Magitek Alpha Gear Set Review

Love them or hate them, Magitek have become a facet of Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire. From the mysterious Imperial Empires that seem to crop up out of nowhere, to the Magitek title events, and even being able to recruit them to fight on your side as mercenaries – Magitek seems to be a reoccuring theme that the game developers are fond of. Now we even have a Magitek Alpha Gear Set, and it just so happens to be one of the strongest sets of equipment yet.

This guide will cover the boosts granted from the Magitek Alpha Gear Set, how to acquire equipment crafting materials, and the most effective ways of using Magitek Alpha equipment.

Magitek Alpha Gear Set Stats

Let’s start by identifying the boosts that a full set of Legendary quality Magitek Alpha gear will give you:

Magitek Alpha Helm (helmet):

  • +200% Troop Attack Bonus

  • +140% Mercenary Magitek Attack Bonus

  • +200% Mercenary Airship Attack Bonus

  • +100% Troop HP Bonus

  • +70% Mercenary Magitek HP Bonus

Magitek Alpha Exoplate (armor):

  • +500% Troop HP Bonus

  • +350% Mercenary Magitek HP Bonus

  • +100% Attack Resistance

Magitek Alpha Stompers (footwear):

  • +100% Mercenary Airship Attack Bonus

  • +140% Mercenary Magitek HP Bonus

  • +200% Troop HP Bonus

Magitek Alpha Gladius (weapon):

  • +120% Troop Attack Bonus

  • +150% Mercenary Airship Attack Bonus

  • +84% Mercenary Magitek Attack Bonus

  • +330 Troop HP Bonus

  • +231% Mercenary Magitek HP Bonus

Magitek Alpha Gauntlet (accessory):

  • +42% Mercenary Magitek Attack Bonus

  • +60% Troop Attack Bonus

  • +50% Mercenary Airship Attack Bonus

  • +100% Troop HP Bonus

  • +70% Mercenary Magitek HP Bonus

Thus far, a Mythic Forge set bonus for the Magitek Alpha gear set has not been released. Although this will likely be released very soon, honestly, it’s not even necessary given the monstrous boosts from each of these Legendary pieces of equipment.

How to Get Crafting Materials for Magitek Alpha Gear Set

Gathering materials to crafting pieces of the Magitek Alpha gear set is very different from the traditional method gathering crafting materials. Since we are crafting Magitek equipment, the only way to get materials is to attack Magitek empires that are scattered around the realm. But they don’t drop the exact crafting materials we need; it gets even more tricky.

When attacking Imperial Empires (Magitek), you will obtain an item called Discharged Apparatus. The quantities of Discharged Apparatus received from Imperial Empires seems to be random, although the higher level enemy citadels tend to give more. This item can be found in the Treasures section of your inventory and can be opened like a chest. Opening the Discharged Apparatus will create additional items in the Special section of your inventory, including Discharged Coil, Discharged Overthruster, Discharged Geartrain, Discharged Sigil, Discharged Oscillator, and Discharged Pinion. You cannot interact with these items directly from your inventory.

These look like the items we need to craft pieces of the Magitek Alpha gear set, only instead of Discharged, we need them Energized. This is where the Magitek Converter comes into play. You will need a level 1 Magitek Converter in order to prepare the crafting materials that make up the Magitek Alpha gear set.

After clicking on the Magitek Converter building in your empire, click on the tab on the right-hand side that says “Magitek Materials”. This opens up a menu where we can turn our Discharged Magitek materials into the Energized materials we need to craft pieces of the Magitek Alpha gear set.

The Magitek Converter only lets you craft 20 of the level 1 Energized materials at a time. For each crafting material, you will need 5,200 Discharged materials, 10,569,000 Magitek Reactants, and 2,113,800 Magitek Cores per 20 level 1 Energized crafting materials.

Magitek Reactants and Magitek Cores can be obtained by attacking Imperial Empires throughout the realm. You will need lots and lots of Reactants, Cores, and Discharged materials if you plan on making quality Magitek Alpha gear.

To make just one level 6 (gold) crafting material, you will need 535,600 of the Discharged material, 1,088,607,000 Magitek Reactants, and 217,721,400 Magitek Cores.

Best Uses for Magitek Alpha Gear Set

At a glance, it’s immediately apparent that the Magitek Alpha gear set was made with one troop type in mind: Imperial Frigates.

Since these mercenaries are both Magitek and Airships, they satisfy every single qualification to the Magitek Alpha gear set boosts. We’ll save you the trouble of adding up all of the boosts that apply to Imperial Frigates when equipping a full Legendary Magitek Alpha gear set (including 3 of the accessories).

  • +500 Troop Attack Bonus +350 Mercenary Magitek Attack Bonus +600 Mercenary Airship Attack Bonus

  • +1,430 Troop HP Bonus +1,001 Mercenary Magitek HP Bonus

When the full set of Legendary Magitek Alpha gear is equipped, your Imperial Frigates will be packing a total of +1,450% Attack Bonuses and +2,431% HP Bonuses.

Now imagine what that number would look like when you factor in gems, combat items, combat research, Empire attack bonuses, oh, and did we mention Ignis’s +800 Airship Attack, +1,300 Airship Armor and +400 Airship HP skills?

If you’re looking for ways to make your troops even stronger, our Optimized Offense article here cannot be missed!

Should I Get Magitek Alpha Gear?

As we have reviewed in this article, the Magitek Alpha Gear Set is one of the more difficult equipment sets to craft. It requires the Magitek Converter and long periods of time spent attacking Imperial Empires. On top of that, it requires the Mercenary Fighting Pits and training lots of Imperial Frigates in order for the gear to be truly effective.

To those who stay the course and collect enough crafting materials to make a Legendary set of Magitek Alpha gear, the rewards are palpable. You will effectively acquire the best defensive gear set in the game, or at least the gear set that gives the highest HP bonus. With all of that in mind, the Magitek Alpha gear is certainly not for the faint of heart and will be most effective for end-game players and Titan contenders.  

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  1. Angela says

    I noticed I can “use” the reactants even though I dont have the merc pit. Do these reactants do anything when opened minus the merc pit?

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