Roadmap to T4

T4 troops are extremely powerful. And with the increased pack quality in Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire, t4 troops are now more attainable than ever. As with the t3 troop requirements, some of the exact research and building requirements can be somewhat hard to tell in advance. In this article, we’re going to lay out exactly which research and buildings you need for t4 troops, discuss the rss requirements, and cover ways you can cut down on the required rss and speed-ups.

Buildings Required for T4


To research T4, you need a level 30 University, and to train them you need a level 30 Training Grounds (which itself requires a level 30 Farm). That means the first step towards t4 is reaching level 30 Citadel so that you can upgrade those other buildings.


Similar to levels 19-20 in the t3 troop roadmap, you need all starter buildings and one of each rss and utility building at level 29 to upgrade your Citadel to 30.


That means the following have to be at level 29:


  • Wall
  • University
  • Training Grounds
  • Embassy
  • Hero Monument
  • Watchtower
  • Prison
  • Banishment Portal
  • Resource Vault
  • Trading Post
  • Guild Hall
  • Armory
  • Hospital


And one each of the following at level 29:


  • Bank
  • Hospital Ward
  • Barracks
  • Farm
  • Mine
  • Quarry
  • Energy Extractor


The level of other buildings (Proving Grounds, Mercenary Pits, Treasury, Mythic Forge) don’t matter.


There are two main hurdles to leveling all of these buildings: speed-ups required and enormous amounts of granite and stone. Particularly stone. The stone requirement surprises many players; up until Citadel 28 granite is the main resource required, on the order of millions per building upgrade. But at level 29, the issue becomes stone.


Stone for Level 29 Training Grounds
You could build the Death Star with that much stone and metal.


Every building at level 29 requires tens of millions of stone, and usually half or a quarter as much t1 metal. The total cost without any rss reducing boosts is close to one billion stone for the entirety of level 29. This means that to pass level 29, you absolutely want to get any t1 rss building reduction boosts that you can get your hands on.


The good news is that, after this level 29 gauntlet, stone will no longer matter as much as a resource. You won’t need it for any buildings 30+. This does make the t1 rss boosts less useful after 30 except when leveling utility buildings, but they are worth it just to get past 29.


The buildings from 25-30 also collectively require an enormous amount of various t1 and t2 rss, notably granite, lead, wheat and coin. To deal with this, you will also want to target any t2 rss reducer boosts ASAP in the 25+ Citadel range. Given the insane costs, I cannot overstate the importance of rss reduction boosts for reaching t4.


There are several ways to tackle the speed-up issue. You can target packs that have enormous amounts of speed-ups, but these tend to have less rss and you need that too. One very powerful thing you can do is purchase a pack with two hero skill resets and use it to focus Noctis entirely on Building and Research time reduction. This will save you a TON of pack speed-ups and is worth the temporary drop in power and the cost of the pack (assuming you have that second reset to swap him back to combat later). You can see the effects of a reduction-spec’d Noctis in the screenshot of level 30 Citadel below, it’s powerful.


Also, try to make pack purchases in big blocks to take advantage of Thank You packs, which tend to have a higher-than-normal amount of everything. If you have to spread out purchases, wait for holiday or weekend sales.


Once you are past the level 29 gauntlet of stone and long timers, you have another issue: Citadel 30 itself. The problem here will be familiar to anyone who remembers level 20: You need way more marble to build the Citadel than you can make or than comes in one pack at that level.


Citadel 30 cost
13 million marble with 50% off, and you can hold a max of 250k. Yeah you need packs for this.


It is highly recommended that you wait on this one until the t3 50% building reduction pack shows up and then wait for one of the mega-gold packs that show up during sales or holidays (or a Thank You pack). This should allow you to use gold to purchase the marble, and the 50% off boost will come in handy immediately for the level 30 Uni and Training Grounds as well as any upgrading you do later.


University cost in marble
The LEVEL 30 University, Farm and Training Grounds also need a ton of marble.


Once you have your level 30 University in place, it is time to research your troops, which we cover in the next section.


IMPORTANT TIP: If you are reading this at level 25-28 or lower even, focus on the buildings FIRST. You can survive with level 25 research against extremely strong empires, and the leftover rss you get from buying packs for the level 30 Citadel push will make it easier to get to t4 research. And pack rss is tied to your Citadel level; this means that if you wait to do research until you’re higher level Citadel you will be getting more rss per pack. Additionally, we have a trick later in the article to save on research costs but you have to be level 30 Uni to do it. So don’t try to do buildings and research at the same time.


Research Required For T4


As with t3, to unlock t4 you will have to meet a number of hidden prerequisites. We’ll break these down here. To do so, we’re going to work backwards from t4 itself.


T4 requirements


The prerequisites for all t4 troops are Rally Size Lv 7, Rally March Speed 7 and t4 siege unlocked.


Rally March Speed 7
Rally March Speed 7 Requirements
Rally Size
Rally Size 7 Requirements



To unlock Rally Size 7 and Rally March Speed 7, you need Troop Attack II, Troop HP II, Upkeep Efficiency, Training Queue, Attack March Speed and Attack Return Speed ALL at level 7.


To unlock t4 Siege, you need Rally March Return and Rally Size both at level 6. You ALSO need Monster Attack 4 from the Hero tree. I know, this is weird, but it is required.


4 Siege Requirements
T4 Siege Requirements


To reach all those requirements, you will ALSO need Siege Attack at level 9 and Siege Armor at level 10. The pre-requisites for those are all of the Cavalry/Warrior/Mage Armor and Attack researches at level 10.


The total list of what you need:


  • Rally Size 7
  • Rally March Speed 7
  • T4 Siege Unlocked
  • Troop Attack II lv 7
  • Troop HP II lv 7
  • Upkeep Efficiency 7
  • Training Queue 7
  • Attack March Speed 7
  • Attack Return Speed 7
  • Monster Attack 4 (from Hero tree)
  • Siege Attack 9
  • Siege Armor 10
  • Cavalry Armor 10
  • Cavalry Attack 10
  • Mage Armor 10
  • Mage Attack 10
  • Warrior Armor 10
  • Warrior Attack 10


That might sound like a lot, and it is. Unlike t3 though, that isn’t everything maxed out for level 30, which is a bit of a blessing. Also, all of these researches are both useful and powerful; there isn’t any waste here in terms of combat or game effectiveness. This inclues Monster 4, which you’ll need past level 30 to get more scrolls and blueprints for building and research upgrades. If you’re stuck on where to work on first to get the most effectiveness while you’re advancing, shoot for the lower level Troop Attack and Armor skills as those increase your combat power quite a bit.


The main rss barriers here are energy and essence, as well as metal, lead, copper and coin. So any t1 and t2 reducers you can get your hands on are worth it. The energy requirements aren’t QUITE as bad for t4 research as stone is for level 29 buildings, but it is still rather severe. So don’t skimp on the rss reduction boosts.


Additionally, there is a trick you should consider BEFORE you gun it up the Combat Research tree. Over in Economics, there is a skill above Advanced Gathering called Research Cost Efficiency. At level 30, maxing that skill out results in a 10% savings on research costs.


Research Cost Efficiency
This might as well say “10% extra pack rss when applied to research”


If you were planning on getting Advanced Gathering anyway and you still have a ways to go on your Combat research for t4, I would HIGHLY recommend making your way up the Econ tree to Research Cost Efficiency. Saving 10% on all of your research is a HUGE help with the energy costs for t4 research. You need to be level 30 University to unlock Advanced Gathering though, which means waiting on your Combat Research to result in minimum cost. The usefulness of this research is going to depend on how far up the t4 Combat Tree you are and how filled in your other researches are, but the earlier in your research that you can get this skill, the better.


And as with the buildings, reskilling Noctis to save on speed-ups is a huge help. You’ll need those speeds for training t4 troops anyway.


Other Tactics for Reaching T4 Faster


One of the most powerful things you can do to reach t4 is to focus all efforts entirely on that goal. Maintain only the minimum troops you need to stave off rallies/ solos, don’t spend on packs for event completions unless they give you a LOT of stuff you need for t4, etc. Gather t1 rss (stone, mainly) day in day out. Think laser focus here.


You can also consider asking for help. As a t4 player you can add an enormous amount of power to rallies and Kill Events or RvRs. For this reason, your guild may be willing to help you out with the rss requirements.


The best people to ask may be other t4/t5 players, given that they don’t really need that much t1 rss anymore aside from the odd research backfill. But you need TONS of it. And if they’re been leveling their rss buildings, their t1 production can be enormous from just one building.  It’s worth a shot to ask.


Just make sure you pay your guild back by helping in return. Nobody appreciates people mooching large sums of rss and then running off. Pay your help forward.


After T4


You’ve done it. You’ve climbed the giant stone mountain and navigated the maze of expensive research requirements. You have your shiny new t4 troops and are using them to level people who used to level you and it is great. You might be wondering, where to from here? Or perhaps on testing your new troops you have noticed that some t3 and even t2 empires are extremely tough.


Going towards t5 is one way, but that path is still EXTREMELY expensive in packs for the moment.


One way is to level up part of the way. At Citadel 35, you get two additional marches (which is a huge boost to attack and gathering capability) and huge boosts to Combat research, particularly for Warriors. If you go this route, make sure to snag the 50% off building and research packs and hit level 4 monsters as often as you can (perhaps with the help of the new Beastmaster armor).


Another direction is gear. A well-geared t4 can almost match performance with a poorly-geared t5, and spending on packs in the Proving Grounds will still provide you with rss (and often scrolls and blueprints) that you need to slowly level your Citadel. Do not underestimate the importance of gear.


The third route, which I’d recommend waiting on until the other two suggestions are completed, is leveling up Prompto. Prompto is potentially a powerhouse, but a higher-level Noctis will work just fine on both attack and defense until your attack gear is in order.


Whichever route you go after t4, congratulations. You made it.

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