Monster Farm Comparison II

With dozens of monsters to choose from, plus a new monster added to the Monster Farm nearly every week, choosing the right monster to use in the Monster Farm is increasingly perplexing. Only through rigorous trial and error will you be able to find the monster that works best for you.

This article breaks down the Battle Reports using different monsters from the Monster Farm to determine which ones are the most effective, including:

  • St. Patrick’s Jackpot Goblin
  • Iron Giant
  • Wraith
  • Cactuar
  • Flan
  • Master Tonberry

You can find our previous Monster Farm Comparison for the following monsters here.

  • Chocobo
  • Galvanade
  • Marlboro
  • Yojimbo
  • Tonberry
  • Wyvern

Lastly, many monsters chose not to participate in our Monster Farm Showdown because there are already other monsters who have better boosts. If you want us to test a specific monster, please comment below and we will include it in the next Monster Farm Showdown.

Gear Check

To test out different monsters, we used two different setups depending on the Monster that was used. One was a level 85 Aranea with our best offensive gear. The other setup we used was level 56 Gladiolus. Because of Gladio’s Spiked Armor ability, which increases Troop Attack by a percent of your Troop Armor, we used all Guardian gear when testing him.

monster farm comparison - gearmonster farm comparison - Gladio for defenseAlthough Glacian gear has been the standard in attack gear for a while now, most of its boosts are specific to Mage type troops. The Epic Archaean gear set has a slightly higher Troop Attack than Glacian gear does. It’s boosts also apply to every troop type; not just Mage. Epic Archaean gear (purple quality) can be crafted relatively easily by completing the Archaean dungeons in the Guild Adventure Hall.

These tests were done with a Citadel 50 account and T6 Troops. Our unwilling test subject is Citadel 39, which is defending with about 6 million T4 Troops, as you’ll see from the first few attacks. All of the Battle Reports that appear in this article were carried out with the Top 3 Mixed T6 Troops, heavy on the Cavalry since Aranea specialises in Cavalry skills, and a few T5 Mages thrown in to act as a meat-shield and help preserve some of our very expensive T6 Troops.

Below is the hero, equipment, and gem sequence which created the subsequent boosts. Keep in mind while reading our comparisons that your mileage may vary depending on what offensive gear and hero you use.

St. Patrick’s Jackpot Goblin Comparison

Boost: +250% Troop Attack, +75% War Spoils

This lucky monster was available during the St. Patrick’s Day event, along with Magic Pot Goblin (+125% Troop Attack, +25% War Spoils), St. Patrick’s Flan (+200% Attack Resistance), St. Patrick’s Chocobo (+200% Troop Attack), and St. Patrick’s Tonberry (+400% Armor Piercing). Although any one of those monsters would be awesome to have, they were very rare and only given away by amassing an unrealistic amount of points to complete the 3rd tier of the St. Patrick’s Monster Hunt event. The St. Patrick’s Jackpot Goblin is the most commonly used out of all of the St. Patrick’s monsters, which is why it is a prime candidate for our comparison.

When it first became available, +250% Troop Attack was the biggest attack boost from any monster at the Monster Farm. The additional +75% War Spoils is just another incentive to use this monster and can help you get extra gems while attacking empires or precious Magitek Cores during Magitek events.

Kills: 560,602

Conclusion: Any way you look at it, +250% Troop Attack is a solid boost that will definitely get you some additional kills, regardless of whether you’re attacking with Warrior, Mage, Cavalry, or Mercenaries. This is why we left out some of the other monsters in the Monster Farm who gave a Troop Attack Bonus or attack bonus for one specific type of troop that was less than +250%. If you’re lucky enough to have a St. Patrick’s Jackpot Goblin of your own, this can be your go-to monster in most situations that don’t require boosts for specific troop types.

Iron Giant Comparison

Boost: +75% Troop Attack, +75% Attack Resistance, +75% Juggernaut Attack,
    +90% Troop Attack, +90% Attack Resistance, +90% Juggernaut Attack,
    +115% Troop Attack, +115% Attack Resistance, +115% Juggernaut Attack,
    +150% Troop Attack, +150% Attack Resistance, +150% Juggernaut Attack,
    +225% Troop Attack, +225% Attack Resistance, +225% Juggernaut Attack.

The Iron Giant was the game’s first Realm Boss – a terrifying monster taking up 9 tiles that shook all of Eos when it appeared earlier this year. Hitting the Iron Giant would yield various qualities of both eggs and hatching stones for this Monster. Whoever got in the final killing blow to the Realm Boss received a Legendary Iron Giant Egg that contained a Crystal Giant. Common Iron Giant Eggs can also be obtained by hitting the normal monster Iron Giants lurking around Eos. Learn more about the Iron Giant and the best way to beat a Realm Boss here.

The great thing about the Iron Giant’s boost is that it primes you for both attack and defense, allowing you to kill more of your opponent’s troops while less of your troops are killed. Depending on the type of Iron Giant you hatched, you may have a weapon of mass destruction at your disposal. If you were lucky enough to get the Crystal Iron Giant, then you probably don’t need to switch monsters at all. For the sake of this article, we will discuss the benefits of using the most commonly received Iron Giant monster, which gives +75% Troop Attack, +75% Attack Resistance, +75% Juggernaut Attack.

Kills: 463,117

Conclusion: To take full advantage of the Iron Giant’s boosts, we want to include Juggernauts in our march. Adding Juggernauts like Catoblepas Destroyers and Annihilators to your attack can have a massive impact on your kill count; however, they are not without a price. There is the obvious price of both Destroyers and Annihilators being very expensive to train yet yielding so very little. As you can imagine, players who spend thousands of dollars building up an army of Juggernauts are absolutely devastated when they eventually die. The other problem with Juggernauts is that they slow down the speed of your march exponentially. You will commonly see the Iron Giant used during Crystal and Titan events because of the necessity for Juggernaut type troops there, but they are just not practical for your everyday attack on an enemy empire.

Master Tonberry Comparison

Boost: +120% Cripple HP

In our last Monster Farm Showdown, the Tonberry’s Armor Piercing won by a hair with its +200% Armor Piercing. Now we have Master Tonberrys who give us the dreaded +120% Cripple HP boost.

Cripple HP works the way Armor Piercing works, only on an enemy’s Troop HP instead of Troop Armor. This is so much better than Armor Piercing. The purpose of Troop Armor is to prevent your enemy’s attack from reaching your Troop HP. When Cripple HP is in effect, your troops will still need to slice their way through an enemy’s Troop Armor… but by the time they get there, the Master Tonberry has already taken off 120%.

The only other places where Cripple HP shows up in the game are: as a hero skill for Aranea, in Advanced Combat Research, and as an enemy debuff from using the Commander Triana. Until they come out with Cripple HP gems, the Master Tonberry is a vital asset to work with.

Kills: 683,950

Conclusion: Sure enough, our attack with the Master Tonberry got significantly more kills than any of our other monsters thus far. Take caution when using the Master Tonberry, as it may not be as effective in situations where your opponent is heavily armored. In those situations, it would be much more effective to use a Cactuar.

Flan Comparison

Boost: +150 City Assault Attack, +60% Attack Resistance

One of the first things we notice about the Flan’s boosts is that its boost is only effective if attacking an enemy empire. While the flan won’t be effective for special events, like Titan or Magitek Invasion, it is a good consideration when attacking enemy empires.Kills: 468,626

As mentioned above, there are types of Iron Giants that beat the Flan in both attack and Attack Resistance, but not everyone will have the very best monsters available. To see all of the different types of Flans you can hatch, where to get them, and how many hatching stones you need, see our Flan and Monster Farm article here.

Cactuar Comparison

Boost: +15% Armor Shredding

Cactuars are hatched from eggs obtained after defeating high level Cactuar monsters wandering around Eos. Our Legendary Cactuar was obtained from the 3rd tier rewards in the Cactuar Monster Hunt event. Cactuars hatched from Rare or Epic Cactuar Eggs will have slightly lower boosts. For a full breakdown of catching & hatching Cactuars, as well as a more in-depth explanation of Armor Shredding, see our Cactuar & Monster Farm Article here.

Just like Prompto’s level 100 Hero Skill, Armor Shredding reduces an opponent’s total Troop Armor bonus by your Armor Shredding bonus before Armor Piercing is applied. Using the Cactuar as a monster allows you to harness the power of Prompto using any hero – just be sure to check your opponent’s gear first!

Kills: 539,907

Conclusion: Because we were attacking the same player during all of these tests, the Cactuar wasn’t entirely as effective as it would be in other circumstances. If our opponent was wearing Guardian gear, the cactuar would have been much more effective at reducing enemy Troop Armor and getting more kills. The Cactuar monster can be a powerful tool to penetrate your opponent’s defenses, but it should be used only in situations where it is necessary.

Wraith Comparison

Boost: +100% Troop Attack, +100%Armor Piercing, +50% Cripple HP

The Wraith is a special monster that was available during the Daemon Realm Monster Hunting event where every single monster was brought back to Eos for a brief period of time. There are 4 qualities of Wraith monsters that can be hatched: Common, Rare, Epic and Legendary. Each type of Wraith  has different boosts depending on their quality.

Conclusion: The Wraith combines two lethal enemy debuffs: Cripple HP and Armor Piercing. Add some Troop Attack to the mix, and you have a recipe for disaster! Unfortunately, none of the Wraith’s boosts are individually better than those of other monsters. Where the Wraith has +50% Cripple HP, Master Tonberry has +120%; Wraith has 100% Armor Piercing, Tonberry has +200%; Wraith has +100% Troop Attack, St. Patrick’s Jackpot Goblin has +250%. While there is no doubt that the Wraith provides some deadly boosts for our attacks, it is not our first choice when facing an opponent with a lot of Troop Armor or Troop HP bonuses.


Monster Farm Comparison Winners

1st Place: Master Tonberry

2nd Place: Cactuar

3rd Place: Wraith

Master Tonberry takes home a gold medal in this edition of the Monster Farm Showdown!

Keep in mind that what worked for us will not work for everyone. The type of monster you should use really depends upon your battle goal, your gear, and your opponent. The beauty of the Monster Farm is its versatility and that you have a monster fit for any type of battle. We encourage you to try out different strategies with our monsters and share your battle reports with us on the FFXVane Hub Discord here.

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