Goblin Tricksters and T2 Rss 50% off Packs

A new monster, a new gear piece and new packs have been spotted in Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire! This article covers the new Goblin Trickster monster, and the new Trickster’s Cowl, and the Tier 2 Rss Reduction Packs.


Goblin Trickster

A new variant of the Goblin, the orange-hatted Goblin Tricksters, have taken the places of Behemoths on the Realm Map.


Goblin Trickster
These Tricksters show the same potential drops as Goblins, but additionally have a chance to drop a new crafting mat, Shadowy Essence, which is used to craft the new gear piece detailed in the next section.


Trickster’s Cowl

The Trickster’s Cowl is a new piece of gear crafted with a mat that drops rarely from the Goblin Tricksters.

Trickster's Cowl


As seen in the picture, the Cowl reduces economics and hero tree research costs. The level of the Cowl determines which tiers of rss are reduced: a green or lower Cowl reduces t1 rss costs, a blue or purple Cowl reduces t1 and t2 rss costs, and a yellow Cowl reduces t1 t2 and t3 rss costs. The amount reduced is the same across all rarities of the gear and is increased by Crafting Research.


T1 rss stays relevant until after level 30 Uni research (with Level 29-30 research requiring gobs of energy, especially), which means that even a gray Cowl can reduce costs significantly if you have not completed research of that tier. For players that have finished off the lower-level research, a blue cowl or better will remain relevant until the 40-level research.


Important note: Players are reporting that the cowl currently reduces research by less than the listed amount; with an actual decrease in the 30% range rather than the listed 55% base. Whether this is a glitch or intentional in unknown at this time, but it is worth keeping in mind before going all-out for a Cowl.


Also, due to the fact that both Goblins and Tricksters are likely to be limited time additions to the game, you will want to prioritize your MP based on whether or not you want higher level bottomless bags or a higher level Cowl before the end of the Halloween events.


50% Off Tier 2 Rss Packs

Another new addition to the game are the 50% tier 2 rss packs that have just been added to the gold store. These new packs are identical to the Noctis’s Birthday t1 reductions, except they affect t2 rss (wheat, etc.) for either building or research.

Halver Pack

Catch Up Pack


The packs come in several different varieties as seen above; either packs with two boosts or packs with all five boosts. Waiting until you see a pack with all five rss is recommended, if you are going for these boosts. If you can’t wait, prioritizing the granite and lead for buildings and the coin for research are recommended, but really you should wait for a five-in-one pack.


Like the Noctis birthday 50% off packs, these also stack with the original 50% off boosts, potentially reducing your t2 rss requirements to 25% of original. This is extremely helpful given the costs for buildings and research in the 20+ range, and these boosts will remain relevant until around level 40 Citadel and University.



Drastically reduced rss rates in the t2 rss range very likely means we are going to see an increase in the number of t4 empires wandering the map in the near future, along with stronger t3. This is going to put an emphasis on defense for those of lower levels, and make the new offense additions like Prompto more important for the existing higher-level accounts to keep pace with the increased competition.

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  1. Dhez says

    Thanks for the great info. I can craft an epic tricksters cowl with 16% legendary cit 18. Should I wait? But If i wait, i would hate to get more shadowy essence till next October.. im not sure if they just randomly drop considering that it came from the Halloween event.

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