How to Maximize Monster Item Drops

Flan Week is almost over, and if we never see another Candy Corn shaped monster again, it will be too soon. The valuable drops these monsters leave behind after being whacked are so precious that many players have been losing sleep during this non-stop Flan-a-thon. But by spending your time wisely, you will be able to obtain the most drops for the least amount of effort.

This article will walk you through the process of maximizing the number of items and quality of items dropped by monsters roaming Eos, the most effective ways to attack realm bosses, and the difference between the two. Use this step-by-step guide to conquer the Devious Tonberry, Candy Corn Flan, and other valuable monsters when they invade your realm.

With MP Items

MP items are, without a doubt, the easiest and most efficient way of maximizing the number of items you can obtain from defeating monsters while minimizing the amount of time you spend monster hunting.

If the goal is Trophies from Tonberrys, Flans, or what-have-you, this technique is sure to produce at least 1,000 Trophies every time and only take a few seconds.

1. Hunting Naked

The first thing you want to do is remove all of your gear. This minimizes your Monster Attack so that you can get as many as 30+ hits on a single monster without killing it and wasting any MP.

2. Start with 20K

For this next part, you need to find a monster at 100% HP. You want enough MP to hit the monster a bunch of times, bringing it to the brink of death, without actually killing it. The best way to start with 20,000 MP at a time. Use a Max Attack to see how low you can get the Monster’s MP bar. It the monster’s HP bar is still orange, add more MP items to your next Max Attack above 20K MP. If the monster’s HP bar is in the red, then it was a success – find another monster at 100% HP and repeat.

With a Full MP Bar

This section describes how to get the most item drops after recharging your MP bar to full by leveling up your heroes. This entire process of draining your MP bar takes approximately 30 minutes and produce about 2,500-3,000 Trophies, without the MP Doubler item and 1 hour and will earn you up to 5,000-5,5000 Trophies.

1. Max MP

When you are about to level up a hero (especially helpful if you have the MP doubler), the best way to maximize your MP bar is to equip your monster gear, using three Noxious Dagger accessories. When Legendary, each piece applies 1,980 additional MP to work with. Placing Haunted and Paragon Nightmare gems to your gear will assist in Max MP and MP recovery. It is important to keep your hero in this gear until your MP bar is around halfway as changing your gear will result in a loss of the stacked MP. Although time-consuming, single hits are best at this time to maximize the drops you receive from monster hits.

2. Low Attack

The next gear change recommended is lightforge, attack or any type of gear that will weaken your monster hits to as low as possible. The goal is to lengthen the lifespan of the monster by decreasing your attack as low as possible. This is extremely helpful in these events when competition is vast and your target is nearby your empire. It is recommended to utilize three of the Winged Assassin’s Haste Pin. This gives a hero monster march speed bonus of 31% when legendary enabling you to reach your target at a quicker pace. As your MP bar gets lower and lower, you can start removing or swapping out your equipment with high Hero Monster Attack for equipment with no Hero Monster Attack. This will save you time on searching for monsters that are further away.

3. Max Attack

At the point when 30K to 35K of your MP is left, this is the time to unequip each piece of your gear and go for a max hit. Make sure you find a monster at full health before sending your march. This typically does not kill the monster and gives more loot since a streak was not built up and the benefits from gear were removed.

Realm Bosses

It seems weekly, there are new Realm Bosses lurking at the Crystal Scar. There is a huge difference between attacking monsters around the realm and realm bosses in the Scar when it comes to getting as many items to drop as possible. Here, we have broken down the most important distinctions to remember.

  • Use equipment that will maximize your MP and forget about Hero Attack or building up Steaks – They might get you more EXP after a Max Attack, but they won’t get you any additional items.
  • Make sure you’re utilizing all of your MP gems.
  • Items such as Monster Slayer Vigor and 1,000 Needles Monster Slayer Boost can increase your maximum amount of MP. These two items stack, so use both after leveling up your hero for an extra 75% more MP.
  • Always use a Max Attack on a Realm Boss. More MP = more hits = more drops.
  • Those packs that multiple the amount of loot you get from a certain realm boss? Absolutely worth every penny.


As Final Fantasy progresses, we are constantly faced with new challenges. With the tools & tips provided, you are now ready to defeat any monster coming your way and walk away with the maximum benefits during these events.


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  1. Art3mis1 says

    What about oracle hunt march though? It gives 100% March speed but also critical hit and other bonuses. How do you feel about that?

    1. Vulgarian
      Vulgarian says

      Good question! Personally, I was able to activate all of the Oracle Temple lifetime boosts related to monsters EXCEPT for +200% Hero Monster Attack. Higher attack doesn’t equate to better drops, and when hunting Flans, Tonberrys or what-have-you, keeping your attack as low as possible is preferred if you’re hunting for Trophies.

  2. CKNBG says

    I don’t understand how It should work to earn 5k trophies with one MP Bar. The recommendations are in my view useless. Or I don’t understand It right

    1. Vulgarian
      Vulgarian says

      TL:DR – With a full MP bar, Use single attacks until your MP is low enough to do a max attack without killing it. With MP items, add approximately 30,000 MP and do a Max Attack with no gear. Think of Flans as a mini-Realm Boss; you want to hit it as many times as possible without killing them (and thereby wasting precious MP)

      1. CKNBG says

        I understand the logic to maximum the hits before a flan will be kill. That a good tip. But if hit a flan, with 30k MP and without wearing gear i get round about 250 trophies. So, what is my mistake that I didn’t get a couple of thousand trophies for this one max hit?

  3. Dave_Carrier
    Dave_Carrier says

    If you have more MP than you care to blow on a max attack, my preferred method is to find two nearby targets and alternate hits. This avoids building up an attack steak, which draws the monster out for the most amount of hits, and thus rewards. Great post! I’ve been teaching these tricks to my guild since the first round of Tonberries showed up.


    1. Vulgarian
      Vulgarian says

      Brilliant Xizhan! I’m glad these techniques are working for you and your guild.

  4. Stephen Gallant says

    Building streak on the realm bosses will significantly increase the hero exp you get from any further attacks. I always max my streak prior to max hitting the realm boss.

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