Insomnia Chocobos Flan and Gralea Moogles Flan

The Super Brawl may have ended, but two new Flans are still around for you to tackle : the Insomnia Chocobos Flan and the Gralea Moogles Flan. These two blue confections drop treats you are familiar with by now, like loyalty and Monster Fragments.  As with other monsters, you may get a crafting material like a Bluestone Shard or a Hardened Hide. Rare drops include Luna experience, Luna medals, and Royal Blueprints.

But what you probably came here wondering is what to do with these Super Brawl trophies. Using the newest building, the Magitek Converter, you can make your very own Profile avatar, featuring either the Insomnia Chocobo Flan or the Gralea Moogle Flan.

To craft your own avatar, you need: 

Insomnia Chocobo Flan

Magitek Converter Level One
Super Brawl Trophy 1500
Magitek Reactant 75,800,000
Magitek Core 15,200,000

Want something that helps your gameplay?  

Look no further than the special boosts those trophies you’ve gathered can help you create. You’ve seen similar boosts in the past, but never as good as these combinations.

Training Camp Recovery (4 Hour)

  • +300% Hospital Capacity
  • +30% Training Speed
  • +400% Training Queue Bonus

Defensive Block (2 Day)

  • +200,000 Trap Capacity
  • Anti Scout
  • +100% City Defense Attack Bonus

Monster Slayer’s Blitz (2 Hour)

  • +500% Hero Monster March Speed
  • +75% Hero Attack
  • +25% Max MP for all Heroes

Home Field Advantage (24 Hour)

  • +50% Intimidation
  • +50% Attack Resistance

Unsackable Hero (15 Minute) 

  • Hero Cannot be Captured

Wondering how many trophies you need to collect to start making these great boosts? Here’s an example: 

2 Day Defensive Block

Magitek Converter Level One
Super Brawl Trophy 1200
Magitek Reactant 60,600,000
Magitek Core 12,100,000

Now it's time for you to get back to tackling Flan to get your own materials to craft these great avatars and boosts. They drop anywhere from 50-900 trophies in a single hit, so you can gather quite a stockpile before they leave the field.  Happy Hunting!

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