Understanding the User Interface In FFXVANE

How to navigate the different areas in the game

When players begin Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire, the User Interface can seem a bit daunting. While much is intuitive, in this Guide we will take a look at the different screens you will encounter along your journey. Our focus will be on new Realms, so the UI may bring back memories for those of you in over Servers! Today will we cover;

  • Citadel View
  • Map View
  • March/Attack View

When you first begin to play the Citadel View will be what you encounter right off the bat.

Citadel View

You will spend a lot of time on the Citadel View of your account. This is where you do things such as start Construction and Research, and change/skill your Hero. Let’s take a look at what each button does.

  1. Hero: This is your Champion. Your Hero is very important in Final Fantasy! By tapping on this icon you will be taken to the Hero menu. This allows you to skill your Hero, add XP and MP, and change your Gear.  If you’re in an older Server, this is also where you will choose which Hero you wish to use.
  2. VIP: This shows your current VIP Level. If you wish to add points or activate your VIP, poke here.
  3. Power: Your current power. If you select this you can see exactly where your power is coming from (Buildings, Research, Troops) as well as see your current Combat and Economic Boosts.
  4. Gold/Currency: In new Realms, this will show only Gold. Once the new currency is introduced it will rotate between them.
  5. Packs: Ready to spend some money? This is where you can look at the various Packs and deliberate on how to spend your paycheck.
  6. Boosts: This button takes you to the Boosts menu, where you can choose things such as Hero Attack Bonus, Combat Bonuses, and the ever-important Shield…
  7. Events: This button links to Events, which are very important! Try and complete as many Events as you can for rewards
  8. Help Button: Hit this button whenever it exists! It allows you to help your Guildmates and reduce their Research and Construction times. It also gives you Loyalty which can be used in the Guild Shop to purchase items such as Shields and Ports.
  9. Free Proving Grounds: This will pop up once a day and gives you a free hit in the Proving Grounds.
  10. Free Gift: Ok this one isn’t anything to write home about, but collect it anyways because otherwise, it will annoy you.
  11. Athena’s Gift: Otherwise known as “The more useful Gift”, make sure you are collecting these. As the Realm progresses, you will have the opportunity to double and then quadruple these with Luna’s <<links>> Mastery Skills.
  12. Project Screen: If you have active projects such as Construction and Research they will show here.
  13. Map: Click here to go to the Map View
  14. Quests: This takes you to your Quests menu. Helpful early on in grinding, not so helpful in older Realms.
  15. Items: Check out your inventory here.
  16. Guild: This links to all things Guild, such as;
    1. Collect Gifts
    2. Join or set a Rally
    3. Guild Store
    4. Resource Help
    5. Guild Help
  17. Mail: Check notices such as your battle reports, event completions and hate mail here.
  18. More: The most commonly used items in this menu are the Blog and to log in and out of your account.

Whew, that’s all for the Citadel view. Let’s take a look outside your Citadel at the Map.


The Map view shows the outside world. Friends and enemies appear here, as well as Monsters and RSS tiles. This is simpler than the Citadel view, with some of the same icons. Let’s take a look at what is different, mainly the bar across the top. From left to right you have;

  • Citadel View: Go back to your Citadel here (or at the bottom left).
  • Bookmarks: Find your enemies…or friends, I guess
  • Magnifying Glass: Manually type in coordinates here
  • Realm View: Take a look at the worlds around you.
  • Crystal: This button takes your view to the Crystal. Handy for finding the Realm Boss.
  • Monster Search: Use this to find the level and Monster you want to smack.

You can scroll around the Map manually with your finger. The rest of the icons on this screen mirror the Citadel User Interface, with the exception of the Map in the lower left. The Realm Overview Map is only available if you purchase it, and will show your Guildmates along with an overview of the Realm.

March Screen

The final User Interface we will cover in this Guide is the March Screen. This can be confusing for many people even though it’s small, so let’s break it down.

In order to pull up this screen, you must have a destination in mind and click it. That could be attacking another player or collecting RSS from a tile. There are three tabs;

  1. Troops: Choose what troops to send on your march here (as well as your Hero). Protip: Don’t send your Hero to collect Resources. That’s a good way to lose him. You can also see what Gear you have equipped here, which lessens the chances of attacking in Research Gear.
  2. Monster Champions: This is where you choose which Monsters to send on your march.
  3. Options: This gives a link to the March Boosts screen for easy access to setting your boosts.

What’s Next

You’ve learned about the User Interfaces, now learn about how to get started and play smart in the Introduction Guide to Final Fantasy

Although there is a multitude of different screens in Final Fantasy, these three are where you will spend a large chunk of your time. After a while, it will be second nature, but at first, it can be a bit confusing! Do you have any questions or comments about the User Interface? Let us know in the comments below!

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