Hero Mastery Skill Guide

The most recent update now allows players to not only level up all of their heroes to level 150 (except Cindy. Sorry, Cindy!) But also, this increased level cap came with entirely new skill trees, showing off 7 abilities for each hero and allowing players to apply one hero’s skills to their entire empire – even while using a different hero! This guide will take an in-depth look at each hero’s new Mastery Skills, discuss the strategy and uses for each, and help you determine which hero best suits your specific playstyle.

How do Mastery Skills Work?

Mastery Skills work exactly like Hero Skills, only they use Mastery Points instead of AP. They can be accessed by selecting “Skills” from the hero equipment screen, and then select “Mastery Skills.”

Starting at level 95, you will obtain 1 Mastery Point every time you level up your hero in addition to AP. This will allow you to continue working on your normal Hero Skills while slowly moving down the Mastery skill tree.

Each hero has a unique Mastery Skill tree with abilities that complement their Hero Skills. When you learn a new Mastery Skill, that skill will take effect for your entire empire, regardless of whether you have that hero active or not.

All Hero Mastery Skills require 1 Mastery Point to increase by one level, with the exception of one particularly powerful skill in the middle of the Mastery tree that requires 7 AP and can be unlocked by any hero as early as level 103.

Noctis Mastery Skills

  • Hero Attack. This is the very first Noctis Mastery skill which becomes available at level 105. Just like the Hero Skill tree, you need to put at least 1 Mastery Point into the first skill in order to advance to the next skill down. Level 1 gives a decent +50% Hero Attack, which actually comes out to the equivalent of Noctis’ Hero Skill by the same name when it is mastered. Hero Attack has a maximum of +500% Attack to monsters, but don’t fall into the trap on using all of your Mastery Points on this first skill – just one point in Hero Attack will suffice. Save the rest of your Mastery Points for bigger and better skills.
  • March Slot. Right in the center is Noctis’ 7-Point Skill, which gives you an additional March to use with any hero. Including Noctis’ Exalted Army Hero Skill and Order of Kings, this will allow you to send out up to10 marches at once.
  • March Size. Increases your March Size for all heroes by +5,000 at level 1 and +50,000 when mastered (20 Points).
  • Rally Size. This is a great skill for rally leaders and Crystal/Titan contenders, with +20,000 Rally Size at level 1 and +500,000 Rally Size when mastered.
  • Elemental Troop Attack & HP. Considering their +1 Troop Tier, massive attack stats, and the multitude of other bonuses that Elemental Troops enjoy, they are currently the strongest troops in the game. This skill will simultaneously increase their Attack & HP by +3,000 when mastered. For players who have an Elemancy Hall of level 9 or greater, this skill will certainly come in handy.
  • Core Troop Attack & HP. If you haven’t yet gotten around to leveling up your Elemancy Hall, then this skill still works for you by increasing Warrior, Mage and Cavalry Attack & HP by +1,500%.

Prompto Mastery Skills

  • Armor Piercing. You can never have enough Armor Piercing. This Prompto Mastery Skill will give you +500% more Armor Piercing when mastered and is a good investment for Prompto’s first few Mastery Points.
  • March Speed. Prompto’s 7-point skill will increase the speed of every type of march by +75%, allowing you to send troops faster than ever. Although this is a pretty good skill considering that it applies to any troop type, we almost always see March Speed boosts work only for certain troops. If you use a lot of March Speed-up items to get where you are going fast, then it is completely unnecessary. This skill doesn’t really help combat, so those 7 Mastery Points can be better allocated to any of Prompto’s other Mastery Skills listed here.
  • Lightning Troop HP.  Lightning Troops are made for defending the Crystal, and  and receive a massive attack bonus for doing so. Any troops defending the Crystal should have as much HP as possible, and this skill can increase Lightning Troop HP by as much as +4,500% when mastered. That’s why this skill is an essential Mastery Skill for all of the Crystal contenders out there.
  • City Assault Attack. Although this skill gets a decent +200% City Assault Attack at level 1, when it is mastered (20 Mastery Skill Points) it yields only +1,800 City Assault Attack, which makes it the smallest offensive boost out of any Mastery Skills.
  • Lightning Troop Attack. As with Lightning Troop HP, this is a skill that will certainly come in handy when defending the Crystal from attackers. Mastering this skill will give your Lightning Troops an extra +4,5000% Attack.
  • Rally City Assault Attack & HP. With a high boost of +3,000% Rally City Assault Attack & HP when mastered, this skill is a must-have for rally leaders. However, it’s not without its limitation. Although it increases both Troop Attack & HP, it only works when you are the one leading the rally, but it doesn’t apply to rallies attacking the Crystal or Neutral Empires, like Daemons, Magitek, Bandits, etc. Unless you find yourself leading a rally against other empires on a daily basis, this skill might not be for you.

Luna Mastery Skills

  • City Defense. Luna’s first Mastery Skill will only increase your City Assault Defense by +1,000% after mastering this skill. That’s not a whole lot, especially considering the massive bonuses other Mastery Skills give us. Unless you’re a trap player or constantly under assault, only put one point into this skill so that you can move down the skill tree.
  • Luna’s Offering. Don’t you hate that you need to switch heroes to Luna every time there is a new Luna Gift? Well, in addition to giving double Luna gifts for all heroes, this skill increases for Hospital Capacity and Embassy Capacity by 200% for a mere 7 Mastery Points.
  • Ice Troop HP. Ice Elemental Troops receive a massive attack bonus, but only when they’re attacking the Crystal. This Luna skill will increase Ice Troop HP by +4,500% when mastered, which will help lower the overall number of Ice Troops killed while attacking the Crystal, thereby increasing the likelihood of capturing it and becoming Emperor. If you’ve never attacked a Crystal before, you’ll find more useful places to use Luna’s Mastery Points elsewhere.
  • Mage HP. Mastering this skill will increase Mage Troop HP by up to +2,750% while any hero is defending.
  • Ice Troop Attack. As with Ice Troop HP, this is a good skill for Crystal contenders to have. After mastering this skill, your Ice Troops will enjoy +4,500% more Attack.
  • Mage Attack. The Mage Attack Mastery Skill is quite a bit higher than Luna’s Mage HP skill, giving +3,500% Mage Attack after mastering it.

Ignis Mastery Skills

  • Exploit Weakness. Similar to Ignis’ Analyze Weakness Hero Skill, his first Mastery Skill takes a percent of your combined Royal, Exalted and Divine research speed and converts that number into Troop Attack. The maximum boost provided by this skill is +2,400% Troop Attack. You don’t need to master this skill to reach its maximum allotted Troop Attack bonus, but you do need to have some insane research speed boosts! You can find the amount of Troop Attack this skill gives by going to the main Boosts menu where you’ll find all of your Empire’s stats. Scroll down to Economic Boosts and add up these values:
    • All Research Speed
    • Royal Research Speed
    • Royal Combat Research Speed
    • Royal Hero Research Speed
    • Royal Defense Research Speed
    • Royal Crafting Research Speed
    • Royal Economics Research Speed
    • Exalted Research Speed
    • Exalted Combat Research Speed
    • Exalted Hero Research Speed
    • Exalted Defense Research Speed
    • Exalted Crafting Research Speed
    • Exalted Economics Research Speed
    • Divine Research Speed
    • Divine Combat Research Speed
    • Divine Hero Research Speed
    • Divine Defense Research Speed
    • Divine Crafting Research Speed
    • Divine  Economics Research Speed

Take the sum on all of these boosts and multiply it by 0.X, and replace the X with the percentage of your Exploit Weakness skill. (Don’t forget the decimal after the zero!) This will determine whether this skill is a waste of time for you or if you just discovered a nice attack bonus that most players don’t bother with. Thankfully, this is the only one of Ignis’ Mastery Skills that feels like algebra homework.

  • Scientific Breakthrough. Ignis’ 7-Point Mastery skill works exactly like his Hero Skill, Research Tome Cost Reduction, only it will reduce the amount of Research Tomes required by 20% for Royal, 10% for Exalted, and 5% for Divine. Both of these Ignis skills stack, so for those who are having trouble meeting the requirements for Royal, Exalted or Divine Research, these skills will be your saving grace.
  • Fire Troop HP. This skill gives your Fire Elemental Troops up to +4,500% HP when it is mastered.
  • Siege and Trap HP. This Mastery Skill increases the HP for both Traps and Siege Engines by +3,500% when mastered.
  • Fire Troop Attack. As a point of reference for this skill, a level 12 Elemancy Hall can produce Fire T7 Troops, which receive an additional +10,000 attack when marching against other empires. Add to that the +4,500% Fire Troop Attack from this Ignis Mastery Skill and you may be surprised by what you’re able to set on fire.
  • Siege and Trap Attack. Traps, defensive players, and Cindy – take note. This skill is the single largest attack bonus for both Traps and Siege in the game. Plus, it works for both, giving them +4,500% Attack when this skill is mastered.

Gladio Mastery Skills

  • Frontline Command. This skill is a bit out-of-place and almost feel like it’s missing some numbers. Mastering this will increase your Troop Attack with Commander by only +600%.
  • Open Recruitment. Another sad and sorry Mastery Skill for Gladio. This skill requires 7 Mastery Points and increases your Training Queue by +25,000.
  • Earth Troop HP. Increases Earth Troop HP by +4,000 when mastered. Good for trap and defensive players.
  • Warrior HP. Increases Warrior HP by +2,750% when mastered.
  • Earth Troop Attack. Increases Earth Troop Attack by +4,000 when mastered. Good for trap and defensive players.
  • Warrior Attack. Increases Warrior Attack by +3,500% when mastered.

Aranea Mastery Skills

  • Sunder Health. Sunder Health works exactly like Cripple HP, by reducing the enemy’s HP by up to +300% when this skill is mastered. There are only a few different ways to increase your Cripple HP stats in the game, so master this skill as early as possible.
  • Mercenary Recruiting.  You’ll need 7 Mastery Points for this Aranea Mastery Skill; however, they would be much better spent elsewhere. This skill increases maximum Mercenary Capacity by +250,000 and Mercenary Training Queue by +20,000.
  • Mercenary HP. This powerful skill can increase the HP of every single Mercenary Troop by up to +6,000% when mastered – including Guardians!
  • Cavalry HP.  Increases Cavalry Attack by +2,750% when mastered.
  • Mercenary Attack. Arguably one of the best Mastery Skills available, this will increase your attack for every single type of Mercenary by +6,000% when mastered.
  • Cavalry Attack. Increases Cavalry Attack by +3,500% when mastered.

Ravus Mastery Skills

  • Open Warfare. The first of Ravus’ Mastery Skills will increase your Troop Attack & HP by up to +2,500% simultaneously while fighting in any neutral realm, such as Realm of Champions.
  • Expanded Influence. Ravus’ 7-Point Mastery Skill will allow you to build +1 extra Empire Expansion Building. This is a great deal because, depending on what you build, you can have an extra +30,000 March Size and your choice of attack or defense stats.
  • Attack Against Warriors. Increases the amount of damage you’re troops will inflict upon Warriors Troops by up to +6,000% when any hero is active.
  • Attack Against Cavalry. Increases the amount of damage you’re troops will inflict upon Cavalry Troops by up to +6,000% when any hero is active.
  • Attack Against Mage. Increases the amount of damage you’re troops will inflict upon Mage Troops by up to +6,000% when any hero is active.
  • Attack Against Mercenaries. Increases the amount of damage you’re troops will inflict upon all enemy Mercenaries by up to +9,000% when any hero is active. This is an impressive skill with the potential to demolish any Mercenary troops that aren’t buffed with a plethora of combat boosts. It’s skills like these that should make Ravusa priority when it comes to leveling up your heroes.


Cindy Master Skills

In addition to some of the best all-around hero skills in the game, Cindy also has some powerful Mastery Skill capable of taking the power of your heroes to the next level!

Trap Transportation System & Trap Transportation Mastery

Cindy’s Trap Transport System skill allows all heroes to send up to 50,000 traps in your marches, while Trap Transportation Mastery (7 Mastery Points) gives all heroes the ability to send an additional 150,000 traps in marches or rallys.

Trap HP & Armor and Trap Attack

On the left-hand side of Cindy’s Mastery Skill tree is Trap HP & Armor, a valuable skill that will help perserve your Traps at home and in marches by adding a maximum of +7,500% Trap HP & Armor. Meanwhile, her Trap Attack skill adds up to +10,000% Trap Attack for traps in both marches and your empire.

Body Armor & Weapon HP & Attack

On the right-hand side of Cindy’s MAstery Tree are Body Armor HP & Attack, followed by Weapon HP & Attack. Each of these skills allows you to reap the benefits of Cindy’s hero skills that multiple the HP and Attack of any heroes armor or weapon by up to +5,000%!

The Limit Break

The final Mastery skill for every hero is Limit Break. Unlocking this skill requires your hero be at level 150, have their central skill completed, and allocate at least 15 Mastery Points into all of the other skills except the very first one.Currently, Limit Break requires too many skill points to unlock, so no one knows what it is just yet – but chances are it’s something amazing!


As players continue to grow their empires, learning a variety of Hero Mastery Skills will become a vital component to becoming powerful and staying relevant in the game. Leveling up just one hero as far as possible doesn’t cut it anymore. In order to have a balanced empire, players must work at continuing to grow all of their heroes simultaneously. For those who still don’t have all of the heroes unlocked yet, now has never been a better time to do so.

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