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A new hero has been introduced to Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire: Prompto! With this new attack-oriented hero comes a whole host of changes to the way heroes work. This guide will cover how to get Prompto, the new hero’s special leveling requirements, and the changes to hero items. We’ll also cover strategy considerations with the new hero and compare the new skill tree to the Noctis hero tree.


How To Unlock Prompto

Prompto is unlocked with a pack available in the store, or by clicking on the Hero Monument, and then clicking on “Unlock” under Prompto. You can see the new pack in the screenshot below:

Prompto Pack
After purchasing the pack, use the Prompto unlock item from your inventory and then click on the Hero Monument. Noctis and Prompto will show up for a helpful introduction to the new hero swapping mechanic:
Prompto Hero Monument
After unlocking Prompto, you can swap back and forth between heroes at the Hero Monument by pressing the “activate” button:

Swap Heroes
IMPORTANT: Your hero must be in your Citadel to activate a different hero. That means if your active hero is in a march or rally, or is captured, you cannot swap heroes.

Leveling Prompto

The following information is very important to know before you rush out to purchase a Prompto pack, and it concerns leveling your new hero.

Prompto starts out at level 0 with zero experience, and will have to be leveled using the same methods as leveling Noctis.

There are some differences. XP items are now hero-branded, which means a Noctis XP item won’t work with Prompto and vise versa.

The biggest difference is that Prompto requires Hero Medals every five levels to unlock new levels, starting at 4. You need 10 medals to unlock level 5, 20 to unlock level 10, 40 to unlock level 15, 80 to unlock level 20, etc.

Like the XP items, these medals have to be Prompto medals and not the Noctis kind. You can purchase these medals in packs, or find them by attacking level 4 and level 5 monsters on the World Map.

This means that to level up Prompto quickly, you would need additional packs past the first. One additional medal pack will have enough Prompto medals to get you to level 19.  As with Noctis, if hero levels are locked, you will continue to accumulate XP that will apply as soon as you unlock the new level. Hero XP will only be accumulated for your active hero.

This information is important to keep in mind before purchasing Prompto. It takes many hero medals to unlock higher levels, and a higher-level Noctis will be potentially more powerful than a lower level Prompto.

PRO-TIP: Remember when leveling Prompto that you regain full MP every time you level your hero. This means you can attack a monster, level up, and attack a monster again immediately.


Prompto’s Skill Tree

Prompto is entirely focused on one thing: offensive power. Prompto’s skills are all centered on improving your attack ability. You can see the entire tree below:

Prompto Skill Tree 1

Prompto Skill Tree 2

Prompto Skill Tree 3

Prompto Skill Tree 4

Prompto Skill Tree 5
The right side of the Tree is City Assault, which means those buffs apply when attacking Empires. They do not apply on defense, versus tiles or versus the Crystal. The skills boost Armor, HP and finally Attack when attacking Empires. There is also an armor-piercing skill which lowers the target’s armor % by the listed amount starting at 50% (this skill does not specify that it is City Assault and in fact mentions traps, which means it probably applies in all cases where your hero is involved in a combat)

The middle of the tree is utility based around speed: solo marches, march returns, scout marches and rally march times and finally rally timers themselves all have speed-boosting skills.

The left side of the Prompto tree is individual attack bonuses for all troop types (including siege!) followed by a rally attack boost.

This is a really excellent set of skills for any attacker. The City Assault skills are useful for busting down defense-heavy Empires, and the Attack skill in particular is extremely powerful given that it buffs all troop types at the same time.

The Armor Piercing boost starts at 50% and scales upwards slowly from there (52%, 53%, etc.). This is a solid boost at level 1, although the attack skills will likely be better point investments beyond that. This skill will be most useful against Empires with a lot of troops and Hunter armor (i.e. lower-level traps) rather than versus targets with Sentinel.

The1st level March Speed boost is itself a huge buff for burning down Hives in RvR and Guild Kills or when trying to hit someone before they bubble, while the Scout skill is likely to be mainly useful in the Scar as scouts are already very fast.

The rally skills are a must-have for any Rally leader, and are likely to shake up Titan matches as well as Crystal battles in RvR. Points in the rally attack boost paired with the other attack skills is huge, and the rally speed-up will be extremely useful during Titan or RvR when time is a premium.

Let’s take a look at how Prompto compares to Noctis. It’s obvious that Noctis is still better at everything else, but does Prompto completely blow Noctis out of the water as a combat hero?

Not quite. Noctis’s HP skill applies globally, which makes him much stronger on defense. And the HP is a huge survivability issue if you want to keep hero against tough targets, although at the cost of attack. If you are switching to Prompto and have been relying on Noctis’ HP skill, you will want to be careful until you get a better sense of what you can safely hit (unless you invest in City Assault HP and are hitting an Empire).

And the March size boost at Noctis Level 50 is itself a very large attack buff, +14.3% troop power at level 30 Citadel. This makes a high-level Noctis hero a better solo attacker until Prompto’s attack buffs pass the March Speed bonus. It is also a defense buff on solos, since you can sustain higher casualties and still keep the march. So again, keep an eye on survivability when swapping for Prompto.

Prompto DOES appear to get more AP per level than Noctis, which means a same-level Prompto as Noctis is going to be potentially much superior on attack depending on how you skill him. You’ll have to choose whether to specialize in rallies or City Assault to see the full effect though, which means Noctis is still good as a back-up all-weather option on attack.

Also, remember that the gear which you can equip is based on Hero level. So until you get Prompto to level 40 for Arbiter, your level 40+ Noctis character will still be a better attack option if you have that gear. Likewise for Aranea’s gearset.

Prompto Advanced Skills

Updated by subtextually on 4/27/2018

Prompto’s Advanced Skill Tree increases his empire assault abilities even more, making a very high level Prompto a force to be reckoned with. Paired with the right Monster, such as Master Tonberry, Prompto can do a huge amount of damage on his own, or in a rally.

Prompto Advanced SkillsPrompto Advanced Skills


Once you’ve taken Prompto to Level 70, you’ll be able to unlock his advanced skills. Prompto’s first advanced skill that can be unlocked at Lv 70 is All March Speed, which adds +50% March Speed, which can greatly helped when using incredibly slow-moving troops such as T5 or T6. Down the left side of the Advanced Tree, we have skills that benefit Catoblepas Troops. Catoblepas Attack adds a whopping +800% Catoblepas Attack, while Catoblepas HP adds +800% Catoblepas HP. Both skills require a Lv 90 and 80 Prompto, respectively.

Let’s consider Catoblepas Annihilator stats for a moment:

  • 150 x T5 Troop Attack
  • 150 x T5 Troop HP and Troop Armor
  • Double Attack and HP when fighting on the Crystal and Crystal Scar
  • Immune to Armor Piercing
  • 2000% Attack when attacking the Crystal or the Titan
  • Deals 3x damage vs Warrior
  • Deals 2x Damage vs Mage and Cavalry
  • Unknown attack boost with increased amount of troops

Considering how powerful these troops already are, a Prompto skilled to wield Catoblepas Annihilators or Catoblepas Destroyers can be frighteningly devastating and a force to be reckoned with in any empire or Crystal/Titan battle. However, because Prompto has poor defense skills, he will not be the right hero to use to hold a control point such as the Crystal or Titan — that responsibility tends to fall to Luna or Gladio.

Down the right side of Prompto’s Advanced Tree we have Prompto’s Rally City Assault Skills. Rally City Assault Attack, which requires Lv 90 Prompto, adds an additional +500% Rally City Assault Attack, while at Lv 80, you will be able to unlock Rally City Assault HP, which adds +500% Rally City Assault HP. 

If you continue to follow the tree down, you will reach the last skill, which unlocks at Lv 100 Prompto: Armor Shredding, which provides +20% Armor Shredding. This special skill reduces the enemy’s total Armor by 20%, which means that if your enemy has 1000% Troop Armor, they will end up with 800% Armor, instead.

Combined with Prompto’s Rally City Assault skills, Armor Shredding can ensure that just about any empire trying to defend against a Prompto-led rally will most likely burn, if they aren’t built to trap, and if they rely too heavily on Troop Armor as their primary method of defense.

Essentially: these advanced skills make Prompto truly formidable against empires, and anyone who has an eye on dominating their realm, or the game, will want to definitely invest in leveling him up to access Prompto’s full potential.

Prompto FAQ

Some common questions have popped up in the community since the release of the new hero Prompto. We’ll cover them here with answers.

Q: Can I attack with both heroes in different marches?

A: No, only one hero can be active at one time. And you can only activate a new hero when all your heroes are in Empire, which means that if your hero is on a march, captured or in a rally you cannot activate another hero.


Q: If I have a level 35 Noctis and I swap to Prompto, will I still get the march size boost?

A: No, you will only get hero benefits if that hero is active.


Q: Do I lose my gear if I swap to a new Hero?

A: No, gear is simply unequipped. Also, the game remembers what gear your hero was wearing, so when you swap back that hero will be geared again.


Q: Do heroes regain lost MP when they are inactive?

A: No, heroes will only regain MP when active. You can hit monsters with any active hero, but you cannot double up on MP.


Q: What happens if one of my heroes is captured?

A: You cannot swap heroes until you get the captured hero back.


Q: Can I use Noctis medals or XP items to level up Prompto?

A: No. Hero XP items, medals and MP restoratives are now branded for one hero or another.


Q: Do Prompto medals drop from monsters?

A: Yes, Prompto medals drop from level 4 and 5 monsters.


Q: Can I use a hero skill reset to reset Prompto?

A: Yes. Skill reset items will work on either hero, whichever is active at the time you use the item.


Q: What happens to XP gained when a new level-up is locked?

A: The XP is saved until you unlock the level, just like with Noctis. It isn’t wasted.


Q: How many packs does it take to get Prompto to level 40/50?

A: At the time this article was written, it takes 35-50+ packs to get Prompto to level 40-50. This is buying medal and XP packs from the store rather than supplementing with monsters.


Q: How does Armor Piercing work?

A: It lowers the target’s armor by the percentage on the boost. So if you have 50% Armor Piercing and the target has 200% armor, the target will have 150% armor effectively when you attack them.


Q: What does City Assault mean?

A: It means the boost only applies when attacking an Empire. So City Assault HP will boost your troop survival when they are attacking an Empire but not the Crystal, the Titan or a Tile.


Q: Do you need to spend or use anything to switch between heroes?

A: No. To swap between heroes, go to the Hero monument and tap “activate”. No special item or cost required after you use the hero unlock item.



Q: Will leveling Prompto make my power go up?

A: Yes, leveling Prompto will raise your power. Both Noctis and Prompto hero power apply at all times in your visible power.


Q: Is Prompto good?

A: Yes, Prompto is very good on attack compared to a Noctis at the same level. To maximize Prompto you will want to specialize in either Rally attack or City Assault though. Prompto is not good for defense or utility though, as those are not his specialization.




Prompto is a very strong addition on attack, and worth picking up if you like to burn other players or lead rallies. Do keep in mind that you will need medals to level him, and this will involve buying packs or hitting lots of level 4+ monsters. But if you can stand to wait while grinding monsters or can afford the packs, this hero will make a fantastic leader for your Empire attacks and rallies.

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