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The ultimate ‘Rally Checklist’ along with a chat with (AmeX) iTouchUrButt.

One thing we know for sure about Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire is that it is a war game. Whether it is attacking, trapping, or defending against your enemies. One of the most essential yet thrilling parts of this game is Rallies, especially when you have your Guild excited working together. Even though particularly Solo Hits have become pretty dominating in the game to date, it is always nice to have that slight edge if you have the right tools and players for it. We all know the stats are what can explicitly make or break your game. Listed beneath are some specific boosts that will help your Rallies be even bolder when you choose to ambush your foes.

Rally Boosts

Several clear-cut boosts generally get overlooked due to being focused on other things such as Soloing or Defending. If you plan to be a War Leader, then its essential to have not only your general boosts on par but also your boosts as well. Review the lists below to exceed the expectations beyond your limitations when going off to war against your enemies.


First and foremost, your VIP is one of the most critical aspects of this game when it comes to your boosts as it will accumulate and stay relevant over time. Hence here are some of the assistance it provides.

 *boosts listed below are up to VIP 230

  • Dark Rally Capacity (+2.83B)
  • Dark Rally Attack (81.6M%)
  • Dark Rally HP (11.7M%)
  • Dark Mercenary Rally Capacity (+2.97B)
  • Dark Elemental Rally Capacity (+1.98B)
  • Rally time reduction (unlocks at VIP 134)
  • VIP Free Rally (opens at VIP 124)
  • VIP Rally Queue (copies your Rally Leader’s march) (opens at VIP 205)
  • VIP Rally Express (unlocks at VIP 201)


Research is always vital to every part of Final Fantasy: A New Empire no matter what your gameplay is. The remarkable facet to this is that no one knows what you have explicitly researched. Therefore, you can be misleading to your rivals. For this reason here are some boosts you can Research in order of the University Tabs.

Dark Elemental

  • Dark Rally Attack and HP I
  • Dark Rally Elemental Rally Capacity I, II, III, plus IV

Mirror Hero

  • Mirror Hero March and Rally Size I, II, as well as III
  • Mirror Hero King Regis: Dark Rally

Dark Mercenaries

  • Dark Mercenary Rally Capacity I, II, III, as well as IV
  • Dark Rally Capacity
  • Dark Rally Attack and HP I along with II

Dark Advanced Mercenaries

  • Dark Mercenary Rally Capacity

Dark Advanced Combat

  • Dark Rally Capacity I also II
  • Dark Rally Health I
  • Dark Rally Attack I

Research Rewards

  • Dark Rally Capacity I and II
  • Dark Rally Health I
  • Dark Rally Attack I

Dark Economics

  • Dark Troop Rally Size I, II, III, plus IV

Dark Combat

  • Dark Rally Attack I and II
  • Dark Rally March Speed Increase
  • Dark Rally Capacity I also II
  • Dark March Size II
  • Dark Rally Attack and HP

Guild Research

As Final Fantasy: A New Empire introduces Guild Research in the game, you can donate different Emblems to your Guild Research tree, allowing impressive boosts that will primarily benefit your entire Guild! Make sure you click on the Guild tab on the bottom row. The next step is to click on your Guild Research finally clicking on the item being researched and donate. You may give 10% of the required Emblems needed ten times a day in 24 hours. Since it is limited in this case, make sure you communicate with your Guild and work together! Here is some Rally specific Guild Research boosts that would benefit you.

Guild Combat Research

Guild Dark Mercenary March and Rally Size, Guild Dark March and Rally Size, Guild Dark Elemental March and Rally Size, Guild Rally Time Reduction, last but not least Guild Dark Rally Attack and HP.

Hero (Mastery Skills/Power of Kings/Power of Queens)

Mastery Skills are just like your Hero Skills; you gain some Mastery Skill Points as your level your Hero up. Although the difference is that Mastery Skills apply to any active Hero. In this case, be sure to use them wisely; here are the Mastery Skills that have Rally boosts to them.

Mastery Skills



Dark Rally Capacity as well as Dark Elemental Capacity



Dark Troop Rally, also, to Dark Mercenary Rally



Dark Rally Attack

King Noctis


Dark Rally Size I as well as II

King Regis


Dark Rally March Size



Dark Elemental Rally Capacity also Dark Rally Capacity

Veteran Prompto


Guild Dark Troop Rally, Guild Dark Mercenary Rally, as well as Guild Dark Elemental Rally

Power of Kings/Queens is similar to Mastery Skills; as a matter of fact, the boosts will apply no matter what Hero you choose to use. But leveling them is just a tad different, you use your Power of Kings/Queens Skill Unlock or Advanced Power of King/Queen Medals to unlock level skill points to apply them into your Power of Kings/Queens tree. With this in mind, here are the Power of King/Queen Hero Skills that contain the Rally Boosts needed for your wars

Power of Kings/Queens



Dark Mercenary Rally Capacity



Dark Elemental Rally Capacity



Dark Rally Capacity also Dark Elemental Rally Capacity.


Check out your Astrals as well as your Mounts that help aid you in your journey to greatness!



Crystalline Blade (Dark Rally Attack)


Liquid Blade (Dark Rally Attack)


Infernal Burst (Dark Rally Attack)


Positive Charge (Dark Elemental Rally Capacity), Coalesced Power (Dark Rally Attack and Dark Rally HP),  in addition to Elemental Convection (Dark Elemental Rally Capacity)


Rally Boost Astral

Gift of Courage (Dark Rally Capacity), Flurry of Blades (Dark Rally Attack), as well as Ultima Beam (Dark Rally Capacity),


Rally Boost Astral

Unbridled Rage (Dark Rally Attack as well as Dark Rally HP) plus Faultline (Dark Mercenary Rally Capacity)


War-Trained Chocobo

War-Trained Chocobo

Birds of a Feather (Dark Rally Capacity), Growing Bonds (Dark Rally Capacity), plus Power Surge (Dark Rally Attack).

Ebony Chocobo

Rallying Roar (Dark Mercenary Rally Capacity as well as Dark Elemental Rally Capacity.)

Buildings/Auxiliary Buildings

Some Buildings in your Empire help aid in your Boosts, especially your Guild Hall, check out which other ones do!

Guild Hall

Rally Boost Building

Dark Rally Capacity, Dark Elemental Capacity, Dark Mercenary Rally Capacity as well as Dark Rally Attack

Dark Workshop

Rally Boost Building

Dark Rally Capacity

Dark Strategy Hall

Rally Boost Building

Dark Rally Capacity, in addition, to Dark Elemental Rally Capacity

Oracle Temple

Rally Boost Building

You can obtain several Dark Rally boosts from the Dark World Tab such as various Dark Rally Capacity as well as Dark Rally Attack Boosts.

Order of Heroes

Dark Order of War (Level 1-4 Dark Rallying March Speed)

Dark Order of Kings (Dark Rally Capacity)


Sometimes when we are on a roll, we may just so happen to forget things, and it comes back and kicks us in the hiney. Especially when we are ignoring some of the simplest things, such as sending/assigning a monster can make a difference when we are trying to Attack or Defend. So, therefore, we do not see our true potential and make it harder for us to push our limits. Here are some reminders to remember to check/use while Rallying.

  • Hero
  • Gear
  • Gems
  • Mirror Heroes along with Mirror Hero: King Regis
  • Astrals
  • Monsters
  • Cores
  • Dark Core Troops/Dark Mercenaries/Dark Elementals (remember they have separate march sizes!)
  • Enhancements
  • Order of Heroes

Things you should know

Rally boost

  • Anyone in your Guild can speed up any march arriving into the War Leader’s Rally. Firstly, you will need to click on the Guild section located on the bottom row. Then, you will see a red tab on the top just under the Guild information, make sure to choose your Leader’s War March. Finally, locate the person you wish to Speed their march up, and there will be an arrow for you to click to be able to have the option to speed them up.
  • Another important key point, you can wait until after the War March sends to activate your Cores if you wish to save some time before activating it. For example, Uncapturable Core, the reason being as it only has 20 minutes on it.
  • Last but not least, in the Dark World, there is a separate Troop Capacity per Troop type to add to the marches for Rallies/March, for instance, Astrals, Mercenaries, Elementals, as well as Core Troops. With this in mind, it is essential to talk with your War Leader. For this reason, coordinate with your Guild to see what he or she wishes for into the marches.

(AmeX) iTouchUrButt

1. Tell us a little about you, what got you into playing Final Fantasy?

(AmeX) iTouchUrButt: I got baited into this game by a clickbait ad, said let’s try this out. I fell in love with the community and grew with what is now my family. Personally, this was a distraction to things going on in my life. The support from my now family was tremendous and kept me here. 

2. What is your favorite/least favorite part of the game?

(AmeX) iTouchUrButt: Favorite part is hands down the family here in AmeX. I love these guys to death. My least favorite is the support or lack thereof. 

3. Tell us what makes your Guild stand out?

(AmeX) iTouchUrButt: We don’t take anything from anyone and never back down from a fight. We have one rule, “kill them all” we fight together and die together as a family. We are relentless, ruthless murderers with the best leader in the game.

4. What would you recommend to get Guild members to be more involved in Rallies?

(AmeX) iTouchUrButt: Don’t be afraid to ask questions if you’re unsure of what to send to the Rally. We’ve found out most people that don’t join is because they are uncertain of how to contribute without messing the Rally up. Be open with your members. Let them know what is needed and how they can help. People hate sitting back, doing nothing. Include them, and they will be there. You are only as strong as your weakest links, help them grow.

5. What is your favorite Rally memory, whether it was attacking or defending?

(AmeX) iTouchUrButt: Literally anytime we burned (H7WH).

6. What would you say is something that is eminently overlooked when it comes to Rallies that should be known?

(AmeX) iTouchUrButt: Astral Composition.

7. What was the biggest lesson you learned from Rallying you wish you knew?

(AmeX) iTouchUrButt: For a while, I think most players assumed that Mirror Heroes stacked their stats. After rigorous testing, it appears that they do not. If this isn’t known by now, you’re very welcome. This would have been tremendous to know near the beginning of the Mirror release as I watched thousands of reports where the reports certainly could have been more vicious.

*After this interview took place, recent tests have proven that mirror heroes appear to stack, but also on a limited basis.

Thanks for taking the time to hang out and chat with me for a bit man, best of luck!

Last but not least, do you prefer to Rally or Solo hit, and why is that the case? Do you have any Tips and Tricks you would like to share with the community? Comment below or join us on Social Media aka Line and also Discord and let us know!

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