Place Monsters at Your Gates with the New Defensive Monsters

Something new is lurking under the drawbridge in players’ citadels. Monster can now be assigned to the gates to help protect and defend. When an enemy march approaches the monster assigned to your wall leaps out and engages them!

What is a Defensive Monster?

Defensive monsters are the same killers that live in your Monster Farm. However, now you can assign these monsters to help defend your citadel, in addition to attacking with them. Monsters can either be used for attack or defense, but not at the same time. Remember to level up your monsters if possible!

Where do I get Defensive Monsters?

The research nodes for these are under the defense section in the University. There are three available monster types of research, and they vary in difficulty to get. Each research requires Monster Defense Research Scrolls, and additionally live further down the tree as you open each one;

  • Monster Defense 1: 342 Scrolls
  • Monster Defense 2: 1,609 Scrolls
  • Monster Defense 3: pending

How do I Equip Them?

Enter your wall. On the third tab “Defending Monsters” you will see the slots available to assign a monster to. Initially, you will need to unlock it even if you’ve done the research (but it doesn’t take any additional requirements, just poke it). You can have up to three monsters defending, but each slot must be unlocked I research first. Choose your monster and that’s it!

What Monsters should I Use?

This question has several different things to consider. Primarily it will depend on what stats you need to boost. Do you need more attack, defense or health? Cripple HP? Of course, it also matters what monsters you have available to you. Take a look at the monsters on your farm. Level 1 Monsters are much cheaper to level up than the higher grades, and still pack a punch. Here are just a few options;

Keep in mind there’s no one size fits all Monster to use. It’s dependent on your stats, and which ones you have hatched in the past. However, if you have the Karlabos, with Troop Attack per Armor, Troop Attack per Armor Limit and Troop Armor Bonus, it has fantastic stats that are useful for defense. Top pick! If you have two slots, combining it with some of the above Cripple Enemy HP would be highly useful.

For those in the newer servers, four new Level 5 monsters are also available to use. Note that although a minimum Monster Farm level is required to use these in a march, there is no limit to add them to your wall. The below are your four choices. Note these are not maximum stats, as they are very expensive to level up. Out of these, as above the Karlabos has fantastic defensive stats, but any of the four could be used (or more than one depending on how many slots you have open).

Finally, monsters have become useful for defense! Those players who primarily trap now have a use for the creatures that have been neglected and abandoned in the farm. Level them up and put them to work!

Do you have any tips or tricks for Monsters on defense? Let us know in the comments below!

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  1. flonaldo says

    They released now a new monster with awesome stats. I have a lvl 5 King Tonberry ***** 15% armour attack and hp shredding , Ghostly Karlabos lvl 5 **** increase troops attack per armour by66%,troop armour by 56,710% ans troops attack per armour limit by 24,269 and Lvl 7 Midnight Reapertail with next stats : Increase troop armour 324,691% , Warrior attack by 103,405% and anti armour shredding by 27% . I have two slots opened, what do you think could be the best combo? Atm i have Karlabos and Reapertail for more troops armour ( total 381k + from wall monsters ) hatched around 17 mythic reapertail and karlabos but no 5* , wasn t a good day looks like,lol. Thanks for article.

  2. Evan_Edgin
    Evan_Edgin says

    Hey @AlyKAt. Which combat stat should I focus on? (atk, armor, hp) I try to get an even mix, (which works) but I know I can do better.

    1. xAlyKat
      xAlyKat says

      Right now Armor Shredding is big, so I’d focus more on Attack and HP

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