Meet the New Hero Iris!

A new Hero has moved into EOS! Iris is unlike any hero seen before, with her hero level starting at 200 and only mastery skills available. Let’s get to know her!

Obtaining Iris

Currently, Iris is available only in packs. As with all heroes, if you don’t see the unlock in your pack store go to Iris and poke her unlock and it should appear.

Leveling Iris

Iris is unlike any previous hero since she starts as level 200. The only skills available for her are mastery skills. Iris requires Regal Iris Medals to unlock every two levels.

Mastery Skills

Iris has some pretty impressive mastery skills. These skills are unique in that some you must have Iris active, some are passive, and some are passive but require that you use the Hero you have skilled her synergy for. For example, to use Luna’s synergy skill, she must be active.

Triple MPIncreases Iris Max Hero MP by 200%200%No
Elemental NullificationDecreases Elemental Attack Bonuses against normal troops50%No
Embassy Attack and HPIncreases Attack and HP when reinforced2,000,000%No
Essence Well GenerationIncreases Production Bonus for Essence Wells1,200%Yes
Max Troop and Hosp CapacityIncreases Troop Capacity and Hospital Capacity500,000,000Yes
Limit Break: Moogle CharmCity Defense HP increase for up to 24 hours99,999,999%Yes
Hero Synergy: LunaIncreases City Def Attack and Armor for Astral with Luna10,000% Attack, 31,400% ArmorYes
Hero Synergy: NoctisIncreases Health of Regular Troops with Noctis3,401,193%Yes
Hero Synergy: PromptoIncreases Rally Attack and HP with Prompto5,441,909%Yes
Hero Synergy: AraneaIncreases Attack of a march of only Mercs and Astrals with Aranea4,761,670%Yes
Hero Synergy: IgnisIncreases Siege Attack against regular troops when attacking an Empire using Ignis4,081,432%Yes
Hero Synergy: RavusIncreases Crystal Assault Attack and HP2,494,208%Yes
Hero Synergy: GladioCritical Attack Bonus if your Armor Bonus is higher than Opponent4,534,924%Yes
Hero Synergy: CindyIncreases Trap Attack and HP outside of Empire with Cindy3,627,939%Yes

Moogle Enchantment

Arguably Iris’ strongest skill is the Moogle Enchantment, especially if you are planning on using her to defend. Note that she does NOT have to be active to use this enchantment. The Moogle Enchantment is for accessories but only can be used one at a time. You cannot enchant multiple Moogles at once. Note that attackers can see when you are using this enchantment. It would behoove you to wait and pop it once an attack march is incoming, or you most likely will be avoided.

The Moogle Charm requires Royal Arms and Watchman’s Keepsake. These can be obtained by hitting monsters with Iris active and limit broke. Once activated, the enchantment lasts up to 24 hours, but this time will be lower when your Limit Break isn’t skilled to the maximum. For example, Limit Break skilled with 2 points gives a 2-hour enchantment timeline.

Defending with Iris

There are several Mastery Skills that are useful with Iris for defense.

  • Elemental Nullification
  • Embassy Attack and HP
  • Moogle Charm
  • Hero Synergy: Luna
  • Hero Synergy: Noctis
  • Hero Synergy: Gladio

However, you must keep several things in mind. The biggest of these is the Moogle Charm. It can be used while wearing ANY hero. Elemental Nullification and Embassy Attack and HP are nice, but require you to be using Iris at the time. The same goes for Luna, Noctis and Gladio.

Attacking with Iris

Just as for defense, there are several Mastery Skills geared towards attack. However, you must be using the hero who’s synergy you want to utilize. The attack based skills on Iris are all down in the synergy section;

  • Hero Synergy: Prompto
  • Hero Synergy: Aranea
  • Hero Synergy: Ignis
  • Hero Synergy: Ravus
  • Hero Synergy: Gladio
  • Hero Synergy: Cindy

Iris is a strong addition to the EOS hero line-up. Her skills are unique and offer an opportunity for customization, depending on how you want to attack or defend.

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