Marlboro and Monster Farm Update

Christmas Day marked the arrival of the latest addition to the Monster Farm: Marlboros. These smelly serpentines are no stranger to Eos: Marlboros were first introduced in September when we were given to opportunity to craft the Noxious Dagger accessor and rock the Marlboro avatar. Now, festive Holiday Marlboros roam the realm, but they’re not dropping Bottled Bad Breath like before.  We’ll cover the changes to these new monster variants in this article, as well as the new Marlboro addition to the monster farm.


holiday marlboro and monster farm update


Holiday Marlboros Hunting


The ongoing Marlboro Hunting and Monster Farm event is as good an excuse as any hunt as many marlboros as possible. If you already unlocked Luna, hunting marlboros will allow you to score some additional gold and resources by simultaneously completing two of the events currently in rotation every two hours: The Marlboro Hunt & Luna Attacks events.


Similar to Cryonades, Holiday Marlboros drop Hatching Stones, chests, and Marlboro eggs. Holiday Marlboros drop marlboro hatching stones in various amounts depending on their level as well as a Holiday Marlboro Kill Chest upon defeating one. Inside those chests you’ll find even more hatching stones. Keep in mind that all of those hatching stones require you to have the level 3 Monster Farm unlocked to be of any use.


Hatching a Marlboro in the Monster Farm


If you do have a level 3 Monster Farm, you can use the stones for their intended purpose: hatching a Marlboro that you can take into battle with your hero. As with the Chocobos, there are 10 types of Marlboros, all of which provide +100% Troop HP. Your choice of color is purely aesthetic and does not affect battle stats, so you only need one marlboro in your empire.


You will also need a marlboro egg  along with the Monster Farm level three in order to hatch a marlboro you can ride into battle. A regular marlboro egg requires 1,500 marlboro hatching stones to hatch, while hatching a rare marlboro egg requires 3,000.


Uses for Marlboro in Monster Farm


The Monster Farm is showing more and more versatility with each release. First we saw an instant +88% boost to troop attack with the chocobo. Players who upgraded their monster farm to level 2 unlocked the Cryonade, Grenade, and Galvanade which boost Calvary, Warrior, and Mage attack by 120% respectively. Upgrading you Monster Farm to level 3 will unlock the Marlboro, which lends +100% troop HP to any march with your hero.


Adding an extra 100% troop HP to your marches opens up a lot of possibilities. It will allow you to attack trap empires with a large number of troops defending without fear of a massive defeat or losing your hero (within reason). This is especially important in minimizing losses when when going up against empires that will take time to zero their troops, either by slowly chipping away at them with single marches, or when facing overwhelming odds in a rally. When stacked together with the 50% HP boost item and some gold troop HP boosting gear (and posibly Prompto’s City Assault HP, if you have that hero), you will be able to take less losses in battle.


Keep in mind that 100% Troop HP boost is not a lot if you are going up against massive empires with millions of troops, and if this is the case, you are better off using a Chocobo or Grenade for a healthy attack boost. When we tested the Marlboro in attacks versus attacks with the Chocobo and all 3 Grenades, we experienced about 10% less troop loss when using the Marlboro, but killed significantly more troops when using both the Chocobo and Grenade.




When considering level 3 monster farm, be sure to keep an eye on how many blueprints you need and how many you’re actually getting in a pack. You may be required to pay chase grab two packs to get enough blueprints to upgrade the monster farm to level 3 if you haven’t already


Is the level 3 Monster Farm and Marlboro worth buying two packs to get? For most players, probably not. Adding the marlboro to your hero’s attack march allow you to come back with more troops alive, but for players whose focus is killing as many troops as possible, you would be much better off using a Grenade or Chocobo.


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    Very helpful, but please learn difference between ”Marlboro” cigarettes brand and ”Malboro” monster in FF.. It’s without 1st R in the name.

  2. Adam Cushen says

    Epic marlboro eggs cost 5,000 hatching stone

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