Mastering Your Hero MP

We all know that time when a new monster event pops up and you are ready. MP bars for your heroes are filled up, and you have hero exp and medals saved up. Do you do your best to use your free MP refills from hero levels? In this guide, we will show where you can get more MP and refill your bar even faster so you can get to business.

Hero Gear

There are a few pieces of gear that boost your MP by quite a bit. If you have a complete legendary Hunter’s Gear set, you get a 1,500 additional MP as long as your Mythic Forge is unlocked. These are the gear pieces that raise your maximum MP or help regenerate your MP bar faster. Choose the best ones that you have based on what you are trying to accomplish (regen rate or more MP).

Monster Gear

wdt_ID Legendary Gear Max MP Increase MP Regeneration Rate
1 Helmets
2 Dreadmist Cowl 2.450
3 Beastmaster's Eyes 1.630
4 Hunter's Gaze 730
5 Body Armor
6 Dreadmist Vestment 1.960 20%
7 Beastmaster's Torso 1.630 16%
8 Hunter's Carapace 730
9 Footwear
10 Dreadmist Sprinters 3.120
Legendary Gear Max MP Increase MP Regeneration Rate


As of the date this article was written, there are two gems that help with MP. The Haunted Gem raises your hero’s maximum MP, a Paragon Nightmare gem speeds up your hero’s MP regeneration rate. You can unlock the Paragon slot in your gear through crafting research. You should have as many gems as you do gear pieces. Leveling up your gems all the way actually hurts since you won’t have as many gems with boosts. For example, a level 4 Haunted Gem gives 200 MP and a level 5 gives 435 MP. Having four level 4 gems would give you 800 more MP instead of the 435 MP if you combined them and only used one.


You can do research in the Adventurer and Hero trees that will maximize your MP usage. The following types of research are available:

MP Cost Reduction

Reduces the MP cost when attacking a monster. This helps immensely since you can squeeze in more hits out of a full MP bar. Standard MP costs for a realm boss can be cut in more than HALF through this type of research.

Max MP

Raises your max MP. This is doubled when you have the MP doubler boost.

MP recovery

Speeds up your hero’s MP regeneration rate. No longer will it take 36 hours to fill up your double MP bar, this can cut it down quite a bit. Some people can fill up a 130 thousand MP bar in just a few hours!

Cindy’s Hero Skills

Cindy has an MP recovery skill that maxes out at 110% regeneration rate. There is also another skill that is useful, even though it doesn’t specifically state MP, her Accessory All stat boost will boost the monster gear that you set in the accessory slots. This maxes at a 72% boost, which boosts all the stats of your accessory pieces, including the max MP and regeneration rate. These boosts only apply while Cindy is active.

Double MP Boost

Whether this boost was bought from a pack or crafted in the Oracle Temple, it doubles the MAX MP that you can have. This includes all research and gear MP available. This is extremely useful to have, so get it on as many heroes as you possibly can! Temporary boosts are not doubled by this, unfortunately.

Temporary Boosts

Activating temporary boosts that increase your MP bar and march speed helps a lot for realm bosses. Most boosts don’t last long enough to be effective against the Moogle market monsters since they are more spread out on the map and you may have to hit them more than once. These boosts increase your MP bar based on the BASIC stats and not double MP, so it may not increase it by 100% of what you think it would. Keep that in mind when you’re calculating how many hits you need to have for an event.

Some monster boosts that you may have are Cactuar Needle, Super Brawl, and Monster Slayer.

Getting and using your MP:

So now your monster research is done. Your max MP that you can have is up there, and the cost to hit a monster is as low as possible, you’re ready to start collecting MP. Dress your hero in the best gear and gems for MP regeneration to quickly fill up your MP bar. Change out the accessories to increase your MP bar as needed. For example, I use all Dreadmist gear and the Giant Slayer weapon to regenerate. When my bar is almost full, I switch to Noxious Daggers to access more MP. I have the best Nightmare Paragon gems in my Dreadmist accessories and my best Haunted gems in my Noxious Daggers. I also have every other piece of gear I am wearing embedded with both of these gems to further increase the regeneration rate and amount of MP I can have at once. When that hero’s MP bar is full, move to another and repeat. You will have all your heroes full of MP in no time!

Keep in mind that when you change gear for the Guild Adventure hall or attack and defense mode that his will lower your MP bar. Don’t worry, just redo the regeneration and it will be good as before.

Realm Boss

When an event pops, it’s time to use up your MP! Realm bosses make it easy since there is only one and you as well as everyone else in the realm can hit it many times before it dies. Don’t worry though, it will respawn soon enough before the event ends. After using all the MP you’ve stored up on your heroes, it’s time to start leveling up heroes!

Realm bosses are the perfect time to use all your MP boosts and your double MP heroes. Pop a boost, level up your hero and hit. Level up again and hit, repeat until you’re out of hero levels or your boost has expired. Boosts last anywhere from five minutes to two hours and some boosts can be stacked with another for incredible results. Saving up your boosts for realm bosses will allow you to get a bunch of hits in only a small amount of time. Further, it will allow you to get more hits per hero level than without a boost.

Recent realm bosses have dropped loot such as high-level gems, blueprints and tomes needed for leveling up, gear set materials, and best of all: GOLD and PLATINUM!

Moogle Market Monsters

These monsters can be a bit more tricky and time-consuming in using up your MP. Devious Tonberry, Candy Corn Flan, Party Garula, Champion Kingatrice, etc. all give tokens that can be used in the Moogle Market to buy things that normally only come in packs.

Most of the time, these monsters are harder to kill off than the monsters that spawn in Eos on the regular. Although they are not as tough as a realm boss, they can take quite a few hits before they die. Boosts are not that great for these type of monsters since the boosts last a short time. They also increase your attack and cause them to die too quick. When all the monsters around you are gone, you will have to either march further to attack or port to another good spot. The best farmers of these events scour the realm map for a good hive of monsters to attack.

Whether your MP bar is full from time or leveling up, you will want to be careful with your gear since removing it will lower your available MP. If you have more than one market monster closeby, it’s better to trade off hitting more than one so there is no streak build up. Remove gear when your MP is low enough so the hits are not as deadly. Continue doing this until your MP is low enough to max hit a full monster without killing it. It takes a little time to figure out exactly what this number is for you. Everyone is different because of research, hero skills, Oracle boosts, and titles. (Who would have thought these would be a bad thing!)

Items that you can purchase in the Moogle Market can save you money in the long run. A lot of players say that it’s like getting packs for free. Undying guardian materials were available, as well as special building blueprints that are otherwise only available by spending money. Hero experience items and medals are sold during this time and you can buy up to the limit to level up your heroes for MORE tokens to spend in the market. Who wouldn’t like to save some cash by grinding these events?

Patience and perseverance

It takes a strong will to not level up your heroes as soon as you get the experience or unlock your hero if they are medal locked. But if you can stay focused, it is all worth it in the end. You will have more MP to use for the monsters and the loot you get will make your empire one of the greatest! We all know the struggles of staying up late or skipping showers to just hit a few more flan. Isn’t it worth it to level up your fire well just one more time?

Are you the kind of player who collects all the tokens and spends it all at one time? Or do you get a pen and paper and calculate how many tokens you need to buy Cindy medals so you can keep on hitting? Any other tips and tricks for these events? Leave a message in the comments to help us all!

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