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Just when you thought you had enough heroes, along comes Cindy Aurum. This heroine boasts a very unique set of hero skills that just might make her the strongest (and prettiest) hero yet. This article will review Cindy’s skills one by one and give practical uses for each.

Unlocking Cindy

Like other heroes, the only way to unlock Cindy is to purchase a Cindy Aurum Hero Unlock item from the Gold Store. While you’re at it, stock up on plenty of those Cindy Hero Medals you’ll eventually need after she hits level 50.

Cindy Hero Skill Tree

Cindy has a very unique skill tree. Similar to Ravus and Gladio, Cindy has no level caps on any of her skills until you hit 100. Let’s review her abilities one by one.

Realm Boss Blueprint Scavenging

The days when you would have to buy a pack just to get the “Thank You Pack” with 200 Blueprints are long gone. This handy skill gets you level-appropriate blueprints every time you hit any Realm Boss. And yes, you will get even more blueprints using Cindy to attack any Realm Boss that already drops blueprints.

MP Recovery

Add an extra 100% to your MP Recovery when mastering this skill and watch your MP soar. This makes Cindy the go-to hero for any Realm Boss. Now if we could only get that Cindy MP Doubler added to the Oracle Temple…

Footwear March Speed

Much of Cindy’s power comes from these equipment modifiers. Footwear March Speed, as the name implies, will increase the March Speed boosts from any footwear you equip Cindy with by up to 200% when mastered. This will allow you to clear your expansion tiles and hit opponents from far away at freakishly fast speeds.

All Construction Speed

While Noctis’ Construction Speed skill was great for reducing those build timers on Basic and Exalted building upgrades, Cindy’s All Construction Speed skill will reduce the build time on any type of building upgrade – including Basic (800%), Royal (400%), Exalted (200%), Divine (100%) and Elite (50%).

Trap Armor

Ever wonder why your traps can be destroyed so easily? Troops and your hero both have an armor buffer before your opponent even touches your HP, but traps don’t – until now. Master this skill for a sweet 3,000% Armor added to all of your Traps.

Helmet Armor Bonus

This skill only affects the Troop Armor bonus of your headgear, increasing it up to +15,000% when mastered. The hero skill itself only goes up to +200% Helmet Armor.


Siege Engine HP

Increases Cindy’s Siege HP by up to +3,000% when mastered.

Accessory All Stat Bonus

Possibly one of Cindy’s best skills (depending on what equipment you have), this skill increases all bonuses from an accessory by up to 67% when mastered.

Body Armor HP

This hero skill only affects the Troop HP bonus on body armor by increasing it up to +5,000% when mastered. The hero skill itself only goes up to +200% Body Armor HP.

Trap HP

This skill increases your Siege HP by up to +3,000% when mastered.

Warrior Attack, Cavalry Attack & Mage Attack

As individual skills, Cindy has the highest maximum attack bonus for Warrior, Cavalry and Mage troops, weighing in at a maximum of +3,000% Attack each. The ratio of AP points per attack bonus gained isn’t bad, either. This makes it relatively easy to max out one of these skills, but if you plan on mastering all 3, you won’t have any AP points left for other skills.

Trap Transportation System

At level 50, Cindy unlocks the Trap Transportation System. This unique ability allows you to include up to 50,000 traps in your march when selecting troops when mastered. That 50,000 traps is in addition to your present march size. As long as you have at least 1 troop in your march, you can even include traps in solo marches without Cindy, so long as she is your active hero.

Weapon Attack Bonus

Once Cindy hits level 70, she unlocks the vicious Weapon Attack Bonus skill. This skill multiplies the Troop Attack of any weapon Cindy has equipped by up to +200%, with a maximum of +5,000% additional Troop Attack.

Trap Attack

At level 70, this skill increases Trap Attack by up to +3,000% when mastered.

Tile Attack & HP

After reaching level 80, this skill increases both Attack and HP when defending on a tile by up to +4,000%.

Siege Attack

After reaching level 80, this skill will increases Cindy’s Siege Attack by up to +3,000% when mastered.

Trap Transportation Mastery

Once Cindy hits level 100, unlocking Trap Transportation Mastery will allow you to send an additional 150,000 traps in a rally. Together with Cindy’s mastered Trap Transportation System, you will be able to send up to 200,000 traps in addition to your present march size.

Cindy’s Mastery Skill

In addition to some of the best all-around hero skills in the game, Cindy also has some powerful Mastery Skill capable of taking the power of your heroes to the next level!

Trap Transportation System & Trap Transportation Mastery

Cindy’s Trap Transport System skill allows all heroes to send up to 50,000 traps in your marches, while Trap Transportation Mastery (7 Mastery Points) gives all heroes the ability to send an additional 150,000 traps in marches or rallys.

Trap HP & Armor and Trap Attack

On the left-hand side of Cindy’s Mastery Skill tree is Trap HP & Armor, a valuable skill that will help perserve your Traps at home and in marches by adding a maximum of +7,500% Trap HP & Armor. Meanwhile, her Trap Attack skill adds up to +10,000% Trap Attack for traps in both marches and your empire.

Body Armor & Weapon HP & Attack

On the right-hand side of Cindy’s MAstery Tree are Body Armor HP & Attack, followed by Weapon HP & Attack. Each of these skills allows you to reap the benefits of Cindy’s hero skills that multiple the HP and Attack of any heroes armor or weapon by up to +5,000%!


The bottom line: if you’re still on the fence as to whether or not you should add Cindy to your line-up of heroes, do it. There is no other way to say it: Cindy is the all-around best for economy (All Construction Speed), monster hunting (MP Recovery), attack (Warrior/Cavalry/Mage Attack) and defense (Trap Armor). Plus, her unique Trap Transportation System skill provides a fun, new element of gameplay that we don’t see anywhere else. If you haven’t yet, get Cindy immediately and level her up as much as possible.

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