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Updated March 30, 2018

Defensive players and Crystal/Titan Contenders far and wide rejoiced when the latest hero, Lunafreya Nox Fleuret, arrived in the realm of Final Fantasy: A New Empire.

With the release of Prompto and gear sets such as Aranea’s Gear Set and Glacian’s Gear Set, which seemed to consistently increase attack and armor piercing abilities, many players have long been waiting for a defensive hero to be released.

This guide will cover how to get Luna, her leveling requirements, and strategy considerations for players who wish to use her in battle.

How to Unlock Luna

Luna can be unlocked by purchasing a pack in the Gold Store, or by clicking the “Unlock” button under her name in the Hero Monument or via the Hero button on the “More” screen, which will take you to the relevant pack offer.

You can see the pack in the image below:

After purchasing the pack, use the Luna unlock item in your inventory, and then click on the Hero Monument. You can then click on the “Activate” button on the screen to unlock Luna, and swap between her — and any other hero you might have — with the same button.

REMINDER: Your hero must be in your Citadel to activate, unless you have the Order of Heroes and have assigned your hero into one of the Orders, where they will be kept “safe.”

Leveling Luna

Compared to Prompto, Luna’s upgrade process is relatively effortless and easy, requiring only EXP until level 49, when medals are required. Like Noctis and Prompto, Luna starts off with 0 EXP. While the Luna pack comes with millions of EXP in the form of an item which can be used, do not be tempted to use this item prematurely!

It is very important that you save your EXP item for as long as possible — the reason for this is to allow yourself to save as many MP bars as you can, which can let you kill more monsters, and provide you with additional experience.

The Luna pack usually should come with a 25% Luna EXP item, which lasts 24 hours.

Prior to beginning your leveling journey, we recommend that you activate this item.

Then, find your first Level 1 monster and begin killing. This should quickly help you level up. Each time you level up, your MP bar will recharge, thereby allowing you to kill more monsters for more loot, which can be particularly useful if you choose to level Luna up during a Luna level up event, or a monster killing event.

Once you discover that it is not so easy to level up Luna by simply killing monsters, you can then use the EXP item to bring her level up. This should easily be able to get you to the mid-20s.

For traps who have been very excited about the prospect of a defensive hero like Luna, you must be prepared to gain a considerable amount of hero power.

Luna adds a tremendous amount of power, so if your goal is to stay small and unassuming, Luna might not be your best investment.

Luna’s Skill Tree

Luna is an interesting character, as she appears uniquely skilled for both City Defense and Crystal/Titan Defense. However, she also possesses considerable attack capabilities, with her special Mage skills, and the Crystal/Titan Attack skill.  In addition to these awesome perks, you also get Double Luna Gifts! She also has an additional perk, if you have Order of Heroes: when inactive, and assigned to an order, Luna will provide extra City Defense HP.

See below for Luna’s Skill Tree:

The Attack Tree on the right, is specifically to maximize Mage and Crystal/Titan Attack: players can increase Mage HP, Mage Armor, and Mage Attack, as well as Crystal and Titan Attack.

The table below lists the maximum buffs one can receive, as well as all individual skills from the Attack Tree:


Max Buff

Mage HP


Mage Armor


Mage Attack


Crystal and Titan Attack


The Defense Tree on the left, which is split into two skill columns, optimizes City Defense and Crystal/Titan Defense.  It also provides additional Loot Gathering Speed and Gathering HP.

The table below lists the maximum buff one can receive, as well as all individual skills from the Defense Tree:


Max Buff

Double Luna Gifts


Gathering HP


Loot Tile Gather Speed


Hospital Capacity


Hospital Healing Speed


City Defense Armor


City Defense HP


City Defense Attack


Crystal and Titan Enemy Slow


Crystal and Titan HP


Reaching Level 50 and unlocking each skill allows you to access a final, new skill: Attack Resistance, which has a max buff of +400%.

Luna’s Advanced Skill Tree

Advanced players who have taken Luna past level 70 can access an advanced skill tree that can further increase Luna’s defensive and offensive capabilities. The tree begins with an Enemy March Slow, which is an Empire Intimidation boost, followed by a tree that buffs Guardians, and a tree that further buffs Defense. The final skill is an offensive skill, Mage Mastery, which buffs Mages.

See below for Luna’s Advanced Skill Tree:

The table below lists the maximum buffs one can receive from the skills, along with what level Luna must be to unlock the skill:

Skill Max Buff
Enemy March Slow (Level 70)

+25% Empire Intimidation

Guardian Attack (Level 80)


Guardian HP (Level 80)


Defender Attack (Level 80)


Defender HP (Level 90)


Mage Mastery (Level 100)

+400% Mage Attack
+400% Mage HP
+400% Mage Armor

Luna Skill Priority

What is particularly interesting about Luna is how differently she can be skilled, depending on your gameplay style.

If you are a trap, you will benefit heavily by concentrating skill points down the Defense Tree. Whereas, if you are an attacker, rally lead, or Crystal/Titan contender, you will benefit by concentrating your skill points in the Attack Tree.

Trap/Defense Skills

For traps and players focused on defense, the majority of skill points will need to be focused on City Defense Armor, City Defense HP, and City Defense Attack as primary skills to upgrade. While the Hospital Capacity and Hospital Healing Speed are great perks, it is important to remember that traps only are effective if they have adequate attack — to kill incoming troops — and HP — to increase the beefiness of troops. As such, Hospital Capacity and Hospital Healing Speed should be secondary.

Depending on the gear that the player has, the amount of skill points allocated will vary. The below table demonstrates which skill points to prioritize in relation to gear.

Gear Type City Defense Armor City Defense HP City Defense Attack

























Due to the fact that heroes such as Prompto and gear such as Aranea’s Gear Set have special armor piercing capabilities, while Armor is effective in distributing and dampening attacks, it is important to raise HP and Attack to offset any potential debuffs you might receive from armor piercing.

With the exception of gold Arbiter Gear, which has incredibly high attack, most gear that players might equip to defend already has built-in Troop Armor or Defense buffs. Because of this, it will be more important to spend points wisely in City Defense HP and City Defense Attack.

You can check how well you are skilling your hero by clicking on “Profile” then “Boosts.” This will allow you to pull up all your stats, which will help you make the appropriate decisions as to where to place skill points.

Because Luna adds so much power, only rally traps will really be able to benefit from having a high-level Luna. Most trap players will most likely never use the Attack Resistance skill, as raising Luna to Level 50 means adding an additional 3 million power — which may be too much for most traps.

However, for players who might not be built as traps, who primarily have Luna for her attack capabilities, using a Hero Skill Reset item prior to a full T5 rally could potentially mean the difference between winning or losing. By concentrating a high number of points into City Defense Armor, City Defense HP, City Defense Attack, and Attack Resistance, your chances of surviving will be much higher.

Paired with Order of Kings, which would add +100% Troop Attack, and +100% Troop HP, Luna is, hands down, the best in defense money can buy.

Attack/Crystal Skill Priority

For attackers and Crystal/Titan contenders, Luna serves a very different purpose.

Because Luna is primarily optimized for City Defense, her City Defense skills will not benefit any Crystal/Titan War, nor will it benefit any Mage missile rallies or Mage solos that an attacker or rally lead might want to use. As such, the skill priority will be very different, depending on your goals.

If you are using Luna primarily against an empire, you will want to focus virtually all of her skill points in Mage HP, Mage Armor, and Mage Attack. Wasting skill points on Crystal and Titan attack will not be helpful when fighting against an empire.

However, if you are attempting to take the Crystal or Titan if it is already held by an opponent, you will want to first devote as many skill points as possible into maximizing the Crystal and Titan Attack skill, as it provides +250% Attack. Then, skill your mages in accordance with your personal preferences, gear, and gems.

Used with Glacian’s Gear Set, a fully maxed Attack Tree can result in a very powerful hit.

On Crystal/Titan defense, Luna is the best hero to use in the game.  A high level Luna, skilled with a good amount of Crystal and Titan HP, Crystal and Titan Attack, and Attack Resistance will be able to valiantly defend most attacks on the Crystal/Titan. Luna’s additional Level 70+ Advanced Skills also will give her a significant edge. (Check out the next section for more.)

Crystal/Titan Defenders will want to spend points on completely maxing Crystal and Titan HP, Crystal and Titan Attack, and Attack Resistance, as well as considerable skill points in Mage Attack, HP, and Armor. If your Luna is about 70+, you’ll want to focus a good amount of points in Defense Attack and HP.

Because Crystal and Titan Attack seems to supplant the Troop Attack stat, if you are defending the Crystal or Titan, do not skimp out on this skill! Remember: troops attack while defending, so it will be important to have adequate attack to win.

Because Luna does not have additional Troop Armor, Troop Attack, and Troop HP, it will be important for anyone who uses Luna as a Crystal/Titan defense hero to equip the right gear and gems to offset the loss of Troop stats. Using the Mythic Forge’s set bonuses, as well as Order of Heroes, can help significantly as well.

Level 70+ Defense and Offense Skill Priority

For players who have reached level 70 with Luna, the additional skills that Luna can add for defense are substantial. Her Mage Mastery skill also increases Mage Attack, HP, and Armor significantly and can increase offense dramatically.

Skill priority at Level 70 largely varies depending on your game goals.

Overwhelmingly, Enemy March Slow is the worst skill to spend points on, as all it does is buy you a little extra time, and is only really important for Crystal and Titan battles. Being that Luna already has a Crystal and Titan Slow skill, we find this new skill to be a bit redundant. While it does add an additional buff, it may not be wise to spend more than is necessary on this skill.

Moving along the tree, if you’re focusing more on defense in general, you will want to put as many points as you can into Defender Attack and HP, which would stack on top of Troop Attack, Troop HP, City Defense Attack and City Defense HP stats.

Because Luna does not have any Troop Attack and HP skills, this additional Defense skill seems to serve to account for those deficiencies. What that means is that when Luna is defending at home, or at the Crystal/Titan, she will now be able to buff the Attack and HP of all troops — not just mages.

If you use Guardians, you may want to also considering adding points in Guardian Attack. As you have limited AP points that you can spend, and Guardians already have a huge amount of HP, it might not be necessary to add more Guardian HP, as Defense HP may end up covering the additional +500% HP that you are looking for, anyway.

However, because Guardian Attack can only be found outside Luna’s Advanced Skill Tree via the Guardian’s Gear Set, which is incredibly rare and notoriously difficult to craft, it may not be a bad idea to max out attack at 3200%. Giving Guardians the ability to attack will turn them into a more functional troop type, instead of just a wall of meat that takes the impact of an incoming rally at the Crystal, Titan, or at your home empire. This would be a great skill to have for anyone who utilizes Guardians as part of your defensive strategy.

The last skill, Mage Mastery, adds +400% Mage Attack, Mage Armor, and Mage HP. Paired with Glacian’s Gear Set, this final skill can potentially turn you into an incredibly strong Mage missile that can cut through most defenses. Paired with the Auric Magus Commander, which adds an additional 500% Mage Attack Bonus, it is easy to see how this skill could be very useful for leads.


Luna is a very strong defense hero, and also a versatile Mage and Crystal/Titan attacker. She is worth investing in, if you are serious about City Defense, Mage, and Crystal/Titan Attacks. However, it is still unclear if Luna is, in fact, the best hero to equip for Crystal/Titan Defense. Additionally, you must be prepared to buy packs for Luna medals, once she hits Level 50.

Overall, Luna is a very exciting new character, and would make a great addition for trap players and attackers alike.

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