Holiday Updates: New Hero, Monsters, New Building!

The winter holidays have brought an enormous number of gameplay updates to the Realms of Eos, including a powerful new hero, a new building, a new monster, and even new gear and new mercenaries. Let’s take a stroll through all of these exciting new changes!


New Hero Luna

Perhaps the biggest change in the last few days is the introduction of a new unlockable hero: the oracle Lunafreya Nox Fleuret! Like Prompto, Luna requires a pack to unlock and periodic special medals to level.


Unlike the other heroes, Luna is our first troop-type-centric hero, being very focused on mages in one part of her skill tree. She also focuses on Empire defense skills and at higher levels on Crystal and Titan attack and defense.


Luna Hero Skills


Lunafreya’s introduction is going to potentially lead to some very interesting builds. She’s of immediate interest to Trappers for the Hospital skills and City Defense skills, but has a wider range of applications for higher-level players during Crystal and Titan battles (and potentially mixes well with the Winter Mages and any future crystal/titan-themed mercenaries).


It’s too soon to tell how big of an impact Luna will have on the wider game, but she is powerful enough that we’ll see at least a handful of dedicated Luna trappers making things miserable for attackers with the new defensive mercenaries. We’re still testing this new hero though, and will bring you dedicated Luna guides very soon!


Oracle Temple

A new building has been introduced as well: the Oracle Temple. The mechanic on this new feature is intriguing: you can collect items (or buy them from packs, more practically) to create permanent boosts similar to the ones you find in packs.


Oracle Temple Unlock Screen


Right now the boosts appear to fall into XP doublers for your heroes, as well as economic boosts such as production cap doublers. Most of these boosts are going to be most useful for players already buying packs and give mostly incremental upgrades to boosts you already have, especially given the material cost of the boosts. But if this feature catches on, it is very likely that we will see some new unique boosts in here.


As with Luna, we’re still testing this new building and will have a dedicated guide soon.


Marlboro Monsters

New (and rather festive) Marlboros have been introduced to the Realm maps. Unlike the old Marls, these don’t drop the Bad Breath mats and instead are tied in to a new Monster Farm addition: Marlboros that you can take into battle with you to gain a powerful HP buff.

We cover the new Marlboro changes in-depth in this guide.


Glacian Gear Set

The Glaician gear set has been added to the game, and completes the “troop type” theme started by Aranea’s cavalry armor and the Grim Reaper warrior set.


Glacian gear set


Glacian has better point-for-point attack stats than either of the previous two troop-specific armors, although it is entirely mage focused. Oddly, it also only has three pieces, allowing you to use a weapon and accessory of your choice alongside the gear and making it potentially easier to get the Mythic Forge bonus.


With the heavy bonus to mages from high-level Lunafreya heroes, this armor is very likely to make an appearance at upcoming crystal and Titan battles.


Mercenary Changes

The mercenary pits have definitely seen some changes in the last week: Magitech and Winter Troops are making an exit, and a new defensive replacement for the City Guardians has very briefly been available: the Frost Guardians.


All of the old excellent strategies that worked for the City Guardians work equally well for the Frost Guardians. Moreso in fact, since the Frost Guardians are even more powerful than the already-ridiculous City Guardians.


The fast (and hard to pronounce) Aspidochelon Caravan are also available, which are an upgrade on some of the first-generation gathering mercs (the chocobo caravan).


The introduction of new spins on no-longer-available mercs is a good thing, and very likely to continue (i.e. we’ll likely see a new spin on the Winter Mercs next Titan).




All of these changes are very interesting in that they add new layers of strategic depth to the game at various levels. This is a trend that has been steadily increasing since Prompto: we’re seeing mechanics that require strategic choice by the player and provide strategies and counter-strategies beyond “who has the most of the highest tier”.


Lunafreya in particular has a very interesting design: her lower level skills (that thus take fewer packs and less time to max out, potentially) are of more use to lower and mid level players, whereas her high-end skills (which will cost a lot of packs to get the most use of) are most useful to players with a huge investment in the game. It will be interesting to see more along these design lines.


The mercenary changes are also welcome: a lot of players were extremely worried with the removal of the City Guardians, but it appears that the game developers will be periodically cycling new upgraded or tweaked versions of old favorites into the Pits. This makes sense as it gives players a chance to take advantage of troops they weren’t ready for the first time around.


We’ll be covering all of these new updates in more detail over the next week, so keep your eyes on the blog for guides to all this great new content!

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  1. Zero says

    Thankfully Luna levels up similar to Noctis so you only need medals once you’re hitting 50. The event they had going and the 10x XP boost that ended tonight with the RVR event was great for leveling her up. Got mine one level under my Noctis.

    Unfortunately the value of her Hospital Capacity skill depends on your capacity and how much of it comes from various permanent buffs that have been available because it doesn’t stack with those buffs and goes off entirely off your baseline capacity of your hospital and wards. Hoping it’s an oversight because if not it really devalues the skill when you have other capacity buffs or those 50 or 100% (or both) increases that I saw them selling in November.

  2. Aneurysmal says

    I was wondering if when you post info about new things like new mercenaries you could include the costs of each thing, since there’s no good ffxvane wiki out there to cover it.

  3. subtextually says

    Wow, thanks for pointing this out! I did not realize that the Hospital Capacity skill does not work with the permanent lifetime boosts that can be purchased. This sounds like a bug/glitch for sure. Are you 100% positive that her skill does not increase the capacity with the permanent boosts?

  4. subtextually says

    Do you mean the cost of the pack, or the cost of training a mercenary, upgrading a building, etc?

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