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Discover all abilities your heroes have

Heroes are the foundation of our Empires. Because of this, it’s essential to learn when and how to use them. So I’m writing this for all players, experienced or not. Learn the ways you can make growing your Empire easier and less costly.

Leveling Up Your Hero

The easiest way to level up your hero at the beginning is to hit a monster, collect some quests, or level up some buildings. Later on, it gets tricky. Some players will drop from their guild and let guildmates attack them for easy hero exp. Neutral Empires are also an easy, no risk way to get valuable exp. Sometimes you find that they give BILLIONS of exp with every hit.

The Moogle Market is a good place to find hero exp packs on the cheap. Also, you can find medals in the Moogle Market, for when you get medal locked. Finally, events have been really good lately at giving a bunch of exp, so be sure to check those out, too.

Skills Tree

Whenever you level up a hero, you will gain AP (ability points), which are points that you can use to level up skills in their Hero Skills Tree. The same goes for Mastery Points, that you will use in their Mastery Skills Tree.

Hero Skills

Hero Skills only apply when that hero is active. You can’t use Ignis’ research abilities if you have Aranea active, for example. As a result, it is best to become familiar with all your heroes’ abilities when doing certain actions.

Mastery Skills

Mastery Skills are favorable since they apply no matter which hero you have active. So, Noctis’ level 8 monster skill applies to every hero as soon as you unlock that ability. Mastery Points are less common, so use them wisely!

When the Dark World is released, you will find an extra slot at the bottom of each hero’s Mastery Tree. So make sure you check them out and add points to it for an extra Dark World boost!

Resetting Skills

Skills resets
Reset button










You can find Hero and Mastery Skill Resets in packs events, and sometimes in the Moogle Market. When you use one, it resets all your skills in that tree to 0. As a result, you can change what your hero’s abilities are to suit your needs. Most players probably had Noctis’ production ability skilled for the early game boosts. Because of this, there wouldn’t be enough points for the combat bonuses needed later on. Use a skill reset to wipe the board clean and you’re ready for action!

When leveling up your heroes, make sure to check their Skills Trees for the MP increases they might have. Because you might end up missing out on thousands of MP while hitting a realm boss! So, be diligent and level up wisely.


Mixed Gear

One of the first things we learned in FFXV:ANE was how to equip gear onto our heroes. Look at the different boosts each gear set has. Then, pay attention to the individual pieces in each gear to see if it has a special use. Because sometimes choosing different pieces might work out better for you than sticking to a complete set.

Gear Presets

Starting at VIP 65 you start unlocking gear presets for your heroes. Almost everyone has a monster gear preset for every hero. Mine is #1 on the list! Here are some useful presets, along with which hero they would be good for:

  • Monster Gear
    • Max MP
    • Regeneration
    • Check out this article on Mastering your Hero MP
  • Offensive Attack Gear
    • Rally
    • Solo
    • Troop types
  • Defensive Gear
    • HP
    • Attack
    • Bait or TRAP
  • Research Gear (Ignis)
  • Build Gear (Cindy)
  • Guild Adventure Hall Gear (Noctis, Luna, Prompto)

Getting to Know Your Heroes

Each hero has special uses. Because of this, you will want to be sure to use a particular hero for certain tasks. You should note that some abilities are better in the early game or Pre-Dark World due to their stats.

For example, Noctis has troop training time reduction, but when you properly skill Gladio, you would be better off using him to train troops. Same with Ignis and his research skills. King Noctis becomes the hands-down winner in the Dark World with his Dark Research time reduction.


Noctis Lucis Caelum

Specialty: Economy boosts, all-around combat

  • March Size Increase
    • Great when filling a guildmate’s rally
    • Use when setting a fake rally to save more troops
  • Extra March Slot
    • For even more resource trading
    • One extra in his Hero Skills and another in his Mastery Skills
  • Monster Attack
  • Research, Building, and Training
    • If you don’t have Ignis, Cindy, or Gladio
  • Guild Adventure Hall
    • Noctis’ Link Strike is deadly when used with other guildmate’s Noctis abilities

Prompto Argentum

Specialty: Attack and mobility

  • Resource trade speed is increased from his march speed and return march speed skills
  • Fast march speed
    • Combine with Winged Assassin’s Gear to zoom to your opponents! (You can switch to your attack gear before you hit your opponent.)
  • Guild Adventure Hall
    • Concussive Shot is the hardest hitting attack in the Adventure Hall, for now
  • Rally time decrease
    • Go to the rally screen and hit attack to send your rally before the set time.
    • VIP 134 reduces your rally time even more!

Lunafreya Nox Fleuret

Specialty: Mage troops and defense

  • Double Luna gifts
    • When you unlock her double gift mastery, you can get quadruple gifts:
      • Start game with any hero besides Luna active
      • Switch to Luna
      • Collect Gift
      • ENJOY your four times Luna’s Gift!
      • Tip: Check your email to see the quadruple gift amount
  • Guild Adventure Hall
    • The only hero whose special ability heals yourself or other players in the hall

Ignis Scientia

Specialty: Research, traps, siege, and airships

  • Double loyalty
    • Combined with Double Loyalty from the Oracle Temple or from a pack, you get TRIPLE loyalty!!
    • Use Ignis when running loyalty blitzes to maximize loyalty gained
      • Loyalty blitz is when you and your guild deconstruct buildings and click on “Guild Help”. Cancel the deconstruction when people have helped. Then do it again. This helps max your loyalty bar every day or give points towards events.
    • Collect Guild Quests with Ignis active for double Loyalty
    • Open Loyalty packs in your items with Ignis and get double!
  • Research
    • Basic to Divine research time reduction
    • Resource cost efficiency up to 55%, does not reduce cost by 55% but makes it more “efficient”.
    • Royal to divine research tome cost reduction
    • Combine these boosts with Oracle or pack purchase boosts to save even more
  • Trap capacity
    • Build traps with Ignis active and they remain even when you switch to another hero. Until they are destroyed, then it will go back to your basic amount.

Aranea Highwind

Specialty: Cavalry troops and mercenaries

  • Decreases cost of training mercenaries by up to 44%. That’s almost like getting twice the troops for the cost!
  • Good for using Dragoon types against Imperial Fortresses in the early game stage.

Gladiolus Amicitia

Specialty: Warrior troops and training

  • Increased troop training speed and larger training queue.
    • Works even with Dark Troops
  • Gather march size and troop load
    • Makes those resource gathering events so much quicker
  • Steal enemy HP and Attack
    • Takes a percentage of your enemy’s HP and Attack and adds it to your stats

Ravus Nox Fleuret

Specialty: Magitek troops, attack, and Imperial Fortress Assault

  • Expansion production
    • Increase your expansion’s production by up to 462%
      • All you need to do is activate Ravus when you collect from your expansions and the boost will remain active, even when switching heroes.
      • Increase your Ice well boost by collecting with Shiva!
  • Expansion cost reduction
    • Lower the expansion blueprint cost of building your expansions by up to 56%
  • Prisoner boosts
    • Increase attack with multiple, high-level heroes
      • TIP: Use farm heroes or borrow guildmate’s heroes to increase your prisoner count!

Cindy Aurum

Specialty: Construction, gear, and trap transportation

  • MP Recovery up to 110%
    • Helpful when you need to regenerate MP quickly.
    • Use with accessories that have MP regeneration since her Accessory All Stat boost increases that too!
  • Leveling Buildings
    • She is the best option to level buildings quickly. Even in the Dark World.
      • Her Accessory stat boosts help increase the Delegator and Dark Delegator gear stats.
  • Trap transportation abilities
    • Add traps to your offensive marches or the Crystal!

Iris Amicitia

Specialty: City Defense and hero support

  • Triple MP when unlocked
  • Can hit level 9 monsters at hero level 317


King Noctis

King Noctis

Specialty: Dark Troops and resource production

  • Can hit level 9 monsters at hero level 65
  • Dark training time reduction
    • Although Gladio has a better reduction on even Dark Troops
  • Dark research speed
    • Start research with King Noctis active to reap these benefits


Specialty: Dark Bonuses and troop attack

  • Combat boosts are a lot better than King Noctis but not as good as King Regis



King Regis

King Regis

Specialty: Hero Support and Order of Heroes bonuses

  • Can hit level 9 monsters at hero level 53
  • Best combat hero as of June 2019


Order of Heroes

Each hero, when placed in the Order of Heroes, has a different boost. Even more than the boost that is already offered by that Order. Adding your inactive heroes to an Order comes in handy. But remember that even while in an Order, they do not regenerate MP.

Each stat boost is increased with hero level, so a level 150 Luna will give more City Defense HP than a level 22 Luna. So, here are their individual boosts:

Noctis: Upkeep efficiency for Food, Wheat, and Corn

Prompto: City Assault Attack Bonus

Luna: City Defense HP Bonus

Ignis: Basic and Royal Research Speed

Aranea: War Spoils

Gladio: Troop Load

Ravus: Mercenary Magitek Attack Bonus

Cindy: Trap Attack

Iris: City Defense HP Bonus

King Noctis: Upkeep Efficiency for Food and Wheat

Ardyn: Upkeep Efficiency for Food and Wheat

King Regis: Dark Troop Attack, HP, and Armor with Hero

I hope this gave you some knowledge that you didn’t have before. Maybe you’re new to the game and half of this doesn’t even apply. Or perhaps you’re a seasoned pro who could have written this in your sleep! No matter what, if this helped you in any way, please let me know on Line or Facebook!

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  1. RA says

    Could you explain the Luna gift trick in more detail? It doesn’t seem to work for me. Checked with a guildmember who also tried but couldn’t get it to work. I check what the gift is, go back, switch to Luna, check the gift and go back again. Switch to other hero, exit game and restart the game. Switch to Luna and open the gift again. Still only double the gifts and not quadrupel.

    1. Tylianna
      Tylianna says

      Have you checked the email that you get when you collect the gift? It’s easier to see when it is a contract or port where you will see the x4 amount easily.
      If Luna is active when the gift pops up, then it will say x1 no matter which hero you use to collect. If another hero is active when it pops up, then the gift will say x2. Then by switching to Luna she will double that x2 gift (but the gift will still say x2). Check the email to see the x4. I will update the article with clearer instructions and a screenshot of the x4 email. Thank you!

  2. LK says

    Amazing information as always. Love your in depth analysis and reports via articles. Thanks for keeping everyone’s gaming up to date. Will keep an eye out for the next article 🙂

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