Monster Leveling Guide

Monster Leveling has come to Eos and it’s time to help your Monsters grow bigger and badder! Each Monster in the Farm can be upgraded for additional Boosts to help decimate your opponent. Choose your Monsters to upgrade wisely as they can be costly.


Leveling up Monsters requires Monster Food and Hatching Stones. Each subsequent level the amounts needed increases. There are several ways to accumulate these.

Hit Monsters!

Many of our old favorites are back, and have drop specific Hatching Stones, along with Monster Food. Kill them to obtain the following items;

  • Shifting Flan: Drops Flan, Chocobo, Cryonade and Hecteyes Eggs and Hatching Stones
  • Shifting Yojimbo: Drops Yojimbo, Spiracorn, Ronin and Wraith Eggs and Hatching Stones
  • Shifting Tonberry: Drops Tonberry, Iron Giant, Master Tonberry and Mineflayer Eggs and Hatching Stones.
  • Shifting Cactaur: Drops Cactaur, Malboro, Mandrake and Treant Eggs and Hatching Stones
  • Shifting Wyvern: Drops Wyvern, Griffon, Killer Wasp and Quelzalcoatl Eggs and Hatching Stones.
  • Shifting Karlabos: Drops Karlabos, Naga and Midgardsormr Eggs and Hatching Stones.
  • Shifting Kujata: Drops Kujata, Gigantoad and Dualhorn Eggs and Hatching Stones.

Farm Monster Tiles

Collect Hatching Stones, Eggs and Monster Food from the graveyards of the Monsters you kill.

Hatch the Eggs in Your Inventory

Hatching all those old eggs you have laying around gives a large amount of Monster Food and Hatching Stones. Those 45 Ronin Eggs you have lying around? Hatch them!

Hatch Eggs FFXV ANE to help with leveling monsters

Leveling up

Once you have Monster Food handled, and Eggs aplenty, visit your Monster Farm to start Monster leveling. Each Monster’s rarity is denoted from one star to four stars. Click on the Monster you wish to level up. There is a “Max Benefits” button to help you decide which Monster(s) would be most beneficial to Level Up. Food must be added manually, and the amount needed is listed at the top of the screen.

FFXV monster leveling guide

Final Fantasy XV Monster guide

Monsters have already been critical for increasing your attack power when trying to smite your enemies. Upgrading them substantially increases your might and makes new burns and strategies possible. Level up and smash!


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