Cryonades and Monster Farm Update

A new monster is roaming the snowy wastelands of Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire: the explosive Cryonade! In this article, we’ll explain both the new map-monster as well as the three new additions to the Monster Farm.




Cryonade Monster


The new monster introduced to the game is the Cryonade, the frozen (and seasonally-appropriate) version of the classic Grenade-type enemies found in Final Fantasy games.


The Cryonades primary purpose appears to be dropping hatching stones for Grenade farm monsters (see below) and chocobos, along with the standard loyalty. The can drop mystery chests that contain random items, but are not associated with a gear set and don’t seem to have good medal drops compared to other level 4+ monsters.


That being the case, your interest in the Cryonades wandering the map is going to depend on whether or not you have the Monster Farm unlocked to make use of the hatching stones they drop.


Farming Grenade Monsters


The new items from the Cryonades are used to hatch Grenade-type monsters in the Monster Farm. Note that you need a Level 2 monster farm to hatch the Grenade-type monsters.


These monsters act like the Monster Farm Chocobos (which gives a flat boost of 88%), in that they add a buff to all attack marches that include your hero. Also like the farmable chocobos, this bonus only applies on attacks and not defense.


The difference is that each of the three types of Grenade monster give a buff to a different troop type:


  • Cryonades buff Cavalry by +120%
  • Galvanades buff Mages by +120%
  • Grenades buff Warriors by +120%


So these new monsters are a +32% boost over the existing Chocobo when used with a march or rally comprised of their specialty troop type, making them more useful to single-troop marches and rallies.




The new Farm monsters are going to be more useful to you the more you use one-troop-type “missiles” on attack. They’re also going to be useful for rally leaders swapping troop types between rallies to take down tough empires. If you have troop-specific gear or hero spec and/or you’re a rally leader, the Cryonade and Co. may provide a modest upgrade for you that can help when going up against things like City Guardians where every drop of attack counts.


For most players though, the default +88% attack chocobo is going to be perfectly acceptable as a buff if you have the Monster Farm; the Grenades are a solid upgrade but +32% conditional on troop type doesn’t exactly blow the chocobo buff out of the water. And you need all three realistically to make the most use out of them.


If you don’t have a monster farm yet, neither the Cryonades on the map nor the new additions are likely to be of much use to you. In this case you’re better off turning your farming attentions to other monsters, unless you’re planning on unlocking two levels of the Farm later down the road and want to save up the stones.


But if you don’t mind dropping a few packs for a modest attack upgrade, perhaps because you’re at the top of the power curve already where boosts are much more incremental, then the Cryonade family may be worth your while.

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  1. jamie says

    Can you talk a little about what building levels are required, for unlocking the farm, and upgrading? Thanks in advance!


  2. subtextually says

    Unfortunately, no. Monsters are specifically for attacking empires and crystals/the Titan.

  3. Raven says

    BUT HOW DO YOU GET THE GALVANADE?!?!?!?!… I have Luna and she has mage boost, the galvanade boost on top would be amazing!!!

  4. Declan Lyons says

    Where are the blueprints?

  5. AJ says

    Can we use monster from “Monster farm” when attacking monsters?

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