Lucky Chocobo

Celebrate Lunar New Year with the Lucky Chocobo Mount!

In the Wiz Chocobo Post on a barrel it states:

“Duscaen dude ranch focused on the protection and propagation of everyone’s favorite feathered friends. Tourists are invited to feed and interact with the birds at their leisure. The post also sponsors Chocobo races and a bird rental service.

Wild Chocobos one trotted freely through the forests of Duscae, but the recent influx of ferocious beasts has sent the birds running in fear. Despite the Hunters strengthening their patrol of the area, their numbers were not enough to attend to all the lost and injured birds, and the population continued to decrease.

Troubled by the Chocobos’ travails, Wiz Forlane sought to set up a safe haven for birds in need. Thanks to his efforts, the feathered friends of the forest once again had a place to rest their tired wings in peace. Without his hard work, the national Lucian sport of Chocobo racing might have been lost to the annals of time.”

It is said that the Lucky Chocobo will bring you good fortune into the new year. The big bright red flightless bird wants to help you transport through the world of Eos, well at least the tame ones do! 

The Lucky Chocobo will boost your King of Lucis, Dark Troops, Dark Elementals, Dark Mercenaries, as well as your Supplies. Let’s break it down below. 

Royal Stables

First and foremost, the Royal Stables is the home for all your Mounts. Just like the Astral Shrine, you can locate each of them in here, even the ones you do not have unlocked! It’s a great way to review their strengths and determine if its right for you based on your gameplay style. 

Here you may also skill your Mounts to tune them for your strategic needs. If you are more of a Defense player, then you will gravitate towards the left ride, whether as the attackers will lean more in the middle. The Utility on the right side is more balanced, which will be useful in every circumstance you will be in. The higher their levels, the more HP they have, the greater chances your Mounts will survive in battle, of course, with the stats supporting them. 

Remember, you can reskill them for FREE at any time you wish, so don’t fret if you mess up or decide to change your style of gameplay in the future. However, once they reach their maxed level, they do provide enough Skill Points to cover everything.

Now let’s dig into the Lucky Chocobo and see why it’s the talk of the week!

Lucky Chocobo

(January 28th, 2020)

A gentle reminder, a Mount’s overall potential is all depending on his Rank, Endurance, and Strength.

Rank: Combat Effectiveness 

Endurance: Attack while Defending

Strength: Attack while Attacking

The higher your Mount’s Rank is, the more prominent his damage will be. 

When your Mount is involved in a march attacking, he will use Strength to manage the amount of damage he deals with.

When your Chocobo is defending, he will use Endurance to absorb damage being inflicted.

Lucky Chocobo Skills and Stats

This glorious mighty bird specializes in Mount Supplies and King of Lucis. He also boosts your Dark Fire Troops rather nicely. Let us break down his skills and stats.

*Stats are at maxed level

Chocobo Skill TreeEndurance

Increases your Mount’s Endurance up to 5B%


Increases your Chocobo’s Strength by 5B%


Increases the bird’s Rank by 9,900

Lucky Chocobo Attack

Requires level one Endurance, Strength, and Rank to unlock

Lucky Chocobo Attack bonus 35B% 

Lucky Barrier

Boosts Dark Troop HP by 45B% and Dark Troop Armor to 135B%

Devastating Charge 

Adds 185B% Dark Troop Attack

Loyal Servant

Additional 5B Dark March Size and Dark Rally Capacity by 15B

Improved Vitality

Increases Dark Mercenary HP by 45B% and Dark Mercenary Armor up to 135B%

Pyro Feathers

Boosts Dark Mercenary Attack to 135B% as well as Dark Airship Attack by 95B%

Mercenary Leader

Additional 5B Dark Mercenary March Size plus 15B Dark Mercenary Rally Capacity

Healing Spiral

Increases Dark Elemental HP by 40B% in addition to 120B% Dark Elemental Armor 

Firey Peck

Boosts Dark Elemental Attack to 125B% and Dark Fire Troop Attack by 95B%

Elemental Leader

Additional 5B Dark Mercenary March Size as well as 15B Dark Elemental Rally Capacity

Lucky Supply

Boosts your Attack Mount Supply Potency by 1.25B%, Defense Mount, and Mount Supply Potency up to 10M%, along with your Magical Mount Supplies Potency by 750k%.

Luck of Lucis

Increases your Kings of Lucis: Dark Troop Attack by an additional 150B%, Kings of Lucis: Dark Troop Health up to 60B%, plus, King of Lucis: Dark Troop Armor another 180B%.

Grand total

When it comes to looking at numbers overall from another point of view. Collectively at maxed level, the Mount gives:

  • 9,900 Lucky Chocobo Rank
  • 5B% Lucky Chocobo Endurance and Strength
  • 35B% Lucky Chocobo Attack Bonus
  • 5B Dark Troop, Elemental, and Mercenary March Size
  • 15B Dark Troop, Elemental, along with Mercenary March Size
  • 45B% Dark Troop and Mercenary HP
  • 135B% Dark Troop plus Mercenary Armor 
  • 185B% Dark Troop Attack
  • 40B% Dark Elemental HP
  • 120B% Dark Elemental Armor 
  • 125B% Dark Elemental Attack
  • 95B% Dark Airship Attack
  • 1.25B%  Attack Mount Supply Potency
  • 10M% Defense Mount and Mount Supply Potency
  • 750K% Magical Mount Supplies Potency
  • 150B% Kings of Lucis: Dark Troop Attack
  • 60B% Kings of Lucis: Dark Troop Health
  • 180B% King of Lucis: Dark Troop Armor 

Lucky Chocobo Power of Mount Skills

The Power of Mounts, just like the Power of Kings and Queens, have universal skills that can be unlocked through any of the Mounts.  However, on top of the universal skills, each of the Mounts has its own distinguished areas in the Skill Tree that make them just slightly different from the others. 

These skills are passive, so you do NOT have to have the Mount active in order to obtain the benefits from the Power of Mounts.

In this guide, we will focus on the specialties that Lucky Chocobo has in the Power of Mounts that the others do not.

*stats are at maxed level

  • 1.5B% Mount and Astral Supplies Potency
  • 1B% Core Supplies Potency
  • 400M% Mercenary Supplies Potency
  • 20M% Elemental Supplies Potency
  • 1T% Kings of Lucis: Dark Mercenary Attack
  • 20B% Kings of Lucis: Dark Mercenary Health
  • 60B% Kings of Lucis: Dark Mercenary Armor 
  • 100B% Dark Mercenary Attack w/ Hero 
  • 30B% Dark Mercenary HP with Hero, Dark Fire Troop HP, and Dark Ifrit Attack
  • 90B% Dark Mercenary Armor with Hero in addition to Dark Fire Troop Armor
  • 60B% Dark Fire Troop Attack
  • 45B% Dark Mercenary Attack Resistance
  • 15B% Dark Mercenary Cripple HP
  • 46B% Dark Mercenary Armor Piercing
  • 20M% Ifrit Armor Bonus

How should I Skill him?

If you are an attacker, then be sure to prioritize your Rank and Strength. Chances are you like to accommodate your March and Rally size to make the most of your hits. This would be suitable for you as well. 

If you are a defender, make a note to skill your Rank in addition to Endurance first before proceeding.

Next, assuming you are taking full advantage of the Commander Center, skill your Lucky Supply section, Supplies are an exceptional addition. This will benefit you in both situations, and so will the Elemental and Mercenary stats. 

Do you want to know what’s so great about the Commander Center and the benefits it has for your Empire? Check out Aly’s ‘Explore the Commander Center’ guide to read all about it.

Do not forget your Lucky Chocobo Attack to increase his strength in battle, as he will absorb the damage being dealt with in your army.  

The King of Luci’s section will be particularly helpful if you have the Spirit unlocked by your side, as this will benefit your Mount and your Summon as well. 

Lucky Chocobo Chart

The Lucky Chocobo requires Lucky Chocobo Signets. Check the chart below to see how many!

Chocobo Chart

How does he compare to the others?

The latest Mount release was the mighty Winter Griffon. Hee was one powerful bird, especially in battle. But how does the Lucky Chocobo withstand against him? Is he any better, or does he have no choice in comparison? 

Let’s compare the Winter Griffon and Lucky Chocobo side by side and find out!

Winter Griffon vs. Lucky Chocobo

Winter Griffon Rank: 6,000

Winter Griffon Endurance and Strength: 900M%


Lucky Chocobo Rank: 9,900

Lucky Chocobo Endurance and Strength: 5B%

Comparing the Rank, Endurance, and Strength alone, it is pretty clear who is the winner here. But let’s analyze just a few more stats such as the attack bonuses and troop stats to make this even more transparent.  

In terms of the Mount Attack bonuses, the Winter Griffon has 16B%, while Lucky Chocobo has 35B%.

Winter Griffon Dark Troop stats:

  • 4B% Dark Troop Attack
  • 100M% Dark Troop HP
  • 300M% Dark Troop Armor 

Lucky Chocobo Dark Troop stats:

  • 185B% Dark Troop Attack
  • 45B% Dark Troop HP
  • 135B% Dark Troop Armor

As we can see, it is quite apparent that the Lucky Chocobo is significantly stronger and the best Mount to date. 

What to Read Next?

Now that we have covered the Lucky Chocobo, I recommend you to review the King of Lucis and Command Center to further strengthen your Empire and maximize your Lucky Chocobo’s potential.

King of Lucis

King of Lucis will play a big part when pairing Lucky Chocobo with it, read all about Somnus and the Enclave of Lucis to utilize them both together and build your power.

Click here to read the Power of Lucis guide

Commander Center

The Commander Center contains quite a bit of Supply stats, so read this guide about the Commander Center and how supplies work to strengthen your stats. 

Click here to read the Commander Center guide

Lucky Chocobo


I do not think I need to continue to elaborate on whether this Mount is better than the others. I guess FFXV: A New Empire wants to bring us good fortune in time for Lunar New Year. 

A few things to remember about this sturdy birdie:

  • Rank, Endurance, and Strength are indispensable to skill when leveling him. Rank makes him more effective when attacking your enemies or defending your Empire. Endurance consumes damage being dealt in defense mode. Strength to dictate the amount of damage being thrown at your opponents.
  • Take full advantage of the Lucky Supply section as it will be extremely beneficial to your Mount Supplies (Psst…read that Commander Center guide!)
  • If you have King of Lucis, then make sure to leverage that skill as well to boost your Mount but also your King of Lucis as well.

Last but not least, how do you plan to skill your Lucky Chocobo, and how are you going to utilize him to overpower your enemies? Comment below or reach out to us on our Social Media channels, aka Line and or Discord and let us know! Not in our FFXVANE Hub Line room and would like to be? I got you boo, add me by ID: peacefulwarrior414, and we will see you there!

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