the Astral Shrine Level 6 unlock not Astral Blueprints. To heighten his potential with more Attack, HP, and Armor then use Mirror Hero King Regis to dominate the forces.

Bahamut Sigil Requirements:

Titan, God of Earth

(May 28th, 2019)

Astral Shrine Level 7 unlock will summon the power of the mighty Archaean. The fearsome Titan unleashes his wrath with his Dark Mercenary Combat abilities.

Here are the boosts for Titan by row in his skill tree:

  1. Titan Attack plus Titan Attack Multiplier while attacking with Bahamut
  2. Dark City Defense HP, Dark City Defense Armor, Dark City Assault Attack, Dark Guardian Attack along with Dark Guardian HP
  3. Dark Mercenary HP, Dark Mercenary Armor, Dark Mercenary Attack, Dark Juggernaut Attack as well as Dark Juggernaut HP
  4. Dark Troop HP, Dark Troop Armor, Dark Troop Attack, Dark Airship Attack, and Dark Airship HP
  5. Dark Crystal Holding Attack, Dark Crystal Defense HP, also Dark Mercenary March Size

Mirror Hero Ardyn stands alongside with him boosting Titan’s Attack, HP, and Armor while he conquers EOS.

Ramuh, God of Storm

(June 17th, 2019)

The Fulgarian fortifies the power of Dark Elementals.

Here are the boosts for Ramuh by row in his skill tree:

  1. Ramuh Attack along with Dark Elemental Attack Multiplier
  2. Dark Earth Attack, Dark Earth HP, Dark Earth Armor, Dark Fire Attack, Dark Fire HP, plus Dark Fire Armor
  3. Dark Elemental March Size
  4. Dark Lightning Attack, Dark Lightning HP, Dark Lightning Armor, Dark Ice Attack, Dark Ice HP, as well as Dark Ice Armor
  5. Dark Mage Attack, Dark Mage HP, Dark Warrior Attack, Dark Warrior HP, Dark Cavalry Attack and Dark Cavalry HP
  6. Dark Elemental Armor, Dark Elemental Attack, plus Dark Elemental HP
  7. Dark Crystal Holding Attack, Dark Crystal Defense HP, Dark Elemental Rally Capacity, Dark Rally Attack, as well as Dark Rally HP

Use the Cindy Mirror Hero to power up your Ramuh’s Attack, HP, and Armor even more! Make sure to unlock your Astral Shrine to level 8.

Titan and Ramuh Sigil Requirments:

I think that it is clear that Astrals play a vital role in Final Fantasy. Which Astral is your favorite and why? Comment below or join us on Social Media and let us know!

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