Titan, God of Earth

The strongest Astral yet, emerges!

It has been said that the great mighty Archaean caught the meteorite when he fell to Eos in ancient times. He slept while carrying it on his back at the Disc of Cauthess. A thousand years have passed Lunafreya Nox Fleuret awakened the great giant. She then helps Noctis Lucis Caelum fulfill his true prophecy as the True King. The Titan has been summoned to help us out with our Dark Empires. But how exactly? Read below and find out all about the glorious giant!

First, the most important thing for you to unlock the Titan is you will need Astral Shrine level 7 unlock along with Titan Empowerment Sigils. I don’t know about you, but I am pretty ecstatic about having the ability to send an extra Astral in my marches. So let’s call upon him and have him lead our Troops with his persuasive skills. As you level up the Archaean, you will notice the rows unlocking with different abilities. There are three rows Defense, Attack, along with Utility. Keep in mind that each of the skills has lock points within them. So level him up to maximize the ability you seek!

Titan’s Special Abilities

This specific Astral specializes in Dark Mercenary Combat. He benefits from your Dark Bonuses, such as if your Dark Mercenaries get stronger, so does your Titan. Another example would be if the Titan has a 10,000% attack bonus, and you add Bahamut. He will gain an additional 10% multiplier into his attack bonus. That’s pretty neat, isn’t it?!

Read below to check out the mind-blowing skills you can unlock!

*numbers are at maxed amounts

Level 1-100

(May 28th, 2019)

Titanic Might: His raw strength increases Titan’s Attack Bonus up to 10,000%, plus 10% more Attack when fighting with Bahamut.

Protection Aura: Those who are under Titan’s protection will have increased Dark City Defense HP by 1500% and Dark City Defense Armor at 4500%

Seismic Throw: Watch out for the vast boulder being thrown in the battlefield as he increases his Dark City Assault Attack up to 5000%

EarthWard: The Earthen increases Dark Guardian Attack by 1,000% and HP by 2,000%

Forged Resiliency: Crafting barriers to prove resilient by increasing Dark Mercenary HP by 1,000% and Armor by 3,000%

Shalestorm: Throwing those sharp rocks can sure hurt when it is rising Dark Mercenary Attack by 3,000%

Quaking Slam: Striking the Earth with Juggernauts Attack by 4,000% and HP by 500%

Heart of the Earth: Down to the cores lies power by increasing Dark Troop HP by 2,500% and Armor by 7,500%

Cosmic Impact: That meteor isn’t going to work out very well for your enemies with 5,000% Dark Troop Attack

Archaean’s Fury: That onslaught is going to hurt a bit with those Airships Attack increasing them to 2,000% and HP at 1,000%

Rock Armor: The hardest stone to withstand the massive assault with Dark Crystal Holding Attack at 7,500% plus Dark Crystal Defense HP at a mighty 3,750%

Unbridled Rage: Nothing is going to stop the giant with Dark Rally Attack going up to 7,500% and HP by 3.750%

Landslide: Here comes the mountains crashing down with Dark Mech Attack at 2,200% and HP at 1,100%

Faultine: Wipe those enemies out with a good war increasing your Dark Rally Capacity by 18 million!

Volatile Stomp: A big ole stomp making your enemies tremble before you by increasing your glorious Dark March size by a whopping 6 million.

Level 101-250

(July 18th, 2019)

As the Archaean continues to grow into a mighty giant, so does the power of your Dark Mercenaries and now your Earth Elementals to great heights! Continue to call upon him to lead your marches into battle. 

Here are the mindblowing skills you can unlock at the levels specified:

Celestial Reckoning: Boost not only your Titan by 400M% in Titan Attack alone but let’s reduce the Dark Mercenary Armaments T2 Training Cost Reduction by 50%!, Plus Dark Mercenary Training Speed by 200%.

Earthen Affinity: The ones who walk the path of the Earth will get 70M% Dark Earth Attack, 50M% Dark Earth Troop HP, along with 150M% Dark Earth Troop Armor.

Tremors: The greatest fighters make the best tremors when you have your Dark Juggernauts and Dark Airships at an additional 100M% Attack 

Advanced Plating: The Titan assists you with 100M% Dark Mech Attack as well as 75M% Dark Guardian HP

Shield Wall: Protecting you with a massive wall of a shield by giving you even more Dark Mercenary HP at 30M% as well as Dark Mercenary Armor at 90M%.

Rain of Destruction: A massive invasion will do you wonders with an extra 90M% Dark Mercenary Attack.

Breakthrough: Pierce through the most excellent defenses of all with Dark Mercenary Attack Resistance up to 50M%, Dark Mercenary Cripple HP at 75M%, along with Dark Mercenary Armor Piercing at a whooping 150M%!

Level 251-300

(September 24th, 2019)

God of Earth continues to emerge and remain a loyal ally. Enhancing your Dark Mercenaries. As he rises to 300, check out his powerful skills, you can gain to defeat your enemies!

Lay of the Land: Boosting your Titan’s HP Regeneration Speed by 5,000% while aiding Mirror Hero Ardyn boosting Archean’s attack by 20M%. Titan Juggernaut Speciality: City Assault raises another 100%. He increases Dark Mercenary Attack by 750M% and Dark Mechs’ Attack by 2.5B%

Mountain Breaker: Increasing Titan’s Attack by 5M%. Dark Mercenary Armor maxes at 250M% while boosting Armor Piercing 1.5B%. Titan’s Merch Specialty is Crystal Focus, therefore, adding another 100%. Dark Juggernaut Attack improves 2.5B%

Invigorating Fissure: Titan’s HP Regeneration Speed by an additional 2M% and advancing Mercenary HP 500M%. Your Mirror Hero Ardyn continues to receive Titan’s attack bonus by 40M%. Dark Mercenary March size increases by 750M while Rally Capacity goes up 2.25B. Then lastly your Guardians Attack maxes at 2.5B%

Engulfment: God of Earth restores his Attack, rising it 5M%. Dark Guardian, Juggernaut, Mech, as well as Ariship’s Cripple HP by 175M%. Mirror Hero Ardyn stands by his side, giving him an additional 40M% Attack boost.

Unbreakable Shield: The mighty giant’s HP escalates an additional 5,000% while boosting Dark Warrior, Fire Troop, and Airship’s Attack Resistance by 1B%. Titan’s Guardian Specialty is City Defense furthering it 100%, lastly providing 250M% Dark Mercenary Armor.

Aftershock: Titan’s Attack Bonus continues to strive 8M% while Airship’s Specialty: City Assult upgrading 100%. Dark Guardian and Juggernaut another 1B%. Mirror Hero Ardyn boosting Titan’s attack another 60M%. Dark Airship Attack 2.5B%

Canyon Formation: Titan’s Attack Bonus boosts 10M% while Dark Mercenary Attack Resistance boosts 500M%. Dark Mercenary Cripple HP, plus Armor Piercing, increases 175M% as Ardyn adds another 49M% to his Mirror Hero aiding Titan’s attack.

Titan Sigil Chart 1-100 (Level 1)

Titan Sigil Chart 101-200 (Level 2)

Titan Sigil Chart 201-250 (Level 3)

Titan Sigil Chart 251-300 (Level 4)

*in the works, will update as it is done make sure to check back!

If you have any Titan Level 4 requirements, please feel free to screenshot and send it to me in PM (ID: peacefulwarrior414) or share in the FFXV: ANE HUB line room and tag me!

Tips and Tricks

  • Using higher-level Dark Mercenaries in your March will increase the effectiveness of the Titan!
  • Use Bahamut as his second-hand man, aka sidekick, to help cause damage even more!
  • Your Astral only regenerates their HP inside your Empire.
  • Remember, you can reskill your Astral FREE anytime you wish to.

And lastly, how do you plan to skill your Titan? Do you plan to use him to defend your Empire or unleash the power within him? What is your favorite feature about the mighty Archaean? Comment below or let us know on Line or Discord! I’ll see you there!

“May the light watch over you and remember, from the deep, the Archaean calls. Yet on deaf ears, the gods’ tongue falls”
-Ardyn Izunia

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