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Get the most use out of hero levels and all that MP

Maximizing your Hero MP and using it wisely is probably the best way to get ahead in the game for the least cost. Since hunting monsters can give points towards events or even “tokens” that you can spend in the Moogle Market. Here you will learn the best ways to get the most out of every single MP point that you have. You can definitely get some of the newest content for cheap if not FREE with every single hero level up.

Recently Updated!

This article has been updated to include new gems, cores, and gear. I have kept the older information for anyone who isn’t caught up with everyone that has been playing for over two years. Therefore, some of this information might seem to be outdated, but it’s still useful to someone. But on the other hand, some of this newer data won’t apply to some since it’s still months away from being released. Although the newer players can keep this in mind for what’s to come!

Updated Again!

This update has the Gilgamesh Cores, Monster Stalker’s Gear, and some new boosts added to the game. (12/29/2019)


You can do research in the Adventurer and Hero trees that will maximize your MP usage. The following types of research are available:

MP Cost Reduction

Reduces the MP cost when attacking a monster. This helps immensely since you can squeeze in more hits out of a full MP bar. Standard MP costs for a realm boss can be cut in more than HALF through this type of research.

Max MP

Raises your max MP. This is doubled when you have the MP doubler boost.

MP Recovery

Speeds up your hero’s MP regeneration rate. Before the huge MP bars in the billions, MP recovery made it so you needed to switch your hero out every few hours to keep MP building up. But now, it takes days. Even so, you can regenerate hundreds of thousands of MP in just a few seconds.

Hero skills trees

When heroes over 200 became available we saw even more Hero MP boosts unlocked. Certainly, an extra 200% increase to your MP bar is extremely useful! Remember that this also increases the amount of MP gained from gear, gems, etc.

When new hero levels come out, the first skills to allot points to should be the Monster Hunting abilities. This includes the Max MP which every hero besides King Noctis has. This ensures that you are getting the most MP per level. Likewise, the rest of the Monster Hunting skills can be leveled up (or down, if you have the VIP level), to suit how you need to attack monsters. Read up on how to determine the best setup for certain monster events (Kill, Engage, etc.) For example, the Tyrant Behemoth monsters, you will want to build your streak and kill them, so every point is crucial on a new hero for all the Monster Hunting skills.


Cindy’s Hero Skills

Cindy has an MP recovery skill that maxes out at 110% regeneration rate. Also, there is another skill that is useful, even though it doesn’t specifically state MP, her Accessory All Stat boost will boost the monster gear that you set in the accessory slots. This maxes at a 72% boost, which boosts all the stats of your accessory pieces, including the max MP and regeneration rate. These boosts only apply while Cindy is active.









Hero Gear

No matter where you are in the game, we all started somewhere. Here is a list of the different Monster Hunting gear from the smallest improvements to the best stats increases.

    • Hunter’s Gear
    • Beastmaster’s Gear
    • Dreadmist Gear
    • Monster Slayer’s Gear
    • Master Monster Slayer’s Gear
    • Monster Stalker’s Gear
      • MP is not the best (yet, since it appears it will be updated), but it has other good features for each piece.
    • Ultimate Anniversary Gear
      • Level 20 being the best
    • Ultimate Troop Gear (accessories)
      • Level 20 Mercenary being the best

Ultimate Anniversary GearWith the 2nd Anniversary of Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire, we were introduced to a new gear set. The Anniversary Ultimate Gear, which is a new type of gear that will evolve with us as the game progresses. Along with massive combat stats increases, we got the first glimpse of some pretty nice Monster Hunting stats boosts. Along with the Double MP and 100% more MP boosts, these numbers will multiply even more. As a result, we’ve become spoiled with MP bars into the BILLIONS. These Monsters don’t even stand a chance!

Now that you’ve upgraded your gear to the Mythic quality, you can upgrade it to level 20 for even more boosts! This can be done in the Mythic Forge. Also, you can find an upgrade button on the bottom of the gear page on the hero screen.

The numbers listed below are in addition to the numbers above for the Mythic quality gear pieces.

Another “set” of Anniversary Ultimate Gear is made by converting a piece of level 6 of the original gear into one of three types of Ultimate Gear. Troop, Mercenary, and Elemental. As a result, you get better stats for each Dark Troop type in addition to more Monster Hunting boosts. But you need to look at the chart to determine which piece is the best for you. The stats vary from awful to amazing. But for MP, it looks like the original Anniversary Gear is the best with the exception of the accessories, of which the Ultimate troop gear is the best. While you will have to watch out for the Elemental accessories since they have terrible stats for the other Monster Hunting boosts.

Monster Stalker’s Gear

New monster-hunting gear has been forged and is ready for us to deal serious damage to the dangerous monsters invading Eos. As of now, the MP boost available from this gear isn’t stellar, but the Gear Set Bonus gives 37.5M MP and 125,000% MP Recovery. Since this bonus is passive, you don’t even have to WEAR the gear in order to benefit from it. 

Special Features:

Each piece gives an added 70M Max MP but also each piece has its own specialty:

  • Weapon: 740,000% Hero Attack Bonus
  • Helmet: 60% Critical Hit
  • Body Armor: 1.41M% MP Recovery
  • Boots: 4,900% March Speed Bonus and 30 Hero Attack Streak
  • Accessory: 42 Additional Streak per Attack

This will help you figure out which pieces you want to use depending on what you need. For example, going to bed? You will want to equip the Body Armor to increase MP Recovery. This will cut your recovery time in half, which means you get twice as much MP in your downtime than you did before. I call that a WIN. 

Enchanting Your Gear

Another way to improve your Monster Hunting abilities is in the Arcanaeum. By using Monster Attack Reagents to enchant your gear, you can get up to 40,000% more Hero Attack bonus for 90 days. If you don’t have enough Reagents, the weapon is the best bang for your buck using 10,000 to get a 10,000% bonus. While every other enchant uses four times the mats per Hero Attack percentage.

(Weapon) 10,000% Hero Attack Bonus. Uses 10,000 Monster Attack Reagent

(Helmet) 2,500% Hero Attack Bonus. Uses 10,000 Monster Attack Reagent

(Helmet) 5,000% Hero Attack Bonus. Uses 20,000 Monster Attack Reagent

(Armor) 2,500% Hero Attack Bonus. Uses 10,000 Monster Attack Reagent

(Armor) 5,000% Hero Attack Bonus. Uses 20,000 Monster Attack Reagent

(Boots) 2,500% Hero Attack Bonus. Uses 10,000 Monster Attack Reagent

(Boots) 5,000% Hero Attack Bonus. Uses 20,000 Monster Attack Reagent

(Accessories) 2,500% Hero Attack Bonus. Uses 10,000 Monster Attack Reagent

(Accessories) 5,000% Hero Attack Bonus. Uses 20,000 Monster Attack Reagent

Don’t forget that you can enchant all three accessories. 

To apply the enchantment, you will go into the Arcanaeum and select your gear. Then you will find the monster enchantment. Note that all gear but the weapon will have two to choose from. Both will have different boosts as listed above. Next, you will apply the Monster Attack Reagents and your gear will be enchanted with the Hero Attack Bonus. Repeat for the rest of your gear (or as many pieces as you can afford). Lastly, bask in your power and annihilate the critters of Eos.

Gear Set Bonus

Don’t forget that your Mythic Forge gives you set bonuses for all of your gear. While it might not add up to much with the billions of MP that we have with our gear, gems, and doublers; there are still other boosts that help. For example, the Additional Streak per Attack from the Master Monster Slayer’s Gear set. While younger servers will still benefit from the MP boosts brought by the gear set bonuses, so it’s worth keeping that here.


For a long while, we only had two gems to use. First, the Haunted Gem which increases your max MP. Second, the Nightmare Paragon Gem which increases your MP regeneration rate. The best you can get of these gems is level ten. You can set one gem of each type in each piece of gear. The Haunted Gem gives up to 4,972 MP at level ten and the Nightmare Paragon Gem gives a boost of 482% to your regeneration rate at level ten. As a result, you can have up to 34,804 extra MP and 3,374% extra regeneration added to your boosts (thanks to my handy dandy calculator!).





Gem Level12345678910
Haunted Gem1030802004358551515241534654972
Nightmare Paragon Gem1%3%8%19%42%83%147%234%336%482%

Behemoth Gems

With the release of the Behemoth events, we were introduced to FOUR more gems. Drops from the Dreaded Behemoth Guild Adventure Hall are the Behemoth King Grab Bag Gem Chests. Every time you and your guild defeat all the Monsters, you are awarded thousands of these chests. Go into your inventory and open them and you will find level 1 Behemoth gems. Combine these up to level 20 to augment your chosen Monster Gear even more.


Also, if you’re lucky enough to have access to the Gemtastic Dark Gem Chest in the Guild Store tab, you can get high-level gems of all types, including the Behemoth gems. So, hopefully, you have tons of loyalty to buy as many of these as you can afford! Here are the stats of the various level 20 Behemoth gems:

  • Behemoth King Royal Gem (Black)
    • Level 20: 32,143% Hero Attack Bonus
  • Behemoth King Oasis Gem (Blue)
    • Level 20: 4.3% Hero Critical Hit and 4.3% Hero Critical Damage
  • Behemoth King Crimson Gem (Red)
    • Level 20: 32,143% Hero Attack Bonus
  • Behemoth King Cocytus Paragon Gem (Blue)
    • Level 20: 21.4M Max MP and 32,142.9% MP Recovery


Halloween 2019 Gems

Unless you have Spooky Loot tiles, you won’t be able to find these gems anymore. They were also available in the Moogle Market during the Halloween 2019 event.

  • Witch’s Familiar Gem Level 20:
    • 7.15M Max MP
    • 25% Hero Monster March Speed Bonus
    • +.5 Additional Streak per Attack

  • Paragon Witch’s Familiar Gem Level 20:
    • 2% Critical Hit
    • 10% Hero Critical Damage
    • 70K% MP Recovery
    • 15% Lucky Kill

Be sure to level up your gems evenly among your gear pieces. Due to the fact that using the four gems to level up doesn’t equal the gem that you get when you level up. You want to maximize your boosts if you can’t have the highest level gem possible. For example, a level 4 Haunted Gem gives 200 MP each, but a level 5 Haunted Gem only gives 435 MP. So, you’re better off equipping four pieces of gear with the level 4 rather than one piece with the level 5.

Crystal Nexus Cores

Some new Cores have been giving monster hunting boosts as well. You will want to open up the Cores chests from your inventory and combine them in the Crystal Nexus to get the highest level possible.

King’s Behemoth Hunting Core

The Dreaded Behemoth Guild Adventurers Hall is a new Dungeon where we first saw the King Behemoth’s Hunting Core. The Dungeon drops level 1 Cores that you can combine in the Armory. Four level 1 Cores will combine into a level 2. Four level 2 Cores will combine into a level 3, and so on until you reach level 6 which is the max. Another place you can get a Core is the Moogle Market. But this one is a level 3 Core, so I suggest getting one every time the Market refreshes so you can combine them.

Gilgamesh Core

Part of the November Cores series, the Gilgamesh Core increases your Max MP as well as other monster hunting stats and even offers some good Dungeon boosts. This was offered in packs around Black Friday that also had November Cores guild gifts. So, if you are in a pretty active guild, you might want to check your inventory for them. Do an inventory search for “November”, open the chests, then search for the Cores and open them up. Afterward, you can go into the Armory and combine them. One set of gifts should get you to a level 4 Gilgamesh Core.

Double MP Boost Items

Whether you got this boost from a pack or crafted it in the Oracle Temple, this is one of the better boosts to have, so grab it for all your heroes. This one will literally double your max MP for whichever hero it is active for. Furthermore, this is a permanent boost that doubles all your MP stats, whether it is gear, gems, or research. But, it does not double any temporary boosts you might activate in the future. It looks like different 100% MP boosts will stack with each other, so look out for them!

100% More MP Boost Items

You can pick this up in packs whenever there is a realm boss or even some monster events. This will give you even MORE MP to boost your levels! This stacks with the Double MP boost from the Oracle or packs. So this one is a good one to have as well.

Winter 100% MP boost

This limited-time, permanent boost is only available in a pack. It was released with the Custom MP Attack feature and paired with the new Monster Stalker’s Gear, it’s going to be killer!

Temporary Boosts

Activating temporary boosts that increase your MP bar and march speed helps a lot for realm bosses. Notably, most boosts don’t last long enough to be effective against the Moogle market monsters since they are more spread out on the map and you may have to hit them more than once. These boosts increase your MP bar based on the BASIC stats and not double MP. As a result, it may not increase it by 100% of what you think it would. Keep that in mind when you’re calculating how many hits you need to have for an event.

Some monster boosts that you may have are Cactuar Needle, Super Brawl, and Monster Slayer.

MP Carryover

This new feature abolishes the anguish that you feel when you accidentally level your hero twice. Or when you use 50b exp instead of 5b. I absolutely love this! For the reason that it KEEPS any MP that you have gained. As a result, you do not lose MP when you change gear. Also, MP gained from hero levels accumulates and keeps adding to your bar. The disclaimer I posted in the Temporary Boosts section doesn’t apply if you have MP Carryover. If you are able to get MP Carryover here are some tricks on how to maximize your hero levels:

Seven Awesome Tricks for Maximizing Your Hero MP

  • Use the best MP gear that you have. For now, that is the best Haunted Gems in each piece of Master Monster Slayer gear. 
  • Calculate how many levels you can get with your Hero Exp and Medals available. Check the charts on our Line chat 🙂
  • Pop a temporary MP boost.
  • Use as much of the Hero Exp as you need to level up however many times you can with your medals and the time allowed by your temporary boost.
  • LEVEL UP, LEVEL UP, LEVEL UP! All this MP will be saved with each level and even when your MP boost expires.
  • ***Tip: If you can wait until a “Wars” event that has realm-wide MP boosts, you will gain even more MP from each level up! Tonberry Wars and Cactuar Wars are two that we have had so far. Along with your Gear, Double MP, and 100% MP boosts, this gives so much more per level than without.
  • ****Bonus tip: Having MP Carryover and a temporary boost before unlocking Iris gets the MP from ALL 200 levels at unlock!

Check out this MP bar with millions of MP on a much lower MP max bar:

How MP Carryover works:

Each time you level up, your MP is saved and rolled over to the next level. So, if your MP bar is 1 million, and you accidentally level your hero up ten times, you will have 10 million MP ready for your use. Because of this, you can even change your gear without worrying about your MP getting lost. Also, you can level up your heroes at any time without worrying about a Monster Event. It’s a pretty crucial boost to have.

How to Get MP Without Hero Levels


If you haven’t noticed, we’ve been seeing more MP in event prizes, so don’t forget to keep an eye on these and pick up some free MP for some of the simplest tasks. While 1B MP might not be enough to complete an event, doing this a few times each day will net you some backup MP when your heroes run out. 

Luna Gifts

Luna has been very generous lately and giving us MP at times when a monster-hunting event is about to start, and even sometimes during the event. Don’t forget to use the Luna Quadruple Gifts trick if you know how. If not, then check out my Heroes’ Secrets article to find out exactly how it works.


Neutral Cities

Sometimes, it’s easy to overlook the drops from a Neutral City since they are listed at the bottom of the battle report. Don’t make this mistake! Some of them have been known to drop billions of MP at a time and with up to ten attacks per hour, that’s some serious MP you could be missing out on. 

Loot Tiles

The 2019 Halloween event gave out Spooky Loot tiles during an event. So, if you need some extra MP and you have these hanging out in your inventory, you’re in luck. They drop up to about a billion MP each time. They also drop the Witch’s Familiar gem which increases your Max MP. Talk about a win/win situation!

Getting and using your MP:

When you get everything above set for your heroes, you are ready to start collecting your MP. Dress your hero in the best MP gear you have. You probably have the Monster Slayer gear, which outdoes all other monster gear that we have so far. **Except the accessories, which are not better than the Noxious Daggers until they are of Legendary quality. Use the chart above to determine which gear would be the best for your situation. Younger realms will have access to different gear, and before Monster Slayer came out, the best gear was Dreadmist with the Noxious Daggers for accessories.

When your MP bar is full for one hero, switch your heroes. Repeat until they are all full and ready for the next monster of the day. It’s up to you if you want to empty out a Hero MP bar when they are all full, so they are always producing MP.

Realm Boss

Realm Bosses happen quite often and they drop lots of good loot. Such as Diamonds, Blueprints, Gear Set materials, etc. Because of this, it is a good time to use up your accumulated MP. Furthermore, the HP on these monsters makes it almost impossible to kill, so they’re almost always there for you to hit. If you don’t have MP Carryover, this is the best time to use your temporary MP boosts. Just pop a boost and hit, level, hit, level, repeat until done. Also, you can use more than one boost at a time since they stack!

Moogle Market Monsters

Moogle Market Monsters are the ones that you get trophies with each attack. Then you use the trophies in the Moogle Market to buy useful stuff to improve your empire. Some of the monsters that we have had are the Candy Corn Flan, Catoblepae, and Devious Tonberry.

With the change of MP usage, Moogle Market Monsters will be so much nicer than ever. Most noteworthy, the fact that your MP doesn’t get used until you HIT the monster means you won’t lose any if someone snipes the monster you were attacking. Also, hitting the monster also takes only the amount of MP needed to kill it. As a result, you don’t have to worry about how many hits you have left on your MP bar and how much it takes to kill it. We used to have to single hit until we could max hit without gear (to maximize hits and not build a streak). But now, you can just max hit as many as you want without losing MP! FUN FUN! With MP Carryover, you can remove your monster gear and hit to get even more hits out of a single monster.

If you don’t have MP Carryover, be sure not to remove gear from your hero since this will lower the amount of MP that you have. Even while running towards the monster, since MP is only used when you actually hit. Because of this, removing gear will take hits away and reduce the trophies that you could receive. Before the MP usage changes, MP was taken away when you pushed the attack button. But, this is a good change and worth hitting harder since you don’t lose any MP at all when attacking a monster and killing it. We all just have to remember this!

NOTE: Event Requirements

Due to the different requirements for some of the monster-hunting events, you will need some strategy to maximize your points potential. So look at what the event tells you to do and let’s figure out the best way to get your points.

  • Engage: Each hit counts as a way to get points.
    • Change out of your monster gear when max hitting a monster to get the most attacks out of a single hit. Due to changes in how your MP is used, this should only be used when your MP is lower than what it would be without monster gear. Or you have MP Carryover.
  • Damage: Counts the amount of damage dealt to the monster as points.
    • Wear your best monster attack gear and gems. Then use any monster hunting enchantments and place a hero in the Order of the Hunt.
    • Single hit as many times as it takes to get to your max streak.
    • Lastly, MAX HIT the monster!
  • Kill: Points only awarded when the monster is killed.
    • Same as Damage above.
      • Unless you want to save time, then just max hit all the monsters!


Custom MP Attack

You asked for it, and now you can designate how much MP you would like to use to attack a monster! So, now you won’t have to worry about wasting billions of MP on a Realm Boss when all you want to do is hit tier three of the event. Not only that, but it’s perfect for giving a little bit of a test hit to evaluate the drops before unloading a bunch of MP. Just type in a small number or slide the bar a bit and hit Custom Attack, and you’re off to see what that monster has in store for you. 

Patience and perseverance

It takes a strong will to not level up your heroes as soon as you get the experience or unlock your hero if they are medal locked. But if you can stay focused, it is all worth it in the end. You will have more MP to use for the monsters and the loot you get will make your empire one of the greatest! We all know the struggles of staying up late or skipping showers to just hit a few more flan. Isn’t it worth it to level up your fire well just one more time?

The Best of the Best

As of 10/2019, the best gear combination for Max MP is the level 20 Anniversary Engine Blade, Helmet, Body Armor, and Boots, combined with the level 20 Mercenary Accessories. The best gems are absolutely the Behemoth Gems. Since they’re the only new addition to our Monster Hunting arsenal, and they totally blow the other ones out of the water, you’ll want to get as many of those chests as you can! Certainly, don’t forget the King Behemoth’s Hunting Core. Obviously, a level 6 would be the best, but the highest one you can get your hands on will aid your hero in slaying those beasts.

Let Me Know

How high does your MP Bar go? I’m going to start a poll on the FFXVANEHUB Line chats, so come and add in your vote! If you’re one of the higher MP people, come and share with everyone else what makes your setup the best ever! Have you bought every single MP increase, or do you still have a thousand Cactuar Monster Slayer boosts that you’ve been hoarding for serious level ups?

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