Noctis Level 200 – Is It Worth It?

As the level cap for Noctis grows from 150 to 200, players all around the world know exactly what this means: New Skills!

As the level cap for Noctis grows from 150 to 200, players all around the world know exactly what this means: New Skills! In this article, we take a look at how Noctis’ additional 50 levels will affect his Mastery Skill, Hero Medals, and overall gameplay.

Limit Break Unveiled

When players hit level 150 with their heroes, they were disheartened to learn that they did not have enough Mastery Points to unlock Limit Break. Now that the level cap has been increased to 200, getting enough Mastery Points to unlock Limit Break becomes possible level 164. But what exactly does it do?

Noctis’ Limit Break Skill is called Armiger. Learning this skill will unlock a new Weapon Enchantment at the Arcaneum building (formerly Secret University). At level 1, Armiger increases both your Troop HP and Troop Attack by +5,000%. Every additional Mastery Point put into Armiger will further increase your Troop Attack & HP by +5,000% with a maximum of +50,000% Troop Attack & HP.

The effect only lasts for an hour or so, but even still, this is big news. The Armiger Enchantment can be used with any hero, however, only Noctis will obtain the materials necessary to use Armiger each time he kills a monster or hits a Realm Boss.

Mystic Hero Medals

As always, leveling up Noctis will require Hero Medals. But not just any Hero Medals – New Mystic Hero Medals! Similar to Heroic Hero Medals, it is possible to obtain Mystic Hero Medals from killing monsters, but only in ridiculously small quantities. In order to obtain the tens of thousands of Mystic Hero Medals you will need every other level while leveling up Noctis from 150 to 200, you will need to get them from a pack. And yes, I repeat, you will need them at every other level.

Is Noctis Level 200 Worth It?

Sure, a level 200 Noctis Sounds nice, but is it worth the half-dozen packs required to get him there? Let’s take another look at his upgraded Mastery Skills to see how they might benefit your empire.

Hero Attack increased up to +1,250% for all heroes and is actually relevant now that Noctis’ obtains Armiger materials upon killing a monster.

March Size now has a maximum capacity of 100,000. In a game where March Size is king, this new Mastery Skill sits on the throne.

Rally Size now gives you a maximum capacity of +1,000,000 troops is rallys and in the Crystal. (Pst, read more of our tips to increase your Rally Size and Crystal Capacity here.)

All Elemental Attack & HP went from a measly +3,000% to +26,000%. This is a formidable increase that anyone with Elemental T7 Troops can greatly benefit from and should not be passed up.

Core Troop Attack & HP was formerly +1,500% and is now +13,000%. Not a bad increase for basic Training Grounds troops!

Maybe you don’t need to get Noctis to level 200. Maybe you can just use a Mastery Skill Reset item to allocate all of your points into the skill you will benefit from the most. However, if you want to unlock the new Armiger Limit Break and really power up your empire, you will need to level up your Noctis to at least level 164 before you even have enough Mastery Points to unlock the ability and all of its prerequisites.

Remember: Your Heroes’ Mastery Skills affect your entire empire regardless of which hero you have active.

Summary: What does this mean?

Although only Noctis’ level cap has been raised to 200 for right now, it’s inevitable that other heroes will follow this trend before long. What we don’t know is what the Limit Break skill will entail for other heroes. Will MZ bring back other heroes from the dead by making Prompto, Gladio, Ignis and others useful in combat once more? We will learn soon enough. One thing is for sure – you can expect all other heroes to follow Noctis’ lead and double their maximum capacity for each Mastery Skill (So start saving your Mastery Skill Points you don’t know where to allocate!)

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