Limit Break Walkthrough: All Hero Limit Breaks up to Iris

All Hero Limit Breaks up to Iris

***Updated on 02/19/2019

Updates include the more recent heroes and updated information for the special Iris hero enchantment.

This walkthrough will cover each heroes Limit Break skill, including how to unlock it, the best way to obtain the items required to use it and how to get the most out of your limit break. By the end of this walkthrough, you will have a better idea as to whether or not a particular heroes Limit Break is for you.

What is Limit Break?

Limit Break is a Mastery Skill that each hero has access to after meeting certain prerequisites after level 151.  Learning the Limit Break skill will unlock new enchantments which can be used in the Arcaneum to add powerful boosts to equipment. Limit Break enchantments, however, are not permanent boosts and only last a short period of time (about an hour). Activating Limit Break enchantments also required unique items that can only be obtained by the specific hero performing the Limit Break.

How to Unlock Limit Break

For Noctis, his Mastery Skills are arguably the most well-rounded and thus the requirements are slightly higher than other heroes. His first skill, Hero Attack, requires just 1 Mastery Point. After that, you will need to master Noctis’ March Slot skill, which requires 7 Mastery Points. Before you can unlock Noctis’ Limit Break, you will need each subsequent Mastery Skill at level 15, such as March Size, Rally Size, Elemental Troop HP & Attack as well as Core Troop HP & Attack. That’s a total of 69 Mastery Points required just to unlock Limit Break. Although the level requirement for this skill is only 150, Noctis will need to be at level 163 just to have enough Mastery Points so he can unlock his Limit Break skill, Armiger.

For Iris, her Mastery Skills are available as soon as you unlock her. Her first skill is Triple MP, which needs 1 skill point. Then you will need to use 2 skill points for each Elemental Nullification and Embassy Attack and HP to unlock the next two skills. These skills are Essence Well Generation and Max Troop Hospital Capacity which need 3 skill points to unlock her Limit Break. That means you need to level her to 203 to get the 12 skill points to unlock her Limit Break, Moogle Charm.

For all other heroes, the requirements to unlock Limit Break are not as high as Noctis and thus can be unlocked at an earlier level. You will need 1 Mastery Point in your heroes first skill, then7 points in the skill directly below that. Now there should be 4 skills left, 2 at either side. To unlock the second Mastery Skill, the first one requires 15 Mastery Points. Once the final skill has been unlocked, it only requires an additional 9 Mastery Points on both sides of the skill tree to unlock Limit Break.

In this image above, Ignis’ Fire Troop Attack only requires 9 skill points in order to utilize hit Limit Break skill. Once unlocked, Limit Break will become available in the Enchant Equipment section of the Arcaneum.

Obtaining Limit Break Materials

Before you can use your Limit Break skills, you will need to obtain a few more things. Each hero has a unique item that has a chance of dropping after they kill a monster. Let’s look at the criteria for obtaining the items that will allow us to use each heroes Limit Break.

  1. Unlock Limit Break. You need to have at least one skill point in this Mastery Skill before you can obtain the items used to activate each Limit Break enchantment.
  2. Switch Heroes. In order to obtain the materials for a specific heroes Limit Break, you will need to have that hero active whose Limit Break skill you want to use,
  3. Obtain Materials. The Limit Break materials will only drop when a monster is killed using a hero who has already unlocked Limit Break. The stronger the monster, the more items will potentially drop. Max Attack also usually yields higher drop rates for these materials.

It sounds easy, but in actuality, it can be extremely difficult and frustrating to obtain enough materials to use your Limit Break skills since they only have a possibility of dropping after each kill. The fact that you start to require more of each material to use the Limit Break as you start to level it higher and make it stronger doesn’t help, either.

Thankfully, there is one caveat that allows players to obtain Limit Break materials in slightly larger quantities – Realm Bosses. Instead of killing a monster roaming around Eos, we’ve noticed that performing a Max Attack on a Realm Boss using a full bar of MP will often yield enough materials to use Limit Break for the desired hero.

Players have been known to go through several full bars of MP before obtaining enough materials to use their Limit Break just once. This begs the question – Am I better off using the Mastery Skill points I would have put into Limit Break on a different Mastery Skill? Well, not that all depends on how useful each heroes specific Limit Break skill is to you. Each hero and each skill have their own specific rewards and risks.

List of Limit Break Enchantments


The Armiger enchantment works on any weapon. It increases both Troop Attack and Troop HP by +5,000% with each skill point you put into this Limit Break.


The Hexatheon enchantment works on any Body Armor. It dramatically increases Astral Attack and Astral HP Regen. Keep in mind that your Astral will only regain HP when they are at home in your empire.


The Bioblast enchantment works on any Footwear. It gives both Armor Shredding and Attack March Speed in significant amounts with each level.


The Sagefire enchantment works on any Helmet. It provides a resistance that prevents against Armor Shredding as well as dramatically increasing Fire Troop Attack.


The Highwind Force enchantment works on any accessory. It provides bonus troop attack against astrals and also increased mercenary troop attack.


The Tenebreaen Gambit enchantment works on any accessory. It provides bonus troop attack after sacrificing troop health. This will take away a certain percentage of your troop HP, while giving you an added percentage of troop attack.


The Seismic Valor enchantment works on any armor. It provides bonuses for all troops based on your earth elemental bonuses.


The Turbocharged enchantment works on any accessory. It provides increased trap attack while attacking empires and an amazing trap march speed bonus.


The Moogle Charm enchantment works on any accessory. It provides city defense HP for up to 24 hours depending on the level of her limit break mastery.

Enchantment Limitations

You can only use one enchantment on a piece of gear at a time and you can’t use the same enchantment on more than one accessory piece. Iris’ limit break item drops are extremely rare, so use her enchantment wisely.


The addition of Limit Breaks as enchantments on equipment was something that no one really saw coming, but now that we have the ability to really beef up our heroes – even if only for an hour or less – the game just got a whole lot more interesting.

Keep in mind that Enchantments such as Limit Break cannot be seen by your opponent in a battle report. *The only exception to this is the Moogle Charm enchantment from Iris. Her enchantment shows as a banner on the player profile.* Activating one of these Limit Breaks just before an attack hits is a great strategy that will turn the battle to your advantage and leave your enemies scratching their heads in confusion. It will certainly be interesting to see how each of these Limit Break enchantments work together to make for even more powerful and strategic attacks and defense.

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