Anak Stag

Summon the latest Mount, Anak Stag, in your Royal Stables!

Ironically Anak Stag in FFXV is an enemy that we fight in Northern Leide, which is about Northeast of Prairie Outpost. He is easily recognizable by his massive antlers, which is the largest of the Anak-type breed. However, in Final Fantasy: A New Empire, we welcome him into our Royal Stables to aid us with fighting along the sidelines in Eos. The Anak Stag Mount will boost your Monster Troops, King of Lucis, and your Dark Earth Troops. 

In this guide, we will go over a small quick background about the Royal Stables along with

  • Anak Stag stats and the grand total
  • Anak Stag Power of Mount skills
  • Where should we focus on skilling him?
  • Anak Stag Training Signet Chart
  • How does he match to the powerful Lucky Chocobo?

Let’s give a quick review of the Royal Stables before we analyze the Anak Stag Mount. 

Royal Stables

The Royal Stables is the place for your Mounts. Just like the Astral Shrine, you can discover each of them in here, even the ones you do not have! It’s a fabulous way to examine their skills and decide if they are right for you based on your gameplay style. 

You may also skill your Mounts to harmonize them for your strategic needs. If you are more of a Defense player, then you will gravitate towards the left side, whether as the attackers will lean more in the middle. The Utility on the right side is more balanced, which will be useful in every circumstance. The higher the levels, the more HP they have, the more exceptional their chances are surviving in battle should you have the stats supporting them. 

It is essential to remember, you can reskill them for FREE at any time you wish, so don’t fret if you mess up or decide to change your style of gameplay in the future. Though, once they reach their maxed level, the Mounts do provide enough Skill Points to cover just about everything.

Next, let’s dig into the Anak Stag Mount and see how powerful he appears to be!

Anak Stag

Anak Stag Mounr

(February 25th, 2020)

Anak Stag RequirementsIn order to unlock Anak Stag, your Royal Stables requires to be at level one, and you need 100,000 Anak Training Signets. So far, it is only purchasable by packs through the Gold Store. Wanna know how many you need? There is a chart below. Keep reading!

When unlocked, you will get 70 Skill Points to incorporate into his Skill Tree. Then you will be limited to what you can skill until he reaches level 5. 

As I will continue to remind you every time because this is very crucial to do so, a Mount’s overall potential is based on his Rank, Endurance, and Strength. 

Rank: Combat Effectiveness 

Endurance: Attack while Defending

Strength: Attack while Attacking

The higher your Mount’s Rank is, the more notable his damage will be. 

When your Mount is included in a march engaging your opponents or Neutral Cities, he will use Strength to manage the amount of damage he uses.

When your Anak Stag is defending your Empire, he will depend on Endurance to absorb damage being administered upon him.

Anak Stag Skills and Stats

The Stag specializes in Monster Troops, King of Lucis, as well as your Dark Earth Troops.

*stats are at maxed level

Skill TreeEndurance

Increases your Anak Stag Endurance by 10B%


Accumulates your Mounts Strength up to  5B%


Boosts your Stag’s Rank to 14,500

Anak Stag Attack

Requires minimum level one Endurance, Strength, and Rank to unlock

80B% Anak Stag Attack Bonus

Wild Barrier

Boosts Dark Troop HP by 50B% in addition to 150B% Dark Troop Armor 

Charged Antlers

Adds 120B% Dark Troop Attack 

Mother Nature

Additional 6B Dark March Size along with an 18B increase in Dark Rally Capacity

Galloping Guard

Increases Dark Elemental HP by 75B% and Dark Elemental Armor up to 180B%

Hoove Stomp 

Gain 185B% Dark Elemental Attack along with Dark Earth Troop Attack

Persistence of the Herd

Additional 6B Dark Elemental March Size along with an 18B increase in Dark Elemental Rally Capacity

Healing Prance

75B% Dark Mercenary HP in addition to 225B% Dark Mercenary Armor 

Horned Thrust

Increases your Dark Mercenary Attack by 185B% and your Dark Guardian Attack up to 140B%

Forest Scout

Gain an additional 6B Dark Mercenary March Size along with an 18B increase in Dark Mercenary Rally Capacity

Life Energy

Increases Dark Guardian HP by 30B%, Dark Guardian Armor up to 90B%, 50B% Dark Earth Troop HP, and 150B% Dark Earth Troop Armor 

Nature’s Darkness

Boosts your Dark Monster Troop Attack by 100M% while also increasing your Dark Monster Troop HP by an additional 50M% and Dark Monster Troop Armor up to 150M%

Depths of Darkness

Additional 4M Monster Troop March Size and 12M Monster Troop Rally Capacity

Terrain’s Revenge

Requires minimum level one Life’s Energy, Nature’s Darkness, and Depths of Darkness to unlock

Increases Dark Enemy Attack Resistance by 70B%, Dark Cripple Enemy HP up to 50B%, Dark Armor Piercing at 150B%, Dark Mercenary Attack Resistance by 100B%, in addition to Dark ELemental Attack Resistance to 100B%

Staggering Blast

Increases King of Lucis: Dark Elemental Attack by 189B%, King of Lucis: Dark Elemental Health up tp 80B%, along with King of Lucis: Dark Elemental Armor by 240B%

Grand Total

When it comes to looking at the numbers overall from another point of view, collectively this Mount gives

Anak Stag

  • 14,500 Anak Stag Rank
  • 10B% Anak Stag Strength and Endurance
  • 80B% Anak Stag Attack Bonus
  • 180B% King of Lucis: Dark Elemental Attack
  • 80B% King of Lucis: Dark Elemental Health
  • 240B% King of Lucis: Dark Elemental Armor 
  • 4M Monster Troop March Size
  • 12M Monster Troop Rally Capacity
  • 100M% Dark Monster Troop Attack
  • 50M% Dark Monster Troop HP
  • 150M% Dark Monster Troop Armor 
  • 150B% Dark Troop Attack and Armor 
  • 50B% Dark Troop HP
  • 6B Dark Troop, Elemental, along with Mercenary March Size
  • 18B Dark Troop, Elemental, as well as Mercenary Dark Rally Capacity
  • 185B% Dark Elemental, Mercenary, and Earth Troop Attack
  • 75B% Dark Elemental plus Mercenary HP
  • 50B% Dark Earth Troop HP
  • 225B% Dark Elemental along with Mercenary Armor 
  • 150B% Dark Earth Troop Armor 
  • 140B% Dark Guardian Attack
  • 30B% Dark Guardian HP
  • 90B% Dark Guardian Armor
  • 70B% Dark Enemy Attack Resistance
  • 50B% Dark Cripple HP
  • 150B% Dark Armor Piercing 
  • 100B% Dark Elemental and Mercenary Attack Resistance

Anak Stag Power of Mount Skills

The Power of Mounts has universal skills that can be unlocked through any of the Mounts.  However, on top of the universal skills, they each have their distinct section in the Skill Tree that makes them stand out from the others. 

In fact, check out Aly’s latest Power of Kings update to read all about the Power of Mounts.

In this guide, we will focus on the specialties that Anak Stag has in the Power of Mounts that the others do not.

*stats are at maxed levels 

  • 30B% Synergy: Astral and Kings of Lucis
  • 700M% Dark Monster Troop Attack
  • 300M% Dark Monster Troop HP
  • 900M% Dark Monster Troop Armor 
  • 1T% King of Lucis: Dark Elemental Attack
  • 20B% King of Lucis: Dark Elemental Health
  • 60B% King of Lucis: Dark Elemental Armor and Dark Mech Attack
  • 30B% Dark Mech HP, Dark Elemental HP w/ Hero, Dark Shiva, and Astral Attack
  • 90B% Dark Mech Armor and Dark Elemental Armor w/ Hero
  • 45B% Dark Elemental Attack Resistance
  • 18B% Dark Elemental Cripple HP
  • 46B% Dark Elemental Armor Piercing 
  • 100B% Dark Elemental Attack w/ Hero
  • 20M% Shiva Armor

How should we skill him?

As we have reviewed the Mount itself, we can conclude that he is pretty balanced in terms of offense and defense. 

When Skilling him, the Rank and Anak Stag Attack should be done right out the gate. 

Next, if you have King of Lucis unlocked and powered up, then I highly recommend you skilling this area as it will benefit you in both situations and will play as a passive skill as long as you have your Anak Stag summoned. Also, since we rely on Elementals when attacking or defending, this would be another skill to focus on as well. 

Endurance, Guardians, Earth Troops, Dark Enemy Attack Resistance, Dark Elemental and Mercenary Attack Resistance, and Mercenaries if you are defending. 

Strength, Mercenaries, Armor Piercing, Monster Troops (ONLY if you have the stats to back it up with), March and Rally Size if you are more of an attacker.

When your Mount is maxed out, you will be able to skill everything to the max regardless, but at first, you may need to be a bit choosier when selecting skills. 

Anak Stag Chart

Anak Stag Training Signets


The Mount requires Anak Stag Training Signets. Check the chart below to see how many!



Anak Stag Training Signet Chart

How does he compare to the others?

The latest Mount release was the Lucky Chocobo, and at the time of release, he was the strongest one to date. But how does the Anak Stag Mount compare to him? 

Let’s compare Anak Stag and Lucky Chocobo side by side and find out!

Lucky Chocobo vs. Anak Stag

Lucky Chocobo Rank:9,900

Lucky Chocobo Strength and Endurance: 5B%


Anak Stag Rank: 14,500

Anak Stag Strength and Endurance: 10B%

Comparing the Rank, Endurance, and Strength alone, it is pretty apparent who is more durable. But let’s analyze just a few more stats to make this even more apparent.

When it comes to the Mount’s attack, Anak Stag has 80B%, while Lucky Chocobo has 35B%.

Anak Stag Dark Troop stats

  • 150B% Dark Troop Attack and Armor
  • 50B% Dark Troop HP

Lucky Chocobo Dark Troop stats

  • 185B% Dark Troop Attack
  • 45B% Dark Troop HP
  • 135B% Dark Troop Armor

Lucky Chocobo has more Dark Troop Attack then the Anak Stag, but is the extra 35B% worth it over the rest of the stats that Anak Stag contains? 

The Lucky Chocobo does have a fantastic amount of Mount Supply stats that Anak Stag does not, but the majority of the stats are slightly more. Anak Stag also has the King of Lucis and Monster Troop stats, which are what we are all about right now. 

Who knows, maybe Multi-Mount will become a thing soon, we can only hope.

What to Read Next?

Now that we have covered the latest Mount, I highly urge you to brush up on the Lucky Chocobo for comparison, then the King of Lucis and Dark Monster Troops to further strengthen your Empire and maximize your Anak Stag’s potential.

Lucky Chocobo

The Lucky Chocobo was the Mount that was released about a month before Anak Stag. While Anak Stag has stats that do not begin to compare to the Chocobo, the Chocobo does have its own stats that you may prefer to have. Such as Mount Supplies Proficiency.

Click here to read the Lucky Chocobo guide!

King of Lucis

King of Lucis will play a big part when partnering your Anak Stag Mount with it, read all about Somnus and the Enclave of Lucis to utilize them both together and push your Empire to greatest heights!

Click here to read the King of Luci’s guide!

Dark Monster Troops

Just like the King of Lucis, pairing Dark Monster Troops with your Mount will create some severe damage, whether attacking or defending. 

Stay Tuned!

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Noctis/Anak Stag


Anak Stag has made quite the entrance with his compelling stats he provides as soon as he is unlocked! Here are some things to remember

  • Anak Stag requires 100,000 Anak Stag Training Signets to unlock, and you will be given 70 Skill Points right away to skill his tree. 
  • Rank, Endurance, and Strength are vital when skilling your Mount as it will set the overall Mount’s true potential 
  • He specializes in Dark Monster Troops, King of Lucis, and Dark Earth Troops

Last but not least, how do you plan to skill your Anak Stag? Comment below or reach out to us on Social Media, aka Line or Discord and let us know! Not in our FFXV: ANE Hub Line room and want to be? Add me by ID: peacefulwarrior414, and I got you.

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