Ramuh, God of Storm

Ramuh Offers Thunderous Bonuses to your Dark Elemental Troops and More

The newest and most powerful Astral so far is Ramuh, the Fulgarian. He is our Pikachu in the FFXV world with all of his lightning attack skills. Although, in FFXV: ANE, he boosts all of the Dark Elemental troops and not just the Dark Lightning troops. Ramuh also gives the three main Dark Core troops some incredible stats increases as well. Such as attack, HP, and armor up to 5M% for each type. Since he offers combat boosts on a wide variety of troops, he is useful in offense and defense.

Astral Shrine

You will need your Astral Shrine to be at level 8 in order to unlock Ramuh. It seems that we’ve moved away from blueprints for this building. Instead, you can pick up an Astral Shrine level 8 unlock from the Gold Store. I haven’t seen it available in the Moogle Market or from events, yet. But that doesn’t mean that it won’t be there in the future for you thrifty players!

When you’ve grabbed the level 8 Astral Shrine unlock, you will need to make sure your Shrine is already at level 7 before you can upgrade to level 8. If you don’t, you will have to make sure any pack you buy has the previous upgrades included with it. All you need to do is click the Upgrade button in the Shrine, and your Ramuh is ready for action!

Astral Unlock
Astral Shrine Unlock

Ramuh Empowerment Sigils

Next, you will need to collect as many Ramuh Sigils as you can. He is very Sigil intensive and you will need billions of them. Don’t fret too much, packs are starting to carry a substantial amount of Sigils shortly after his release. You can also find them in events and in the Moogle Market. 

Ramuh Sigils
Thanks, ConcreteRos3!

Ramuh Abilities

When you’ve leveled the God of the Storm up as much as you can, it’s time to allot his skill points to the abilities that you find useful. You will get about 5 Skill Points per level and there are 20 points to master each ability. You will need to work your way down the Skill Tree to unlock them all. There is also a max amount of points you can set to each ability that depends on your Ramuh level. So level him up as much as you can to take advantage of all of his boosts.

Remember, that you can reset his skills at any time for free by clicking on the “Reset Skills” button at the top right of his skill tree. This is useful when you don’t have a maxed out Astral and you need to change skills. Or when they release new Astral levels and you don’t have enough points to unlock the newer skills. You can set the fewest amount of skill points to the older, outdated skills just to get to the juicy, higher boosts at the bottom. 

Check out the abilities he has up to level 100:

Ramuh Skills Tree
Ramuh Skills Tree

Eye of the Storm: Ramuh awaits at the heart of the storm. Increases the Ramuh’s attack bonus up to a max of 10,000% and the Special Bonus for each Dark Elemental is increases when attacking with Ramuh up to a max of 10%. With this skill, Dark Fire Elemental troops will deal 20% more total damage when attacking an empire.

Earthen Polarity: Electrified earth makes an excellent projectile. Increases Dark Earth attack up to a max of 3M%, Dark Earth HP up to a max of 1M%, and Dark Earth armor up to a max of 3M%.

Igniting Spark: Lightning can quickly start a roaring blaze. Increases Dark Fire Attack up to a max of 3M%, Dark Fire HP up to a max of 1M%, and Dark Fire armor up to a max of 3M%.

Elemental Conjuring: Ramuh enables more to fight with Elemental strength. Increases Dark Elemental march size up to a max of 100M.

Unbridled Power: Ramuh manifests pure Lightning with ease. Increases Dark Lightning attack up to a max of 3M%, Dark Lightning HP up to a max of 1M%, and Dark Lightning armor up to a max of 3M%.

Thunderstorm: Storms can bring down chilling rain. Increases Dark Ice attack up to a max of 3M%, Dark Ice HP up to a max of 1M%, and Dark Ice armor up to a max of 3M%.

Staff of the Fulgarian: Mages can learn from the ways Ramuh wields magic. Increases Dark Mage attack up to a max of 5M%, Dark Mage HP up to a max of 2.5M%. Note that this does not include an armor boost.

Grounded Shields: Grounded armor provides troops with protection. Increases Dark Warrior attack up to a max of 5M%, Dark Warrior HP up to a max of 2.5M%. This doesn’t provide any armor boosts to your Warriors.

Echoes of Ixion: A legendary power resides in the head of Ramuh’s staff. Increases Dark Cavalry attack up to a max of 5M%, Dark Cavalry HP up to a max of 2.5M%. No armor boost here, either.

Electrical Shielding: Elemental auras can provide excellent shielding. Increases Dark Elemental armor up to a max of 2.4M%. You may want to level this ability up to give the missing armor boost from the above Core troops.

Judgment Bolt: Ramuh casts down judgment from on high. Increases Dark Elemental attack up to a max of 1M%. 

Energize: Raw energy can embolden those in battle. Increases Dark Elemental HP up to a max of 800,000%.

Channeled Energy: Being the focus of attacks can also draw in power. Increases Dark Crystal Holding attack up to a max of 1M% and Dark Crystal Defense HP up to a max of 500,000%. An example of a skill you might not use. This makes the Skill Reset handy if you find yourself in a Crystal Battle!

Positive Charge: Ramuh can lead masses of powerful troops. Increases Dark Elemental rally capacity up to a max of 300M.

Coalesced Power: With enough time, tremendous power can be unleashed. Increases Dark Rally attack up to a max of 1M% and Dark Rally HP up to a max of 500,000%. Stats like these are what make a solo attacker use a rally instead. But then instant marching instead of having guildmates join.

Skills Tree Recap

As you can see, he gives some nice stats boosts to most of your troops. Even a basic player can benefit from his march size increases for Neutral Empire events from under a bubble. I like how he is almost an all-purpose astral and doesn’t just boost the Dark Lightning troops like the names of his abilities would make it seem. “Ramuh, USE THUNDERBOLT!” Oh, sorry… wrong game…

Mirror Heroes

Gentiana Mirror
Gentiana Mirror
Cindy Mirror Research
Cindy Mirror

Using Ramuh in an offensive march, you might do well by adding some Mirror Heroes. 

The Cindy Mirror Hero boosts Ramuh bonuses by up to 20,700,000%. You get the 700,000% from the Mirror Troops research in the University. Then the whopping 20M% bonus comes from the Cindy Mastery Skills tree. You will need to have your hero Cindy at 325 to start leveling up that ability. The Gentiana Mirror Hero has Dark Astral bonuses for attack, HP, and armor up to 10M%. Half of that is in the University and the other half is in Gentiana’s Mastery Skills tree starting at Gentiana hero level 64. The Mirror Hero troops need to be present in your march for these boosts to apply. They even work in defense as long as they are in your empire!

Mirror Hero Research
Mirror Hero Tree

Ramuh Tips and Tricks

  • Ramuh benefits from your Dark Bonuses, so as your Dark Elementals get stronger, so does Ramuh.
  • Using as many higher-level Elemental troops in combat will increase Ramuh’s effectiveness.
  • Using Ramuh in an offensive march, with good stats, makes it so much harder to capture a hero. Even when all the troops and other Astrals are killed off, the God of Storm almost always stands strong!
    • Ever since the Dark World, Astrals have been taking damage after all your troops. This helps cut down on how many Astral Full Health Talisman you need to use. It also helps you defend your empire more effectively without needing to heal after every attack.
  • Using his Rally stats boost ability can make a “solo rally” hit harder than a regular solo attack. I’ve seen a lot of offensive players use this tactic to cause a burn. 
    • A “solo rally” is when you set a rally and set it off instantly. It might take a few more seconds to set, but with Rally Time Reduction starting with VIP 134, you can instantly send off your rally without waiting.
Ramuh, God of storm

Ramuh, the Elder Justiciar

Now that you know the ways that Ramuh can benefit you in combat, what do you think? His abilities can be the push you need to conquer your foes. All you need is a high-level Ramuh Astral in your empire, and you can accomplish almost anything. Please join us on Discord or Line to show us how you’ve gained wins with Ramuh at your side. 

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